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Re: Patch: fix gcj deprecation support

Have you run the Jacks tests on deprecation in jvms/class-file-format/attributes/deprecated-attribute? Note that Sun's javadoc and javac currently parse this differently; the jacks tests are based on javadocs behavior and there is an open bug in Sun's database to make javac comply. Right now jikes gets it correct, for a reference if you need it.

Tom Tromey wrote:
Anthony recently noticed that we weren't emitting deprecation
information in our .class files.

This patch fixes the problem.  It fixes bugs in recognizing
@deprecated in the javadoc, and it changes the bytecode generator to
emit Deprecated attributes for methods, fields, and classes.

I tested this on various test cases here.  I haven't checked in any
new test cases as there is no need -- our nightly japi comparisons
will quickly show any problems here.  (That is how Anthony discovered
this in the first place.)
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