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Re: Patch: fix gcj deprecation support

Tom Tromey writes:
 > Index: gcc/java/ChangeLog
 > from  Tom Tromey  <tromey at redhat dot com>
 > 	* lang-options.h: Added -Wdeprecated.
 > 	* gcj.texi (Warnings): Document -Wdeprecated.
 > 	* java-tree.h (flag_deprecated): Declare.
 > 	* lang.c (lang_W_options): Added deprecated.
 > 	(flag_deprecated): New global.
 > 	* (process_one): Look at whitespace.
 > 	(print_tables): Define LETTER_SPACE, LETTER_MASK.
 > 	* parse.h (CLEAR_DEPRECATED): New macro.
 > 	* jcf-parse.c (handle_deprecated): New function.
 > 	* jcf-reader.c (get_attribute): Handle Deprecated attribute.
 > 	* parse.y (resolve_type_during_patch): Check deprecation.
 > 	(jdep_resolve_class): Likewise.
 > 	(process_imports): Likewise.
 > 	(resolve_expression_name): Likewise.
 > 	(check_deprecation): Strip arrays from decl.  Check
 > 	flag_deprecated.
 > 	(patch_method_invocation): Also check the particular constructor
 > 	for deprecation.
 > 	(register_fields): Use CHECK_DEPRECATED_NO_RESET in loop.
 > 	* jcf-write.c (append_deprecated_attribute): New function.
 > 	(generate_classfile): Generate deprecated attribute when
 > 	appropriate.
 > 	* lex.c (java_parse_doc_section): Return type now void.  Rewrote.
 > 	(java_lex) [case '*']: Simplify logic.
 > 	(java_start_char_p): Use LETTER_MASK.
 > 	(java_part_char_p): Likewise.
 > 	(java_space_char_p): New function.

OK.  I'm not sure the branch really needs this, but go ahead if you think so.


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