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Please test the gcc bugzilla interface

The gcc bugzilla email interface needs testing.

Send a message with a subject of "help" to gcc-bugzilla at sources dot redhat dot com
to get usage instructions (somewhat incomplete).

It doesn't allow you to *report* new bugs by mail (that's a different
script not on this alias right now), only get copies of, or modify
(close, retitle, reassign, etc), existing ones.
Appending comments to existing bug reports (like what happens if you send
a followup to a bug email) is also a different script that's not on this
alias right now (When it is set up, it'll work like it does now)

Feel free to also let me know what enhancements you guys want to it that
are reasonable, and *would actually be used*.
For instance, right now, it can send you lists of  bugs for a given
product/component (or product/all components), but not  for a given
product/version or component/version.
I'll get to this eventually.

Obviously, you can do much more in terms of queries with the
bugzilla web interfaces, and i don't ever expect or want to completely
duplicate the functionality of the web interface with an email interface.

Just make it convenient for developers to do things by email
when they want to, rather than having to fire up a web browser
just to close a bug.

Note that if you don't have a bugzilla account, it will make one for you.
If you've ever submitted or replied to or have your name *somewhere* in a
gcc gnats database, you have a bugzilla account automatically, and thus,
it won't create another one for you.

Any error emails that are pertinent should be forwarded to me so i can fix
the problems.

The bug database is currently a week or two behind the gnats one, in
case it tells you a bug doesn't exist that you think does.

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