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Re: [PATCH] to java::lang::ConcreteProcess::destroy

Files as PR "other/9755: Code gets compiled that shouldn't be when using
Newlib (compiling the compiler)"



NB: should I file PRs for the other two "problems" I encountered during
compile as well (ffitest not being compiled and the headers being "fixed"
incorrectly) or is that not necessary? I can problably whip up a patch to 
the header fixing config file, and the file for the 
ffitest-failure (shouldn't be too much of a problem).

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Ronald Landheer-Cieslak wrote:
> On 18 Feb 2003, Tom Tromey wrote:
> > >>>>> "Ronald" == Ronald Landheer-Cieslak <ronald at landheer dot com> writes:
> > Ronald> If you wish, I can fill in a problem report describing the
> > Ronald> problem in a bit more detail, but I'm afraid that's about all
> > Ronald> I can do.
> > Fair enough.  Please do that.  Thanks.
> Will do :)
> > Ronald> You should know that I am the first developer in my company
> > Ronald> that has any experience at all with free software - and thus I
> > Ronald> am the only advocate for free software here.
> > Hopefully soon there will be more :-)
> Amen to that :)
> But don't worry - I won't stop evangilizing any time soon ;)
> rlc

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