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Re: patch libgcc2.c for c4x target

Richard Henderson wrote :
> On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 08:57:54PM +0100, Herman ten Brugge wrote:
> >         * libgcc2.c: (__clzsi2, __clzdi2, __ctzsi2, __ctzdi2, __popcountsi2,
> > 	__popcountdi2, __paritysi2, __paritydi2) Use UWtype and UDWtype type
> > 	instead of USItype and UDItype.
> This is incorrect.  We need these to be 32-bit quantities
> for 64-bit targets too.  A bit of asymmetry from the rest
> of libgcc, but...

I just checked optabs.c and saw the SImode/DImode code. I agree the
patch is not correct without a change to this code as well.
The QImode on the c4x target is 32 bits so I see no problem in
changing the SImode into mode_for_size (INT_TYPE_SIZE, MODE_INT, 0)
and DImode into mode_for_size (LONG_LONG_TYPE_SIZE, MODE_INT, 0) in
Making this change to optabs.c and the suggested patch to libgcc2.c
should work for all targets.

> I thought I'd gotten L_clzsi2 et all undefined for c4x.
> What went wrong with that?

If you can not live with the change suggested above can you remember how
you prevented this error for the c4x target.


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