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Re: new timevars

Jan Hubicka <jh at suse dot cz> writes:

>> Jan Hubicka <jh at suse dot cz> writes:
>> > Sat Feb 22 12:53:13 CET 2003  Jan Hubicka  <jh at suse dot cz>
>> > 	* (jump.o, regclass.o, alias.o): Add dependency on timevar.h
>> > 	* alias.c: Include timevar.h
>> > 	(init_alias_analysis):  Set timevar
>> > 	* jump.c: Include timevar.h
>> > 	(rebuild_jump_labels):  Set timevar
>> > 	* regcalss.c: Include timevar.h
>> > 	(reg_scan):  Set timevar
>> Hmm.  Is init_alias_analysis really the only place that should be
>> put under TV_ALIAS_ANALYSIS?  And why is TV_REBUILD_JUMP distinct from
> Dificult question.  We do have the functions like canon_rtx that do use
> the alias analysis, but I am not sure we want to mark them.  I was
> mainly interested in how much time we consume in collecting the info, as
> we do so many times in the copilation (and the amount can clearly be
> reduced)
> Because once jump pass is dead we don't have anything real fro TV_JUMP.
> TV_JUMP now includes many things, most of them not jump related, so I
> don't want to use it anymore.

Okay, that makes sense.  Patch approved, then.


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