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(wwwdocs) changes.html vs. index.html

On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

> Let's go with your patch; I'll sleep about some things I have in mind,
> and probably will cook up a followup patch tomorrow. ;-)

Checked in.  At least the page is not "out of date" any longer.

Let me guess: You are unsatisfied with the improper separation
between `gcc-3.2/index.html' and `gcc-3.2/changes.html'.
When watching the pages now, you will find that the first
section of `index.html' logically belongs to `changes.html', and vice
versa.  I have attached a patch for this which allows several cleanups
to follow.  As a nice side effect, the overly large sub-headers in the
changes list get reduced by one step.  (But we should remove the outer
<ul> anyway, it causes bad vertical spacing with embedded headlines.)

Please compare the current version with the patched one and comment on
this.  (BTW, note that the files should not contain a bottom <hr/> because
the automatically added footer already has one.)

I believe that the pages for gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4 could be rearranged
similarly.  Currently, this means that their `changes.html' effectively
become `index.html', with `changes.html' left essentially empty, to be
filled with detailed release information upon releases.


Christian Cornelssen

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