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Re: Unit at time compilation mode III

> On Thursday, Feb 13, 2003, at 04:49 America/New_York, Richard Earnshaw 
> wrote:
> > Both of these are what I really think of as file-at-once.
> >
> > unit-at-once (or inter-file) is more what I would expect to happen if 
> > the
> > user specified
> >
> > gcc -Oxxx -finter-file a.c b.c c.c d.c
> But what here is the unit? Mostly people refer to compilation unit
> as the smallest amount of code that can be compiled in a single
> compilation. In the usual C compilation environment this would
> result in one object file. The example you are giving is inter-unit
>   optimization.

Precisely why I'm not keen on "unit-at-once" -- it's not clear what the 
"unit" is.

> Basically we have
>    - function-at-once   intra-function optimization
>    - unit-at-once       inter-function, intra-unit optimization
>    - all-at-once        inter-unit optimization


   - function-at-once   intra-function optimization
   - file-at-once       optimize over everything in the "file"
   - all-at-once        optimize over all files on the command line


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