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Re: HTML: appears out of date


On Thu, 6 Feb 2003, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:

> This patch is mostly fine, thanks!
> Could you please move the 3.2.2 announcement ahead of the Release History

IMHO it's part of the release history, but I could imagine
the _addition_ of a note like "The current release is 3.2.2" at the
top.  What about that?

> and avoid skipping <h3>? (There never should be a jump like <h2> -> <h3>
> as far as I know.)

rxp validated it, and the Browsers I used rendered it fine.
But indeed, level jumps could create nasty effects with automatic
table-of-contents generation by some tools (html2ps perhaps).
On the other hand <h3> just looked too big for a simple date.
What about switching to a <dl> instead?  Hm, looks really fine!

I have attached the new patch.  Sorry for again requesting an OK.

Further changes (compared to the previous patch):

* Renamed section "Additional Release Information" to
  "Refernces and Acknowledgements" to better match its content.

* Set the 3.2.2 release date to Feb 5 (Gaby's announcement) instead of
  Feb 6 (today)

* The history entry for GCC 3.2 links to the 3.2-specific changes
  section in `changes.html', not to the entire changes page,
  similar to the entries for 3.2.1 and 3.2.2.  As a compensation,
  the top of the page references `changes.html' without anchor.

Again verified using rxp for validation, plus text-mode and
graphics-mode browsers.  IMHO it looks even better now :-)


Christian Cornelssen

Attachment: gcc-3.2.2-index-2.diff
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