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Re: Unit at time compilation mode III

Richard Earnshaw <> writes:

| > On Feb 13, 2003, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
| > 
| > > My point is that a user specifies the name of the file that he wants to 
| > > compile when invoking gcc.  He doesn't specify the name of each file that 
| > > that includes.  So file==unit in these circumstances.
| > 
| > Until you get to the point of compiling the same foo.c with different
| > -D options, that give you different object files that you then link
| > together.  You certainly don't expect inter-translation-unit
| > optimizations to apply just because the code comes from the same file,
| > do you? :-)
| That's compiling the file twice -- I don't really see the distinction you 
| are trying to make (yes, I know that the standards talk about compilation 
| units, but your average everyday user has never even seen a copy of the 
| standard let alone read it).

I believe Alexandre's point of -D options is preciely that although
the file is the same, the translation unit may change -- and that is
the usually the case, even for what you call the average everyday user. 

-- Gaby

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