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Re: [RFA/PATCH]: H8/300 - Update the generated debug information

gdb/ChangeLog 2003-02-24 Shrinivas Atre <shrinivasa at kpit dot com>

	* gdb/h8300-tdep.c (h8300_gdbarch_init): Make default integer size as 32 bits.

GDB Patch -

--- gdb/h8300-tdep.orig.c Mon Feb 24 16:47:05 2003
+++ gdb/h8300-tdep.c Mon Feb 24 16:47:45 2003
@@ -1170,7 +1170,7 @@ h8300_gdbarch_init (struct gdbarch_info set_gdbarch_fix_call_dummy (gdbarch, generic_fix_call_dummy);
set_gdbarch_breakpoint_from_pc (gdbarch, h8300_breakpoint_from_pc);
- set_gdbarch_int_bit (gdbarch, 2 * TARGET_CHAR_BIT);
+ set_gdbarch_int_bit (gdbarch, 4 * TARGET_CHAR_BIT);
set_gdbarch_long_bit (gdbarch, 4 * TARGET_CHAR_BIT);
set_gdbarch_ptr_bit (gdbarch, BINWORD * TARGET_CHAR_BIT);
set_gdbarch_addr_bit (gdbarch, BINWORD * TARGET_CHAR_BIT);

Just FYI, while the above is apparently trivial, the required change isn't.

GCC should be providing information (either via special headers or via other debug info or magic sections) that informs GDB of the selected size of an int. GDB can then adjust its configuration accordingly. See other GDB architectures (MIPS, PPC, SH, ...) that do this.


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