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Re: Unit at time compilation mode III

> > 
> > > > The phrase "unit at time" is not correct English grammar;
> > > > it should be "unit at a time".
> > > > You might want to consider s/unit-at-time/unit-at-a-time/g
> > > > and s/flag_unit_at_time/flag_unit_at_a_time/g
> > > 
> > > Hmm, I tend to preffer to omit articles in switches.  But honestly I
> > > tent to omit articles everywhere just because Czech language does not
> > > use them.  So here is updated patch with all the changes you suggested.
> > > Thanks!
> > 
> > Wouldn't "whole-file" be a better name for the flag anyway?
> > 
> > Other alternatives are
> > 
> > file-at-once
> > unit-at-once
> > ...
> I will rename it to whatever sounds more appropriate.
> file is IMO less exact as unit can consist of multiple times.  I choosed
> unit at a time name as it seemed consistent with function at a time
> patches made previously.

It's true that unit-at-once could be interpreted to mean multiple files.  
But if we enabled that, surely we'd want a separate flag for that to 
distinguish it over doing whole files at once.  I can imagine people being 
concerned about memory usage in the case where we allowed multiple files.


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