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save our soul

Dear Sir,
May I solicit your understanding, as I have had no prior contact with
you,but circumstances made it to be this way today and I encourage you
to read this mail. I am a Ghanian, my name is otous Musole, I am the
only son  of Mr. Francis Joshua Musole a Gold miner in Ghana.Mr. Francis
Musole died September last year 2002 from an accident while working in
the  Gold field in Ghana. Our family is a family of 5,I my mum and my
younger sisters. My late dad before his death saved quite some money $4.5m(Four
and half million US dollars) which he made from Gold proceeds and some
Gold bars which weighs so many kilograms and all this he deposited
somewhere in Ghana.
I and my younger sister Alima are the only one that has the related
papers concerning this deposit. So much has taken place in  my family since his death. Our Uncles are giving us a real battle
because they are all interested in what they believe my late dad must have
left behind for the family. As a result of this, My mum has gone to
her home town to stay for safety,you can confirm the authenticity of
what I am telling you on phone immediately.We need a guardian who will
assist us to move this funds out of Ghana to his country for investment into a profitable
business. We need western education and good life; our uncles are all
out to take all we have from us. Thus the reason why we are asking for your
assistance. We will compensate you for assisting us in this regard; we are
ready to go into partnership with you provided you will be sincere to
us. Please save, my family from this trouble and God will bless you. I
am expecting your response so that I can give you my full contact
here  in Ghana with further details of what we need to do. we are
willing to  discuss your preferred mode of compensation here for you to feel
satisfied after the business. Keep this offer very confidential
nomatter  your position please.I am expecting your response strictly through
this  my private mail address below:
we shall talk as soon as I hear from you.

Thanking you.


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