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Re: PATCH C++: speed up templates

--On Thursday, February 20, 2003 10:49:28 AM -0800 Matt Austern <austern at apple dot com> wrote:

Giving a friendlier diagnostic for incorrect code, at the cost of being
slower when compiling correct programs, isn't obviously a good tradeoff.

It's not a friendlier diagnostic -- the compiler now *terminates*.

Running forever is pretty unfriendly.

I understand how much Apple cares about compile-times, but there's plenty of places to go to make improvements. Let's focus on the ones that are just stupid algorithmic nonsense, not the ones that actually made the compiler more correct.

Especially given that this function is going to become basically unused in the relatively near future, it seems to me that this is a bad place to spend too much effort. Stuff like reducing the number of temporary template argument vectors we allocate would probably be a bigger win, and would provide long-term benefit.

Mark Mitchell                mark at codesourcery dot com
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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