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Re: Patch: *bsd & darwin support in libiberty/physmem.c

 > From: Jason R Thorpe <thorpej at wasabisystems dot com>
 > On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 09:01:59PM -0500, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:
 >  > So the bsd stuff in top-3.5beta12/machine/m_*bsd*.c doesn't work?
 >  > E.g. vmtotal.t_rm ?
 > *shrug*  NetBSD maintains its own version of top.  Internally, we translate
 > our "uvmexp" structure into an old-style vmtotal structure when something
 > asks for the vmtotals.  New code is supposed to use the uvmexp structure.
 > (Note, "t_rm" is "total real memory in use", not "total real memory".)

Ok I guess.  (But it really really looks like t_rm is treated as total
real memory in top src code.  It would have been nice if it worked or
if some other field mapped to total real memory since vmtotal contains
values in pages it should have been ok.  Anyway...)

 > Naturally, FreeBSD does not have a uvmexp structure, since FreeBSD does
 > not have the same virtual memory system that NetBSD has (NetBSD completely
 > replaced the Mach VM-based VM system several years ago), so using uvmexp
 > is not a portable-across-BSD option.
 > This is why I suggested a new sysctl MIB node that all of the BSDs could
 > implement which would properly report memory sizes >=4G (and we could fall
 > back on the old MIB node if the new one was not available).

Ok then let's go with that.  When you get agreement on the new
interface please proceed with a patch to physmem.c.

Kaveh R. Ghazi			ghazi at caip dot rutgers dot edu

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