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"Obvious" change in cp/decl.c

RE: 3.2 and 3.3 release questions

3.3 PATCH: Fix non-threaded libjava bootstrap failure

[3.2 PATCH] Fix PRs target/7370 and target/8232 on s390x

[3.2 PATCH] install-no-fixedincludes repaired

[3.2 PATCH] PR c/761: Document command line options

Re: [3.2, mainline] C++ ABI? Wrong passing of class argument inopenoffice

Re: [3.2, mainline] C++ ABI? Wrong passing of class argumentinopenoffice

[3.2-BIB] Canonicalize movss/movsd patterns

[3.2] Fix old typo in stl_deque.h, libstdc++/8096

[3.2] fix SSE/MMX/SSE2 defines

[3.4 - BIB] New loop optimizer, part 1

[3.4 - BIB] New loop optimizer, part 2

[3.4 - BIB] New loop optimizer, part 3

[3.4 - BIB] New loop optimizer, part 4

[3.4 bib] Sibcalls on x86_64

[3.4-BIB] Athlon DFA scheduler description

[3.4-BIB] fix profiling

[3.4-BIB] improve neg SSE generation

[3.4-BIB] Obvious fix for movti_rex64

[3.4-BIB] obvious patch to i386 costs

[3.4-BIB] parametrize BRANCH_COST on i386

[3.4-bib] SSE moves patch

[3.4-BIB] x86-64 sibcall fixes

[3.4-BIB] x86-64 sibcall fixes try III

[3.4-BIB] x86-64 sibcall fixes try IV

[avr port] bugfix in init_cumulative_args

[basic-improvements-branch] Fix bootstrap and comments...

[basic-improvements-branch] patch merged from mainline

Re: [basic-improvements] bootstrap failure on x86

[basic-improvements] fix bug in testsuite - reveals bug in compiler

[basic-improvements] Fix zillions of runtime failures, i386

[basic-improvements] Move ECF_* flags out of calls.c

Re: [basic-improvements] N-way choice followup

[basic-improvements] Remove __gthread_key_dtor

[basic-improvements] Small bugfix: -pipe

[basic-improvements] VxWorks 0/n: purge existing

[basic-improvements] VxWorks 1/n: put back PPC target

[bib] Controlling the driver command line (using specs)

[bib] cse cleanup wrt address classification

[bib] PATCH: Fix PPC Java build problem ?

[bib] RFC/patch: eliminate C front-end dependencies in treelang

[boehm-gc] Define HBLKSIZE for x86-64

[C PATCH] fix 8083

[C PATCH]: Add -Wstrict-aliasing

Re: [C++ PATCH] Class template instantiation according to core issue 287.

[C++ PATCH] Class template instantiation according to core issue287.

Re: [C++ PATCH] Class template instantiation according to coreissue 287.

[C++ PATCH] Fix g++.jason/pmf7.C on i586-pc-linux-gnu

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR7639

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR7804 - REAL_CST output in diagnostics

[C++ PATCH]: copying volatile arrays

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 7676

[c++] warn if NULL is passed through varargs

Re: [cfg-branch] Thread safe profiling

[cfg_branch] Document -funsafe-profile-arcs option

[doc patch]: Clarify portability

[Fixed, 3.2] Re: fortran/8308: gcc-3.x does not compile files withsuffix .r (RATFOR)

[Fwd: It's (PCH) merging time!]

Re: [Fwd: Re: ada/8358: Ada accesses freed memory]

Re: [GCC] removal from web archive of mailing list??? please?

[ip2k port]: epilogue and libgcc improvements

Re: [itanium-sched-branch] Commiting Geoff's patch [patch]

Re: [itanium-sched-branch] Fixing time inaccuracy during interblock scheduling [patch]

Re: [itanium-sched-branch] Insert nops for MM-insns and tune placing stop bits [patch]

[itanium-sched-branch] Itanium2 DFA description [patch]

[itanium-sched-branch] moving DFA descriptions into separate files [patch]

Re: [itanium-sched-branch] Preparation for Itanium2 DFA description [patch]

[libstdc++ PATCH/RFC] problem with pthread4 testcase

[libstdc++ PATCH] Fix 22_locale/num_put_members*.cc tests

[libstdc++ PATCH] Fix check-abi with relative top_srcdir

[libstdc++ trunk/3.2] check-abi run silently

[libstdc++-v3 PATCH/RFA] Protect use of optional POSIX features

[libstdc++-v3 PATCH/RFC] Enable thread tests on *-*-netbsd*

[libstdc++] Add XHTML DOCTYPE. (was Re: web page status)

[libstdc++] Do configury choies on target, not target_alias

[libstdc++] Notes on specializing char_traits for basic_string<arbitrary-stuff>

Re: [libstdc++] numeric_limits: round_style, round_error

[mainline/3.2] fix x86-64 compiler returning structrs in -m32 mode

[mips-rewrite-branch] Pmode/ptr_mode split

[mips-rewrite] ISA_HAS_MACC stuff

[mips-rewrite] New target hooks & vr4130 support

[mips-rewrite] patch to DImode logic patterns

[mips] generate PIC jump tables for n32 and n64

[PATCH for 3.2] PDP-11 -msoft-float support

[PATCH for 3.2] PR opt/6627: Backport force_align_functions_log

[PATCH for 3.2] PR target/8087: Backport LO_SUM constant poolreferences


Re: [PATCH, arm] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/930628-1.c -O3 for Thumb

[PATCH, arm] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/930628-1.c -O3 for Thumb

[PATCH, arm] Fix XFAIL in gcc.c-torture/execute/941014-1.x

Re: [PATCH/RFA] Fix ffssi2 on SHmedia

[PATCH/RFA] Protect use of optional features in gthr-posix.h

[PATCH/RFA] Small cleanup for VAX


Re: [PATCH/RFA] VAX ELF revisited

[PATCH/RFC] gut Interoperation section of trouble.texi

[PATCH/RFC] Support for spec predicate expressions

[PATCH] -feliminate-dwarf2-dups fix

[patch] about.html: Fix a typo.

[PATCH] add option to eliminate unused types in dwarf2 output (v3)

[PATCH] allow DFmode in CTR/LR on PowerPC

[PATCH] Allow parallel execution of bprob testcases

[PATCH] attribute section before constructor_declarator

[PATCH] build shared objects in C++ compatibility testsuite

[Patch] c++/7765

[PATCH] Call reg_scan after if_convert

[PATCH] change gnats.html to fix web/8168

[PATCH] Close extern "C" scope in partition.h

[PATCH] Constant fold -1 >> x

[PATCH] Constant fold 0 >> x.

[PATCH] Constant fold sqrt at compile time

[PATCH] cp/spew.c DEBUG_SPEW fixes

[PATCH] Define _LP64 on x86-64?

[PATCH] Describe PowerPC changes in GCC 3.3

[patch] Disable some tests on h8300.

[PATCH] Don't force initializers with local label difference into RW sections

[PATCH] Fix 20020720-1.c on MIPS

[PATCH] Fix __mcount call for VAX ELF

[PATCH] Fix a TLS pasto

Re: [PATCH] Fix attribute handling

[PATCH] fix Emacs building on FreeBSD/sparc64

[PATCH] Fix err10.java test case failure on 64-bit hosts

[PATCH] Fix libffi for 64-bit big-endian platforms

[PATCH] fix nested procedures for FreeBSD/sparc64

[PATCH] Fix real.c corner cases

[PATCH] Fix recent sparc64-linux build failures

[PATCH] fix stack corruption while working with V16QImode (SSE2)

[patch] Fix the failure of execute/20020412-1.c.

[PATCH] Fix typo in k6_cost

[PATCH] Fix warnings in common code

[PATCH] Fix x86-64 ICE with offsetted LABEL_REF

[PATCH] Fix x86-64 profiling

[PATCH] for gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/20020219-1.c

[PATCH] for gcc/testsuite/gcc.dg/20020411-1.c

[PATCH] formatting changes to doc/install.texi

[PATCH] FP operation costs for x86

[PATCH] GCC multilib vs. OS multilib naming (take 2)

[PATCH] GCC multilib vs. OS multilib naming followup

[patch] gcc/*.c: Fix comment formatting.

[patch] gcc: Fix ChangeLog/comment typos.

[PATCH] getopt(3) is in unistd.h, not stdlib.h

[patch] h8300.c: Replace 8 with BITS_PER_UNIT.

[patch] h8300.c: Simplify initial_offset.

[patch] h8300.h: A minor update.

[patch] h8300.h: Define masks for target switches

[patch] h8300.h: Replace a literal with a macro.

[patch] h8300.h: Simplify sacro definitions.

[patch] h8300: Change a function name.

RE: [PATCH] Improved boehm-gc support for s390/s390x

[PATCH] Inline __udiv_w_sdiv into __divdi3 etc.

[PATCH] Java interpreter miscompiled due to -fnon-call-exceptions bug

Re: [PATCH] java.util.StringTokenizer assumes order of parameterevaluation

[Patch] libf2c configuration tweak

[PATCH] libjava updates for s390/s390x

Re: [patch] libunwind-based exception-handling for gcc (2nd version)

[PATCH] loop unrolling reg notes (was: Performance regression)

[PATCH] more changes to gnats.texi

[PATCH] More POSIX feature tests

[PATCH] new C++ compatibility test suite

[PATCH] obvious testsuite README patch

Re: [PATCH] optimization docs reorg

[PATCH] Pass correct address to __enable_execute_stack on alpha

[PATCH] PDP-11 add preceding 0 for other octal constants, etc.

[PATCH] PR bootstrap/8351: Don't mis-prototype getopt in C++.

[PATCH] PR c/761: Document or remove command line options

[PATCH] PR c/761: Document or remove command line options (take 2)

[PATCH] PR fortran/7388: VOID_TYPE_P in COND_EXPRs

[PATCH] PR opt/6627 (take2): force_align_functions_log

[PATCH] PR opt/6627 (take3): force_align_functions_log

[PATCH] PR target/8087: Handle LO_SUM constant pool references

[PATCH] Proposed mainline fix for PR opt/8165 (regression wrt 3.2)

[PATCH] real_to_decimal bandaid for c4x

[PATCH] reformatting patch for FreeBSD/sparc64

[patch] reload1.c: Fix a comment typo.

Re: [PATCH] Remove alt_end_label field from struct nesting

[PATCH] remove mention of -a and -ax in invoke.texi for 3.2

[PATCH] Simplify -1 >> x at the RTL level

[patch] Some small alpha.md fixes

[PATCH] Sync longlong.h with glibc

[PATCH] take 3: C++ library issues in doc/compat.texi

[PATCH] take advantage of init_array/fini_array on ia64

Re: [PATCH] take advantage of init_array/fini_array on ia64 (corrected patch)

Re: [PATCH] take advantage of init_array/fini_array on ia64 (correctedpatch)

Re: [PATCH] take advantage of init_array/fini_array on ia64 (v3)patch)

[PATCH] testing/index.html addition

Re: [patch] tic4x/c4x configuration files


[PATCH] Tweak to NetBSD -pthread option

[PATCH] types.h bsize_t and sbsize_t definition

[PATCH] Update COND_EXPR section of c-tree.texi

[patch] use shallow copy rtx

[PATCH] x86-64 TLS support

[PATCH] XFAIL 20020720-1.c on sparc64 and sparc -m64

[PCH] fix problem with g++ driver

[PCH] minor fixes

[PCH] read, write memory contents

[PCH] rewrite write_gc_structure_fields

[regress] don't test gdb if gdb doesn't build

[regress] Handle TESTLOGS better in btest-gcc.sh.

[RFA:] Cross-target fixes: lib/compat.exp: Don't clean out a gluefile

[RFA:] DejaGNU patch: Change -I to -isystem for testsuite. (fwd)

[RFA:] Fix gcc.dg/noncompile/incomplete-1.c (gcc/toplev.c)

[RFA:] lib/prune.exp: Prune more warnings for unimplemented -fpic/-fPIC

[RFA:] Make ix86-pc-linux-gnulibc1 buildable [fixinc fix included]

[RFA] CVSROOT/loginfo patch

[RFA] Top level configury additions for RDA

[RFA] Top level configury additions for RDA (2nd try)

[RFC, PATCH] libtool.m4 changes for bi-arch s390x

[RFC] __attribute__((variadic("terminator", VAL)))?

Re: [RFC] potential fix for PR middle-end/7151

[rtlopt] Better handling of preincrement loops

[rtlopt] enable complete peeling at -funroll-loops

[rtlopt] Finer loop peeling control

[rtlopt] Fix typo in comment

[rtlopt] GCSE split

[rtlopt] New loop optimizer

[rtlopt] remove_path fix

[rtlopt] runtime iterations unrolling fix

[rtlopt] Unroller fixes

[rtlopt] update profile properly for runtime unrolling

[sparc] sparc.h patch

[tree-ssa libmudflap] mmap fixes

[tree-ssa libmudflap] more tests, heuristic tweaks

[tree-ssa mudflap] instrumentation improvements

[tree-ssa mudflap] instrumentation tweak

[tree-ssa mudflap] mudflap in gimple

[tree-ssa mudflap] tweaks

[tree-ssa-branch] Incorrect declarations in diagnostics.h

[tree-ssa] Basic blocks and iterators: use tree pointers [patch]

[tree-ssa] bnw-simple merge PATCH

[tree-ssa] CCP fixes [patch]

[tree-ssa] Convert CFG to GIMPLE [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix mudflap breakage [patch]

[tree-ssa] Fix V_DEF/relocate reference creation [patch]

[tree-ssa] Mark tree_ref for garbage collection [patch]

[tree-ssa] misc gimple cleanup patch

[tree-ssa] New reference list iterator [patch]

[tree-ssa] patch to separate C and li gimplification

[tree-ssa] Re-enable DFA and SSA passes [patch]

[tree-ssa] Separate reference types from modifiers [patch]

[tree-ssa] show block boundaries in pretty printer [patch]

[tree-ssa] Tree Browser

[tree-ssa]: Add timevars for tree optimizers

[tree-ssa]: Bug fixes and updates for points-to

[tree-ssa]: More points-to changes

[tree-ssa]: Points-To analysis update

[tree-ssa]: PRE Update (Diego, need your approval for part)

[tree-ssa]: Use points-to info in compute_may_aliases


[v3] add c_locale_impl compatibility symbol

[v3] add locale::global reference checks to testsuite

[v3] another export list facelift

[v3] cleanup symbol list

[v3] codecvt exports for size_t == unsigned long

[v3] docs, testsuite update

[v3] fix names members

[v3] libstdc++/8347

[v3] posix names merge with gcc-3_2-branch

[v3] static_members fix

Re: [web] Revised instructions for testing using a simulator


Ada mainline: update maintainership comments

Re: ada/8358: Ada accesses freed memory

Ada: fix bug box on mainline

Ada: More comment fixes

Ada: more comment updates

Add myself to MAINTAINERS as ip2k port maintainer

Additional patch for __copy_streambufs

AIX 5.2 support added

AIX bootstrap failure

allow SFmode in CTR/LR/MQ on rs6000

Another inliner patch

Another patch to the mips64vr-elf config.

Another profiling fix

Re: apsi bug

Atomic operations on the ARM

avoiding multiple passes on RTL in init_alias_analysis

Backport _Pragma fix to 3.2

Basic Improvements Branch Bootstrap Failure Analysis

BBRO declared harmful (on H8/300 & others)

Re: BBRO on non-pipelined processors - bad?

Re: bootstrap error for x86-64 on mainline

Re: bootstrap failure on darwin6.1

Bootstrap failure with thunks change + patch to fix it.

Re: Bootstrap times on mainline are getting worse

C++ FE patch for attribute alias bug

C++ PATCH for c++/8080

C++ PATCH for c++/8186

C++ PATCH: -Wabi warnings on the branch

C++ PATCH: Correct array initializer bug

C++ PATCH: Correct array initializer handling

C++ PATCH: Correct mangling of expressions

C++ PATCH: Emit more thunks

C++ PATCH: Empty classes, yet again

C++ PATCH: Fix copy constructor problems

C++ PATCH: Fix mainling vbase4.C test failures

C++ PATCH: Fix overriding algorithm

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 5661

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 7176

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 7679

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 7721 and PR 7803

C++ PATCH: Fix PR6579

C++ PATCH: Fix PR7524

C++ PATCH: Fix PR8006

C++ PATCH: Fix tls/init-2.C

C++ PATCH: Mangling of dependent qualified names


C++ PATCH: Pointer-to-member bug

C++ PATCH: PR 7188

C++ PATCH: PR 7363

C++ PATCH: PR 7478

C++ PATCH: PR 7584

C++ PATCH: PR 7754

C++ PATCH: PR 8067

C++ PATCH: PR 8134

C++ PATCH: PR 8218

C++ PATCH: PR 8287

C++ PATCH: PR c++/7228

C++ PATCH: PR7188

C++ PATCH: PR7931

C++ PATCH: PRs 8149 and 8160

C++ PATCH: Tweak layout code

C++ PATCH: Undo part of recent patch

C++ PATCH: Vcall offset thunks with ellipsis

C++ PATCH: Yet another array initialization tweak

Re: c++/3299: __attribute__((aligned(16))) seems to be ignored on x86

Re: c++/6074 is a regression from 2.95

Re: c++/7765 [Patch]

Re: c++/8067: g++ 3.2 internal error: Segmentation fault

Re: c/7344: performance regression on huge case statements

Call rewrite for PA

Candidate fix for PR c/7353


Committed, MMIX: Fix fixuns_truncdfdi2.

Committed: (Un)tweak gcc.dg/wint_t-1.c, gcc.dg/wchar_t-1.c for MMIXand CRIS (really: newlib)

Committed: tweak gcc.dg/20021014-1.c, mark nest.c using dg-error

Committed: Tweak testsuite for MMIX.

Compilation speed and builtin functions

Contents of file `gcc-3.2.fr.po.gz'

Cross compile with FreeBSD target

Dejagnu profiler problems (was: Committed: Tweak testsuite for MMIX.)

Re: Dejagnu profiler problems (was: Committed: Tweak testsuite forMMIX.)

Re: Do configury choies on target, not target_alias

Doc patch: clean up & clarify testsuite section

Doc patch: clean up & clarify testsuite section (v2)

DOC PATCH: Fix PR/7484

Doc patch: improve testsuite docs (v3)

Re: Does gcc 3.2 branch bootstrap on RedHat 7.3?

Re: Don't drop GCC on Interix!

Re: Don't eliminate insns that may trap

Enable sibcalls on hppa-unknown-linux-gnu

Enquete: Composition du Menage et Niveau de Vie

A failure from http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-cvs/2002-10/msg00839.html

Re: A failure fromhttp://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-cvs/2002-10/msg00839.html

A few more PowerPC TFmode fixes

Fix 7209, C++ regression

Fix 8077

fix athlon move costs

fix b-i-b, sibcall failure

Fix bootstrap on 3.4-BIB

fix for crash with profile feedback

Fix for ifcvt pass ordering

Fix for PR 6745, 8071, 8127: __copy_streambufs in odd cases

Fix format mismatches in gengtype.c

fix i960 libgcc build

Fix libjava x86-64 multilib

fix minor java warning

Fix minor paste bug

fix movdi patterns on Sparc/V9

fix opt/2960

fix opt/7124

fix opt/7944

Fix PR 6994

Fix PR 8120

Fix PR c++/7266

Re: Fix PR c/7411

Fix PR preprocessor/8179

fix sibcall-5.c on i386

Fix spelling typo in timevar.c

Fix strict-aliasing problem in libiberty

fix tls vs regparm ice

Fix type punning in java FE

fix typo in stmt.c

fix warnings from SUBREG_TICKED change

Fix x86-64 PIC

Fix x86-64 sixtrack ICE

fix x86_64 pic thunks

fix x86_64 relocations in PIC

Re: fixinc help with Solaris 9?

Fixincl of gcc 3.3 CVS

Re: Floating point -- fix H8/300 and other targets without XF/TFmode

Re: Floating point -- fix H8/300 and other targets withoutXF/TFmode

Re: floating point decimal to binary conversion errors

freebsd vs std::numeric_limits

Re: GCC 3.2.1 -- Request for Bug Fixers

Re: GCC CVS mainline does not build on i686-linux (rtlcheck failure)

Re: GCC CVS mainline does not build on i686-linux (rtlcheckfailure)

Re: gcc page

Re: GCC regression testing

Re: gcc's C parser bitten by error recovery changes in bison 1.50

gcc-3.2 DESTDIRified

Re: gcc-3_2-branch bootstrap failure when using bison-1.50

Re: gcc/Makefile.in targets 'compare' and 'gnucompare' behave differently

GCC_FOR_TARGET x linker scripts

GCJ redesign (was: java/status.html updates)

Re: glibc-2.2.5 bug triggered by Java interpreter

HP-UX IA64 argument passing patch

HP-UX IA64 header file fixes

HP-UX IA64 Patch

HP-UX IA64 patch for section usage.

Re: HPUX PA LINK_SPEC change (HP linker & shared libs)

Re: http://gcc.gnu.org

i386 win32 libffi fix

i960 argument pointer

IA64 HFA patch

IA64 HP-UX patch

Re: IA64 HP-UX patch for C++ (Modified)

IA64 Inline division patch

Re: ia64 linux doesn't bootstrap

Re: ICE on i386

ifcvt pass ordering

illegally shared subreg

Implementing Universal Character Names in identifiers

inclhack.def (hpux11_abs + stdio_va_list)

Include /usr/pkg/include on NetBSD

incorrect ChangeLog line

indirect sibcall vs regparms

inlining parameters documentation

Re: introduce configure --with-sysroot

Re: It's (PCH) merging time!

Java inliner: un-promote retvar

java/status.html updates

Java: evaluation order fix

Java: Fix 7787: ICE on calling nonexistent method

label_t redefinition on HP-UX

Re: libffi test for closures

Re: libgcc2 __fixsfdi

libjava multilib patch


make i960 use tfmode

Re: Marking the end of a function

mi_thunk canonicalization

minor cleanup: mark _Unwind_GetTextRelBase() argument as "unused"

Re: MIPS gas relaxation still doesn't work

MIPS patch for execute/921117-1.c

mips print_operand corrupts stack with CONST_DOUBLE

mips-linux-gnu doesn't use SIZE_TYPE/PTRDIFF_TYPE from mips.h

missing ChangeLog line

more ada comment patches

Re: More real.c fall out - XFmode real_format_for_mode[] entry not initialised before use.

Re: More real.c fall out on m68k-elf toolchain.

More SH patches for the 3.2 branch

Move GCCBUGURL to version.c; add commentary

Move variably_modified_type_p to tree-inline.c

New French PO file for `gcc'

New java/status.html file

New loop optimizes benchmarks

noreturn sibcall fix II

Re: Objective-C additions to gcc-3.3/changes.html

Obvious patch to add r4111 to mips.md

Re: optimization/8165: builtin string functions SEGV on alpha-pc-linux-gnu at -O2

output_mi_thunk fix for Darwin

output_mi_thunk interface change

paranoia harness update

paranoia update

Pass FLAGS_FOR_TARGET to subdirectories (was: Re: GCC_FOR_TARGET x linker scripts)

passing FLAGS_FOR_TARGET_ to subdirectories

PATCH (libstdc++-v3): Re: Cross compile with FreeBSD target

Patch causes segv

Re: patch for binutils include/ansidecl.h

PATCH for Re: VCG or GNUVCG or GVCG or GViz?

PATCH for Re: web page starting to show its age

Patch for rotation vs. emit_no_conflict_block

patch for V8QI load splitting applied to sh.md

Patch for warnings from bison.simple (gengtype-yacc.c)

Patch gengtype.c: erroneous assumption char is signed

Patch installed for warning regression in mips.c

Re: PATCH to -MD specs

Re: PATCH to avoid copying tail padding (was: GCC 3.2)

Re: PATCH to c-common.c: define __WCHAR_MAX__

PATCH to calls.c [basic-improvements-branch]

Patch to change hashtab.h hashval_t to size_t

PATCH to config/i386/ [basic-improvements-branch]

Patch to fix htab_create function return types

Re: PATCH turning FUNCTION_OK_FOR_SIBCALL into target hook

Patch: Darwin ppc: -falign-xxx

Patch: scheduler bug fixes

PATCH: about.html -- mention Janis

patch: add GTY(()) to vector_type_node_list

PATCH: Alignment of unions with unnamed fields

Patch: avoid errors with missing profile support on solaris2 and irix6

Re: Patch: avoid errors with missing profile support on solaris2and irix6

PATCH: bin/preprocess -- .diff files

Patch: copy CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET fix from trunk to 3.2 branch

Patch: copy multilib parallel build fix from trunk to 3.2 branch

PATCH: develop.html, gcc-3.2/changes.html tweaks

Patch: Don't XFAIL 20020720-1.c on mips

PATCH: Fix PPC Java build problem

Patch: fix PR 6388

PATCH: Fix PR 6631

Patch: fix SPEC regressions

Re: Patch: fix string concatenation for gcj

Patch: fix warning regression in cp/decl2.c

Patch: fix warning regression in java/jcf-parse.c

Patch: fix warning regression in java/parse.y

Patch: fix warnings regression in loop.c

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: fix for PR java/8296

Patch: FYI: gij --showversion and java.library.path

PATCH: h8300-elf fix for gcc.c-torture/execute/20020307-2.c

PATCH: high priority PR/8387: inlining parameters

PATCH: index.html and headings

PATCH: K&R fixes for bootstrap with HP bundled compiler

PATCH: lists.html and gcc-patches

PATCH: MAINTAINERS and two GNATS-only accounts

PATCH: MAINTAINERS and web pages

PATCH: make warnings more reasonable for aggregate classes

PATCH: mirrors.html

PATCH: move navigation from index.html to style.mhtml

Patch: New null_terminated attribute for C/C++

PATCH: ObjC ChangeLog + some trivial fixes

Patch: PR 8003

PATCH: PR 8333

PATCH: preprocess

PATCH: projects/beginners.html fix

PATCH: projects/cpplib.html markup fixes

PATCH: Re: optimization/6162: gcc 3.0.4: certain i386 asm reloaderice

PATCH: readings.html and www.as400.ibm.com

PATCH: readings.html markup

Re: Patch: Reenable doloop recognition when preconditioned

PATCH: reorg branch displacement fix

PATCH: Revert part of c++ change (Re: Does gcc 3.2 branch bootstrap on RedHat 7.3?)

Patch: rs6000-specific ICE

patch: rs6000-specific ICE (redone)

PATCH: search.html

Patch: stab info for const fields

PATCH: style.html -- full HTML 4.01 compliance

PATCH: style.html -- navigation tweak

PATCH: style.mhtml -- support both HTML and XHTML

PATCH: style.mhtml fix

PATCH: Support FreeBSD 5's new typedef system

PATCH: testing/index.html

PATCH: translate_options before -b processing

Re: Patch: uninitialized read error in bitmap.c

patch: update single element vector documentation

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess

patchlet for gcc-3_2-branch

Pointer extension fix for HP-UX IA64

powerpc fix for gcc.dg/asm-names.c failure

PowerPC PIC code addressibility tweak

PowerPC register and memory cost model

PowerPC register and memory cost update

PowerPC TFmode support

PowerPC TFmode tweaks

Re: ppc glibc 2.3 failure

Re: PPC regression on the 3.2 branch

ppc: spe varargs fix

PR 6162

PR 7723

PR 7782

PR 8186

PR c++/6419

PR c/7082

PR opt/7630 (reload)

PR other/8048

PR other/8062

PR target/5610

PR target/8213

Re: preprocessor/8055: CPP0 segfault on FreeBSD + PATCH

proposed cse patch for incorrect divide by constant simplication

Proposed testcase for PR 7344

PRs 2521, 8239, and pointers-to-member-functions

Re: quickstrap, et al, at the top level?

Re: real_to_decimal rounds incorrectly

real_to_decimal vs buffer overflows

refine i386 sibcall patterns

Reinstate MIPS ELF ABI assembler flag

Reload patch for PA call rewrite.

reload1.c and i386.md patches for reload bug

Remove dependence.c

Remove reference to nonexistent TYPE_* macros from tree.def

revised gcc/libunwind patch

RFA: another simd fix for ICE in gen_lowpart_common (w/ testcase)

RFA: Fix spe_evrlwi pattern

Re: RFA: minor memory error fixes: c-opts.c, cppinit.c

RFA: patch to support V2HImode types

RFA: rs6000: Fix type conversion in __ev_set_acc_{s|u}64

S/390: Add peepholes

S/390: Clean up linux.h

Re: S/390: Enable libgcj for s390*-*-linux*

S/390: Enable vcall thunks

S/390: Fix broken doloop_long insns

S/390: Fix incorrect insn attributes

S/390: Fix invalid gcc.dg/weak/typeof-2.c failure

S/390: Fix minor missed optimization

S/390: Fix test cases for bi-arch s390x target

S/390: Kill warnings

S/390: More cleanup

S/390: More literal pool overflow fixes

S/390: Remove old-style peepholes

S/390: Remove s390/t-linux fragment

S/390: Some cleanup

Set proper defaults for i386 on x86-64 compiler

SH5 ffs fix checked in

Small obvious fix for cp/init.c

splay tree gty work

SSE "fix" 24 - integer comparsions

SSE fix 1

SSE fix 10 - XMM types alignment

SSE fix 11 - ABI fix

SSE fix 12 - argument alignment PR pending/8212

SSE fix 13 - PR target/7693

SSE fix 14 - 64bit support

SSE fix 15 - xmmintrin.h assorted fixes

SSE fix 16 - comparisons

SSE fix 17 - _mm_cvtps_pi16 fix

SSE fix 18 - other/8202

SSE fix 19 - move patterns

SSE fix 19 version 2, PR other/8075

SSE fix 2

SSE fix 20 - few wrong builtins

SSE fix 21 - many wrong prototypes

SSE fix 22 - movti fix

SSE fix 23 - assorted integer patterns fixes

SSE FIX 25 - PR other/8286

SSE FIX 26 - remaining problems

SSE FIX 27 - PR other/8289

SSE fix 28 - remove 'H', document 'C'

SSE fix 29 - simplify_subreg bug

SSE fix 3

SSE fix 30 - move expander

SSE fix 31 - 64bit movmaskdqu pattern

SSE fix 32 - target/8322

SSE fix 333 - PR target/8322 II

SSE fix 4

SSE fix 4 (PR target/7386)

SSE fix 9 - MMX _m64 type

style.mhtml referer icon update

Suboptimal code generation if if - conversion

Re: target/8052: NEC v850 has bogus default insn length

Testcase for PR target/7559

Testsuite PATCH: Tweak override1.C

Re: Testsuite reorganization, documentation, cleanup?

tidy const_double dumping

tls debug info tweak

To-be-committed: logic error in last compat.exp:compat-executechange.

Re: top-level configure: preserve quotes in arguments (Was: Re: [libstdc++] libstdc++/7691, pass -Wabi, sanity checks)

toplevel configure: reformat

toplevel configure: simplify

toplevel Makefile: autogenerate more

toplevel: make more things look more autoconfy

toplevel: make yet more autoconf-friendly

toplevel: more autoconfiness

Trivial fix for print_rtx

Typo in CPP specs

Typo in documentation

unreviewed doc patch

An unreviewed fix

Re: Unreviewed loop patch

unreviewed patch: opt/7409

update comments in regression tester


update regression tester to better handle non-linux hosts

Using SCRATCH Register for a mov op,

v850 -O3 regrename clobbers link register patch

vcall thunks for ia64

vcall_offset for alpha

warning refers to arg 0 for inlining case

Warning stats for all targets (was: Re: illegally shared subreg)

Re: Why C++ tests in C testsuite?

x86-64 profiling fix

XMM/SSE guards

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