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Re: new timevars

> Jan Hubicka <jh at suse dot cz> writes:
> > Sat Feb 22 12:53:13 CET 2003  Jan Hubicka  <jh at suse dot cz>
> > 	* (jump.o, regclass.o, alias.o): Add dependency on timevar.h
> > 	* alias.c: Include timevar.h
> > 	(init_alias_analysis):  Set timevar
> > 	* jump.c: Include timevar.h
> > 	(rebuild_jump_labels):  Set timevar
> > 	* regcalss.c: Include timevar.h
> > 	(reg_scan):  Set timevar
> Hmm.  Is init_alias_analysis really the only place that should be
> put under TV_ALIAS_ANALYSIS?  And why is TV_REBUILD_JUMP distinct from
Dificult question.  We do have the functions like canon_rtx that do use
the alias analysis, but I am not sure we want to mark them.  I was
mainly interested in how much time we consume in collecting the info, as
we do so many times in the copilation (and the amount can clearly be
Because once jump pass is dead we don't have anything real fro TV_JUMP.
TV_JUMP now includes many things, most of them not jump related, so I
don't want to use it anymore.

> zw

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