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Re: [Patch] Document pitfalls of two-stage name lookup

> > +instantiating it.  This is called two-stage (or dependent) name lookup,
> > +and G++ only implements it since version 3.4.
> How about "G++ implements some features of two-stage name lookup at this
> point and is gradually moving towards full compliance with the standard."?

Too bad -- I had hoped to incite you to implement the missing parts by 
just writing about full compliance pro-actively ;-)

I used your wording, except that I left in the version number.

> Actually, a lot of compilers get this right (all EDG compilers have a mode
> in which they get it right, for example).  So, how about:
> "Some compilers get this wrong. ..."

Right, although most people don't dare to use -Xc (for icc, for example), 
and the default is to not use two-stage name lookup. I changed it anyway.

> Thanks for writing this up!

I need something to point to when closing reports. I don't want to write 
the same text all over again each time :-)


Wolfgang Bangerth             email:  

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