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Re: "make dep-am" and #include

"previous rule lacks a trailing semicolon" warnings

"translating in-source builds"

Re: %print

Re: -fprefetch-loop-arrays on PowerPC

./configure.in: frv support merged from binutils

Re: 3.1: Make install fails for libstdc++/multilibs/alternate prefix

3.2 PATCH: Build multilibbed crtfastmath.o on 64-bit Solaris 2

3.2 PATCH: Fix _IEEE_FP etc. definitions on alpha

3.2 PATCH: Link gnatbind with SYSLIBS

3.2 PATCH: Major Solaris 2 configuration cleanup (take 2)

3.2 PATCH: Make ASM_DEBUG_SPEC a compile-time constant

3.2 PATCH: Properly define __LANGUAGE_C etc. on alpha

3.2 PATCH: Support O32 ABI on IRIX 6

3.2 PATCH: Support O32 ABI on IRIX 6 (take 2)

Re: 32/64 startfile path handling

Re: 93 GCC regressions, 78 new, with your patch on 2002-06-16T22:42:25Z.

Re: 988 GCC regressions, 971 new, with your patch on 2002-06-10T23:06:50Z.

[3.1.1/mainline] reg-stack fix

[3.1.1] x86-64 patches

[3] small tweak to ctype generic

[applied mips patch] fix prefetch hint numbers.

[ast-optimizer-branch] Define new simplification langhook [patch]

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch] Define new simplification langhook[patch]

[ast-optimizer-branch] Enable simplification by default [patch]

[ast-optimizer-branch] Fix false positives for -Wunused [patch]

[ast-optimizer-branch] Fix gcc.dg/20020220-2.c [patch]

[ast-optimizer-branch] langhooks for pretty printer

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH for C++ simplification skeleton

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH for c-pretty-print.c

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH for more SIMPLE cleanup

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH for some sanity checks

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to &&, ++ and return

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to c-pretty-print float<->intconversions

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to c-pretty-print to print "->"

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to fix union aliasing

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to loop conditional handling

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to pretty-printer

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to reduce copying

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to remove simplify_expr variants

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to simplify ADDR_EXPR

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to simplify array base

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to simplify C++ loop conditions

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to simplify DECL_STMT, CONSTRUCTOR andCOMPOUND_LITERAL_EXPR

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to simplify_expr_*

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to simplify_stmt

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH to tweak debug_c_tree

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH: c-pretty-print.c tweaks

[ast-optimizer-branch] PATCH: more c-pretty-print tweaks

[ast-optimizer-branch] Regressions with your patches

[ast-optimizer-branch] Remove folding markers [patch]

[ast-optimizer-branch] simplify builtins

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: Allow temp variables to have differentprefixes

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: Make simplified variable names have descriptive prefix

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: Make simplified variable names havedescriptive prefix

[ast-optimizer-branch]: SSAPRE update

[ast-optimizer-branch]: tree-cfg.c insertion fixes

[ast-optimizer-branch]: Your change to c-pretty-print.c is broken.

Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: Your change to c-pretty-print.c isbroken.

[ast-optimizer-patch] More C99 fixes [patch]

[ast-optimizer] Fix cp/Make-lang.in

[C++ PATCH for 3.1] Fix PR6716 regression (take 2)

[C++ PATCH for 3.1] Fix PR6716 regression (take 3)

[C++ PATCH for 3.1] Fix PR6716 regression (take 4)

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR3797

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR6892

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR6944

[c++] fix pr opt/6793

[C++] Unreviewed patches for 3.1.1

[cfg-branch] Mainline merge

[cfg] [RFC] Real datastructure for dominance information

[CFG] Fix for bug in simple_loop_exit_p

[CFG] Irreducible loop tracking

[CFG] Overflow handling in estimate_probability


[CFG] Simple loop reckognition improvement

[contrib] new: multilib-permutations

[doc patch] clarifications in beginner.html

[Fortran, trunk, committed] Make news message about allowed array sizes for g77-3.1 clearer.

[Fwd: [Fortran, trunk, committed] Make news message about allowed array sizes for g77-3.1 clearer.]

Re: [Fwd: [Fortran, trunk, committed] Make news message about allowedarray sizes for g77-3.1 clearer.]

[libstdc++] clean up vector, deque, list, part 2 of N

[libstdc++] Doxygenate stl_queue.h, tweak doxygen settings

[libstdc++] Make configure.target smarter about defaults

[libstdc++] Minor cleanups

[libstdc++] reformat stl_alloc.h...

[libstdc++] Split out definitions of list, vector, deque

[libstdc++] swap() in vector<bool>

[libstdc++] testsuite fixes

[libstdc++] Adaptor classes need out-of-line definitions

[libstdc++] deprecate "reallocate" in allocators

[libstdc++] reformat and doxygenate stack, map, multimap

RE:[mingw]: gthr-win32.h: remove pollution of STL namespace by win32api

Re: [mips patch RFA] add mipsisa64 elf -> configury, tweak mipsisa32

Re: [mips patch RFA] add mipsisa64 elf -> configury, tweak mipsisa32

[mips patch RFA] add mipsisa64 elf -> configury, tweakmipsisa32

Re: [new regalloc]: Miscompile for s390x

Re: [new regalloc]: Spill for SImode down in FP regs

[new-regalloc-branch] merge and fixes

[new-regalloc-branch] Whitespace cleanup for ra* files

[new-regalloc-branch]: Split ra.c

[new-regalloc] Add comments everywhere.

Re: [new-regalloc]: ICE for s390x, bug in df.c?

[patch RFA] tweak MIPS mips.h ISA_HAS_FP4 description.


[PATCH/RFA] Allow register other than SP for DWARF2 CFA

[PATCH/RFA] Clean up CPP built-ins for VAX

[PATCH/RFA] CPP built-in cleanup for ns32k

[PATCH/RFA] Fix Fortran build on NetBSD

[PATCH/RFA] Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/960218-1.c on NetBSD

[PATCH/RFA] Handle RTX format 'B' in mark_constants()

[PATCH/RFA] Register prefix changes for VAX ELF

[PATCH/RFA] Remove ns32k-*-netbsd* from the chopping block

[PATCH/RFA] Updated patch to fix VAX casesi

[PATCH] Recognize -Wextra, update manual (take 2).

[PATCH] Recognize -Wextra, update manual.

[PATCH] [TRIVIAL] Remove CHARMASK from fold-const.c

[PATCH] Add extra argument to builtin_function API

[PATCH] add option to eliminate unused types in dwarf2 output

[PATCH] Add sh5*-*-netbsd* sh64*-*-netbsd* targets

[PATCH] Avoid generating always-taken conditional branches.

Re: [PATCH] Bad default return C++ return on VAX.

Re: [PATCH] Bad default return C++ return on VAX. (Was: real.c

[PATCH] Bad default return C++ return on VAX. (Was: real.c patch comments?)

[PATCH] c++ i18n fixes

[PATCH] checked in prefetch support for mips

[PATCH] Clean up target_flags for VAX

Re: [patch] cleanup target makefile frag collection in toplevel

[patch] config/h8300/*.h: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Cosmetic fixes for loop.c

[PATCH] Disable early if-conversion pass

[PATCH] Documentation patch for __builtin_return_address

Re: [PATCH] Don't use crtstuff for alpha-netbsd on 3.1 branch

[PATCH] Done define DRAFT_V4_STRUCT_RET for powerpc-netbsd

[PATCH] find_reloads_address() needs reference to MEM, not NULL[Repost]

[PATCH] fix breakage from PCH merge on ia64

[PATCH] Fix cc1obj bus error

[PATCH] Fix cfgcleanup hang (was Re: gcc 3.1 hangs forever on Red Hat 7.2 system)

[PATCH] Fix combine.c compilation warnings.

[PATCH] Fix DEC float in real.c

[PATCH] Fix floating point register use on S/390

[PATCH] Fix IA-64 -fpic -fno-rtti

[patch] fix obvious thinko in diagnostic.c

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c/6660

[PATCH] Fix PR optimization/6713

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR optimization/6842

[PATCH] Fix S/390 literal pool overflow handling

[PATCH] Fix several FP-related tests for mips-netbsd

[PATCH] Fix sh*-*-netbsdelf* checkin error

[PATCH] Fix testcase g++.dg/template/typename2.C (committed)

[patch] fix top level AIX configury bug

[PATCH] Fix trampolines for mips-netbsd

[PATCH] Fix typo in alpha.h's ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF

[PATCH] fp-bit.h, gofast and unordered compares

[patch] gcc/e*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[patch] gcc/g*.[ch]: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Generalize LINK_SPEC for NetBSD ELF targets

Re: [patch] generic simd support

Re: [PATCH] Greatly speed up finish struct

Re: [PATCH] Greatly speed up finish_struct

[patch] h8300: Specify when a scratch reg is needed in shifts.

[PATCH] half pic removal

[PATCH] Improved RTL simplifications

[PATCH] Improved RTL simplifications (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Jump bypassing and improved constant propagation

Re: [PATCH] Jump bypassing and improved cprop (take 2)

[PATCH] Jump bypassing and improved cprop (take 3)


[PATCH] libiberty OUTPUT_OPTION 2nd try

[PATCH] libiberty/lbasename.c

[PATCH] little endian configury changes

[PATCH] Minor basic_block.h clean-ups

[PATCH] Misc d30v and xstormy16 cleanups.

[PATCH] Missing fold simplifications. (Fix PR6909 on mainline)

[PATCH] More aggressive jump bypassing.

[PATCH] more use of @dots{} in texinfo files

[patch] move libstdcxx_flags near where it's used

[PATCH] Objective-C : Do not accept an object as parameter to a method

Re: [PATCH] Objective-C : Do not accept an object as parameter toa method

[patch] obselete vax-*-vms*

[patch] obselete vax-*-vms*, take two.

[patch] obsolete vax/vms: documentation part

Re: [PATCH] Optimize "a || b" into "(a | b) != 0"

[PATCH] Optimize (x - 1.0) > 0.0 into x > 1.0

Re: [PATCH] Optimize -1.0*x into -x


[PATCH] printf optimization

[PATCH] projects/ia64.html

[PATCH] Re-enable gas at top-level for vax-*-netbsd*

[patch] rearrange configure.in for my benefit. :-)

[patch] remove #ifdef HOHO sections

[patch] remove legacy Cygnus support from config-ml.in

[patch] remove redundant tests

[patch] remove references to librx from top level

[patch] reorganize toplevel configure.in, part 1

[PATCH] SH optimization -O3 corrupts registers in interrupt function

[PATCH] Simplify (x<y) && (x==y) into x <= y.

[PATCH] Simplify (x<y) || (x==y) into x <= y (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Simplify (x<y) || (x==y) into x <= y.

[PATCH] Simplify A ? B : 0 into A && B

[PATCH] Simplify rest_of_compilation logic

[PATCH] Small tweak to NetBSD/vax a.out config


[patch] tiny toplevel configure.in cleanup

[patch] top level configure.in reorg, part 2

[patch] top level configure.in reorg, part 3

[patch] toplevel configure.in: pull definition of is_cross_compiler higher

Re: [patch] toplevel configure.in: pull definition of is_cross_compilerhigher

Re: [patch] toplevel configure.in: topsrcdir->srcdir

[patch] Tweak _sch_test() to deal with c >= 256 correctly

[PATCH] use @. to end some sentences

[PATCH] Use generic NetBSD LINK_SPEC for alpha-netbsd

[PATCH] Use generic NetBSD LINK_SPEC for m68k NetBSD targets

[PATCH] Use generic NetBSD LINK_SPEC for mips-netbsd

[PATCH] Use generic NetBSD LINK_SPEC for NetBSD SPARC targets

[PATCH] Use generic NetBSD LINK_SPEC for NetBSD x86 targets

[PATCH] Use generic NetBSD LINK_SPEC for SH NetBSD targets

[PATCH] Use libunwind library when linking g++

[PATCH]: Accept 16-bit constants as valid MEM for 68HC12

[PATCH]: Avoid basic block reordering for 68HC1X when -Os

[PATCH]: combine.c SHIFT_COUNT_TRUNCATED adjustment

[PATCH]: Fix 68HC12 auto inc/dec memory move splits

[PATCH]: Fix addsi/subsi3 patterns for HC12 (auto-inc modes pb)

[PATCH]: Fix regressions due to dominance info change

Re: [PATCH]: libstdc++ QNX >= 6.1 support

[PING] C++ i18n patch...

[RFA:] Fix target/7042 for 3.1; reorg.c bug, fixed in cris.c

[RFA:] Mark fp-bit.c _fpmul_parts and _fpdiv_parts __always_inline__

[RFA:] reorg.c: fix target/7041 for main trunk

Re: [RFA:] reorg.c: fix target/7042 for main trunk

[RFA] CPP builtins for dsp16xx/

[RFA] Finish merging front end / cpplib numbers

[RFA] Numbers patch, take 2.

[RFA] Stop using tradcpp

[RFA] Use location_t to record declaration location in tree_decl

Re: [RFA] Use location_t to record declaration location intree_decl

[RFC PATCH] Fix middle-end/6963

[RFC] changes to -fprefetch-loop-arrays

[RFC] Kill gen_sequence

Re: [RFC] PowerPC DFA description

[RFC] Updates kill gen_sequence

[testcase] IA-32 ICE in 3.1/trunk

Re: [tree-ssa-branch] simplify builtins

[tree-ssa-branch]: First pass at steensgaard points-to analysis

[tree-ssa-branch]: Fix a few random things

[treelang] typo

[Unreviewed PATCH] h8300 #pragma interrupt works only for first ISR with -O3

Re: [Unreviewed PATCH] h8300 #pragma interrupt works only forfirst ISR with -O3

[v3] add c_compatibility headers

[v3] add c_compatibility headers, gcc bits

[v3] add c_compatibility headers, newlib bits

[v3] correct last checkin

[v3] Fix some long double and long long constants in 22_locale

[v3] Fix typo in basic_string::_S_construct null pointer check

[v3] fixup c_compatibility objects

[v3] gcc-3_1-branch configure sync

Re: [v3] libstdc++/6594

[v3] stl_alloc tweaks

[v3] strstream patches

[v3] version c++ includes, 1/2

[v3] version c++ includes, 1/2 revised

[v3] version c++ includes, 2/2

[v3] version c++ includes, 2/2, revised

[wwwdocs] Simple change to index.html to eliminate a redirect

[wwwdocs] Update documentation for SIMPLE and tree-ssa [patch]

Fwd: _cpp_replacement_text_len and len

Ada: ISO 13813 draft implementation

add comments to gengtype

Add error check in configure

Added EBCDIC support to safe-ctype.h in include

Added Fortran entry to wwwdocs/htdocs/gcc-3.2/changes.html

Addition of EBCDIC support to safe-ctype.c and hex.c in libiberty

Additional -traditional-cpp tests

address me/3544

Re: AIX regression due to DFA scheduler merge

alpha builtins update

Re: Alpha CPU-specific builtins

alpha thread builtins

altivec: remove invalid simd type test

And more i386/ CPP builtins.

Another caller-save buglet

another hashtab compatibility patch

Another obvious fix

RE: ASM_OUTPUT_SECTION_NAME cleanup patch problem

Avoid undefined operation

A bit of CPP stuff for i386/

Re: Bootstrap failure on i686-linux-gnu with checking enabled

Bring ns32k port up to date.

Bug 5479

Bug 6842

Bug fix for expand_vector_binop & expand_vector_unop ; test case for 32 bit systems

Bug fix for gengtype-lex.l

Re: Bug on PA-RISC

Re: Bug: gcc/cp/parse.y & gcc/cp/decl.h: Conflict on TYPENAME

Re: build failure in libgcj

Re: builtin_return_addr vs frame_pointer_needed vs -O3

Re: C++ Parser

C++ PATCH for ABI bugs

C++ PATCH to begin_for_stmt

C++ PATCH: Factor do_scoped_id

C++ PATCH: Fix PR 6695

C++ PATCH: More cleanups

C++ PATCH: More cleanups for new parser

C++ PATCH: More cleanups...

C++ PATCH: Remove unused compiler_error

c++ version include, revised, 3/2 :-)

c-pragma patch to allow external renaming

Re: c/7010: Bug in 3.1 with inline memcpy

Re: c/7038: internal compiler error: Internal compiler error in insn_default_length, at insn-attrtab.c:539

canonicalize `-bit' and ` bits'

Re: cfg merge part 17 - loop datastructure updates

Re: cfg merge part 18 - superblock formation pass

Re: cfg merge part 19 - gcse tweek

CFG merge part 21 - double test conversion pass

cfg merge part 23 - simple loop analysis code

cfg merge part 24 - real datastructure for dominance information.

Re: cfg merge part 24 - real datastructure for dominanceinformation.

cfg merge part 25 - web pass

CFG related cleanups

cfg.html updates

Cfgcleanup fix

Re: ChangeLog (generic simd)

Re: changes.html to mention Pavel's contribution

cleanup alpha-protos.h

COMDAT Section Support in GCC

Committed, CRIS: Fix PR target/6997. Ok for 3.1?

Committed, CRIS: include ggc.h in cris.c fallout from PCH changes

Committed, CRIS: Mark arithmetic library inline-functions __always_inline__.

Committed, MMIX: Add "return" pattern and options -msingle-exit/-mno-single-exit.

Committed, MMIX: Comment CCmodes, s/GNU CC/GCC/g.

Committed, MMIX: minor cleanups. Switch to TARGET_CPU_CPP_BUILTINS.

Committed, testsuite: correct description of bug in execute/20020615-1.c, PR 7042

Committed: fix typo in gcc.c-torture/execute/20020615-1.c

config patch

configure error checking patch

configure.in language check cleanup applied

Contents of file `gcc-3.1.tr.po.gz'

Corrections to make clean/distclean

could you look at my vax-vms obseletion patches for gcc?

cp/error.c: Fix typo

Re: CPP builtilns for c4x

cpplib (trad): Null directive fix, more testcases.

cpplib: -CC for traditional preprocessor

cpplib: Better trad output, some trad directive handling

cpplib: Builtins and -dD for -traditional-cpp

cpplib: function-like macros for -traditional-cpp

cpplib: Further -traditional-cpp fixes and features

cpplib: Further improvements to -traditional-cpp

cpplib: Get rid of funky -W* special case

cpplib: Improve traditional preprocessing

cpplib: more traditional testcases

cpplib: Parse traditional function-like macro definitions

cpplib: preparation for traditional macro expansion

cpplib: Small clean-up of traditional handling

cpplib: Some traditional macro expansion

cpplib: Traditional funlike macro fixes

cpplib: traditional output

cpplib: traditional tests and fixes

crtstuff unused variable warning

Cygwin patch for ada/sysdep.c

Re: cygwin patch for ada/sysdep.c

define __INT_MAX__ et al generically

Dejagnu question (was [RFA] Stop using tradcpp)

delete ehl_free

delete_null_pointer_checks vs cfg optimization


Diagnostic clean ups

diagnostic.[ch]: Rename diagnostic_count_error

Diagnostic.c: Add support for %H as location specifier

Diagnostic.c: Describe diagnostic kind

Diagnostic.c: Move the private pointer internal_error_function to diagnostic_context

Diagnostic.c: Rename some functions

Diagnostic.h: Move diagnostic_count to diagnostic_context

Disable RTL inliner for Java

document altivec discrepancies from moto's docs

doloop.c fix for PR 6984


Don't create temporary files in gengtype

emit-rtl.c fix

Even more x86 generation tweeks

expmed small fix

Extra machine modes out of tm.h

Re: ezmlm response

Falls du Kinder hast - wichtig! Gegen Gewalt am Computer!

Finish i386/ CPP builtin conversion.

First steps to making treelang doc compliant

fix 20020531 regression

Fix ada/7144

fix aliasing vs char

Fix alpha bootstrap failure

fix alpha builtin_zapnot typo

Fix an include in dominance.c

Fix another testsuite failure on i586-pc-linux-gnu

fix broken build for Xtensa

fix broken varargs support for Xtensa port

fix c++/6747

Fix c-parse.in

fix c/7030

Fix dependencies for treelang/Make-lang.in

fix execute/pure-1.c

fix for darwin build problem

fix for df.c (was: Partial merge from new-regalloc-branch to HEAD)

Re: fix for df.c (was: Partial merge from new-regalloc-branch toHEAD)

Fix for x86 RTL checking failures on mainline

Fix gcc/gengtype-yacc.y

Fix INSN scope/bb fallout

Fix mmix to bootstrap again

fix opt/6722

Fix PPC port

fix pr 2930

Fix PR c/7153

Fix PR preprocessor/7070

Fix preprocessor/7138

Fix preprocessor/7150

Fix reload failure

fix sloppiness by me

Fix sol2-sparc bootstrap failures

Fix some SPARC pr's

Fix some warnings

fix target/4041

fix target/6922

Fix two testsuite failures on k6-pc-linux-gnu

fix unexpected passes in gcc.c-torture/compile/20001226-1

Fix warnings from pa.c

fix warnings in cppexp.c

Fix warnings in libobjc

Fix x86-64 profiling

fixes to get treelang working with gengtype.c and PCH

fr30.h: Change CUMULATIVE_ARGS to a #define

Frame pointer elimination on ia32

Further i386/ CPP builtins

FYI: I have updated my email address in MAINTAINERS.

Re: GCC 3.1.1 Status

gcc 3.2 (20020623) experimental built fine on vax-dec-netbsdelf

Re: GCC build failed for 3 targets with your patch on 2002-06-02T21:21:24Z.

Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2002-06-02T22:30:03Z.

Re: GCC trunk SPEC2000 performance

gcc.dg/20020312-2.c: check for __PPC__

gcc/cp/parse.y & gcc/cp/decl.h: Conflict on TYPENAME

gcc/java/parse.y: duplicate %type

gcj patch ping

generalize alpha zero predicates

gengtype-yacc.y: type clash

Re: Getting past gcc-3.2 20000611 breakage.

GTY doc fix

re: halfpic patch checked in...

Hard register sharing + misc

HP-UX IA64 ILP32 patch

HP-UX IA64 patch to fix CPP_PREDEFINES

i386 builtins. fix typos

i386 codegen tweek 1

i386 codegen tweek 2

ia64 doloop_end_internal

IA64 HP-UX patch for setting errno

Re: individual processor configurations for sh-elf / sh-linux (Was: Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib)

individual processor configurations for sh-elf / sh-linux (Was: Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib)

Re: individual processor configurations for sh-elf / sh-linux (Was: Re:SH Linux: remove big endian multilib)

Infinite loop in calculate_global_regs_live

INSN_SCOPE + CODE_LABEL (was Re: emit-rtl.c fix)

Re: INSN_SCOPE changes break mips-elf

Re: Interesting Makefile race condition ...

Re: ip2k port reviewing/accepting

ip2k port: configure part

It's (PCH) merging time!

Re: It's (PCH) merging time! for libiberty

Re: It's (PCH) merging time! on darwin

Re: java/5688: cross compiler build fails in libjava

Java/parse.y: Type clashes on the default action

Re: Java: Fix gcjh JNI bug

Re: Kill BLOCK_FOR_INSN array and scoping ntoes

Kill RANGE_INFO notes

Kill useless RTL generation continued

libcall changes for the scheduler

libgcc patch applied to SH port

Re: libibery DESTDIR patch

libstdc++ patch

libtool / GCC 3.2 question and patch

libtool sending output to /dev/null [Was: Re: GCC build failed for native with your patch on 2002-06-02T22:30:03Z.]

libunwind patch for java library

Re: libv3test.a causes testsuite failures on multilibbed systems

m32r tweak - no need to define SELECT_CC_MODE

m32r.c addr24_operand patch

m32r.md: Replace gen_sequence with get_insns

Re: mainline: ada/Makefile broken?

Re: Major i386 testsuite regressions on trunk

make_relative_prefix can make incorrect relative prefix

maybe fix vax casesi

MEMBER_TYPE_FORCES_BLK: implement correctly

Merge from current: remove false positives in a.out tests.

merge from regalloc branch to head [pt2]

merge_assigned_reloads bug fix

minor alpha corrections

Minor cleanups

Minor fix for i386.md

Minor libgcc2.c change

Minor rest_of_compilation change

Minor SEQUENCE hacking fall-out

Minor speedup

MIPS fix

MIPS patch to use lower-case cpu name (committed)

MIPS patch: move frame info into struct machine_function

mips.c typo

misnamed define_builtin* in tm.texi

Missing cfgrtl GGC roots

Missing va_end in gcc.c-torture/execute/20000519-1.c

More cleanup in libffi

More elimination of useless RTL generation

More i386/ builtins

More make distclean

More sequence hacking fall-out

More Sparc MD file modernization

More useless RTL generation killed

my gcc patch

my last three top level patches

my rearrangement patch...

new build_function_type_list()

New CPP builtins for d30v

New CPP builtins for fr30/

New CPP builtins for i370/

Re: New mainline bootstrap failure

New port: ip2k

New targets: shle-elf / sh64le-elf

New Turkish PO file for `gcc'

New update to optabs.c for optimizing C op R expressions.

No separate version number for cpplib

Re: nonoverlapping_memrefs_p: fix off by one error

ObjC RFA: Fix PR/6834 ObjC 3.1 regression

obvious fix for libobjc

Obvious patch

Re: optimization/6822: GCC 3.1.1 - Internal compiler error in extract_insn, at recog.c:2132

Re: optimization/7120: Run once loop should *always* be unrolled

Re: optimization/7147: ifcvt.c problem (regression)

PA fix

Partial merge from new-regalloc-branch to HEAD

Patch (3.2): f/{com,lex}.c Convert the few K&R decls to ISO

Patch [libf2c]: add WARN_CFLAGS to libE77

Patch [libf2c]: defaults to `int' warning fixes

Patch [libf2c]: delete unused variables

Patch [libf2c]: eliminate ambiguous else warnings

Patch [libf2c]: fix ambiguous expression warnings

Patch [libf2c]: fix signed/unsigned warnings

Patch [libf2c]: fix unused parameter warnings

Patch [libf2c]: random warning fixes

Patch [libf2c]: warning fixes for assignment used as truth value

Patch applied to config/sh/lib1funcs.asm.

Patch applied to sh.h: fix big endian SHcompact passing of 5..8 byte arguments

patch checked in

Patch fix gengtype.h:error_at_line prototype

Patch for ENABLE_RTL_FLAG_CHECKING fallout (on ARM)

A patch for genautomata

Patch for gengtype: support GNU Fortran 95

Patch for gnat_ug with makinfo --html

Patch for HP-UX IA64 structure passing

Re: Patch for IA64 32-bit function descriptors

Patch for ILP32/LP64 exception handling

Patch for libstdc++-v3 cross build on hpux (Resubmit^2)

PATCH for Re: [rfa:ppc] Fix PPC/NBSD struct return

PATCH for Re: found sinix binary of gcc

PATCH for Re: mirrors.

Patch for remaining warnings in libobjc

patch for SH cfi generation applied to mainline

PATCH for sparc.h: Add stack bias to DYNAMIC_CHAIN_ADDRESS

PATCH for yet another bootstrap target

Patch installed for mips.md automatic aggregate initialization

Patch installed for prototype warning in varasm.c

Patch installed for traditional C compatibility in gengtype.c

Patch installed to move prototypes from mips.c to mips-protos.h

Patch installed to zap java warning

Patch installed, const-ify a couple of arrays

Patch installed: const-ify genautomata macros

Patch installed: fix formatting for libf2c part 1/6

Patch installed: fix formatting for libf2c part 2/6

Patch installed: fix formatting for libf2c part 3/6

Patch installed: fix formatting for libf2c part 4/6

Patch installed: fix formatting for libf2c part 5/6

Patch installed: fix formatting for libf2c part 6/6

Patch installed: two constification nits

Patch installed: wrap tree_node_* in GATHER_STATISTICS macro

PATCH Re: [ast-optimizer-branch] gcc.dg/struct-alias-1.c failure

Re: PATCH Re: [ast-optimizer-branch] gcc.dg/struct-alias-1.cfailure

PATCH Re: [ast-optimizer-branch]: Simplify STMT_EXPR's

Patch to add -O2 to top level CFLAGS_FOR_TARGET

Patch to add snprintf/vsnprintf to libiberty

Patch to add snprintf/vsnprintf to libiberty [take 2]

Patch to combine's handling of shifted sign-extensions

Patch to enable checking IR of genautomata

Patch to fix a false PREFIX_INCLUDE_DIR

Patch to fix error message typo in collect2.c

Patch to fix FUNCTION_ARG_REGNO_P for mips

Patch to gengtype.c to increase FD soft limit

Patch to include traditional C support removal in beginner project docs

PATCH to num_equality_op to work around PR 6950

Patch to remove uses of ctype.h stuff

Patch to set SHELL = @SHELL@ in a few more places

Patch to use ARRAY_SIZE in more places

Patch to use xstrdup/concat in lieu of xmalloc/strcpy/etc.

Patch: (Long, boring) gcc/f: Put void in decls. with 0 args.

Patch: -Wunreachable-bytecode

Patch: __thread and older Linux

PATCH: A new testcase for C++ init order

PATCH: Add --enable-__cxa_atexit

PATCH: Add libgcj_convenience.list

PATCH: build libstdc++ with old m68k as

patch: cleanup PPC builtins

PATCH: doc/extend.texi nit

Patch: Don't modify constant tree node

Patch: dwarfout.c -vs- function.h

Patch: f/{com,lex}.c Convert the few K&R decls to ISO

PATCH: Fix a memory bug in java

Patch: fix for PR java/6388

PATCH: Fix initialization of const_int_rtx's

PATCH: Fix mips debug (Re: MIPS_STABS_ELF is now broken)

patch: fix typo in execute/string-opt-8.c

Patch: FYI: another classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: daily classpath comparison

Patch: FYI: Fix for PR 6865

Patch: FYI: fixlet in gcc/java/Make-lang.in

Patch: FYI: gcj.texi typo

Patch: FYI: Java news item

Patch: FYI: Update 3.2 changes page and add java news item

Patch: FYI: update gcc-3.2/changes.html

Patch: gcc/Makefile.in bug fixes

PATCH: Handle BSD4.4 <stdio.h> vs. attribute format checking

Re: PATCH: Improve Java build times

Patch: incorrect hardcoding of java's modifier_ctx array size

Patch: libobjc reformat. (long, gzipped)

PATCH: macro redefinition warning axe

Patch: objc/objc-{act.c,parse.y} K&R decls => ISO (long)

PATCH: obvious typo in comment

PATCH: optimization/7145: g++ -O with structure initializer & returnvalue optimization generates bad code

Patch: partial fix for libgcj/7073

PATCH: snapshots.html

PATCH: sparc64-*-openbsd* inherits too much from Solaris

PATCH: Support Linux/mips in boehm-gc.

PATCH: Support Linux/mips in libffi

PATCH: Support stabs in libjava test

Re: PATCH: Use libgcj convenience.la

Re: PATCH: Use libgcj convenience.la failure on darwin 5.5

Re: PATCH: Use libgcj convenience.la ( Re: libjava bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.8)

Re: PATCH: Use libgcj_convenience.la

Re: PATCH: Use libgcj_convenience.la failure on darwin 5.5

PATCH: Use libgcj_convenience.la ( Re: libjava bootstrap failure on sparc-sun-solaris2.8)

Re: PATCH: Use libgcj_convenience.la ( Re: libjava bootstrap failureon sparc-sun-solaris2.8)

PATCH: Use stabs for Linux/mips (Re: binutils is broken on ELF/MIPS)

Re: PATCH: Use stabs for Linux/mips (Re: binutils is broken onELF/MIPS)

Patch: Use tm_defines to configure default scheduling model on PA

Patches waiting for review

PATH: inline does not work with -O3 specified

PCH merge breakage on PA

peer review on TARGET_*_CPP_BUILTINS

PowerPC cleanup and Power4

powerpc64-linux -gstabs fix

Re: PR c/6677 and al.


print_rtx whitespace tweaks

Re: Problems with gcc + exceptions + -pedantic + libiberty.h

prologue and epilogue as RTL (was: Re: [RFA:] reorg.c: fix target/7042for main trunk)

real.c patch comments?

Reducing RTL allocations

relegate plan9-ish structure "pasting" to -fms-extensions

remove `,...' from @var in extend.texi

Remove old MPW config files from cp/

Remove old NT leftovers in rs6000/ppc-asm.h

Remove unused parameter in cfgrtl.c

Re: removing config/..../bits/ (was Re: need finer-grained "C" header scheme information)

Resend of 3.1 patch

restore -V; allow driver to be target-dependent

revert change to ALTIVEC_VECTOR_MODE

RFA: Bug fix for prescan_loop / insert_loop_mem

RFA: make genemit / genrecog emit L / LL suffixes

RFA: MIPS/dwarf-2, GCC part

RFA: more generic simd fixes

RFA: more generic simd fixes / w/ extract_bit_field calls

RFA: new testcase for long long arithmetic

RFA: Replace typedef with #define for CUMULATIVE_ARGS in d30v.h

Re: RFC: add inheritance support to nonoverlapping_component_refs_p

RFC: Changes to remove language hard coding from gengtype.c

RFC: Dump varargs.h

roll of patches to mainline

rs6000_emit_minmax: fix unsigned compares

Run in DOS mode.


SH Reload patch - should also be in gcc-3.1-branch?

SH-ELF (& COFF): Setting of _stack and placement of stack sentinel value (Was: Re: [PATCH]crt1.asm- _stack symbol causes problem for SH-ELF-Pl. refer accepted patch at newlib by Jeff J.)

Re: SH-ELF (& COFF): Setting of _stack and placement of stack sentinelvalue (Was: Re: [PATCH]crt1.asm- _stack symbol causes problem for SH-ELF-Pl. refer accepted patch at newlib by Jeff J.)

Re: SH-ELF (& COFF): Setting of _stack and placement of stack sentinelvalue (Was: Re: [PATCH]crt1.asm- _stack symbol causes problem for SH-ELF-Pl.refer accepted patch at newlib by Jeff J.)

Sharing hard registers

Small cleanup for c-convert.c

Small cpplib.c cleanup

Small IA64 HP-UX patch for config.gcc

snprintf ...

Sparc MD file modernization

Re: srcdir builds

SSE immediate loads fix

Re: SSE types and structures

Start libffi port to x86-64

support cross-building jar

temp rtl fallout in caller-save

Testcase: missing noreturn attribute on std::abort & std::exit

TEXI patch: CNI Invocation example

texi2pod.pl - lost fix

Re: top-level configure.in patch

Re: top-level Makefile.in patch

Re: translating in-source builds, next round (was Re: gcc/gcc ChangeLog doc/install.texi)

Re: translating in-source builds, next round (was Re: gcc/gccChangeLog doc/install.texi)

tree-inline.c: _DECL encapsulation barrier violation

Treelang small fix AUTOMATIC

Trying to make a 12 bit compiler gcc3.0.4

Re: type in treelang

Typo in configure.in for combined tree (uberbaum-style) builds

Typo/think fix for H8

Unexpected Passes

Re: Unexpected passes

Re: Unexpected Passes

Re: Unreviewed compound literal patches

Unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch (was Re: Patch for libobjc warnings, one warning needs attention...)

Re: Unreviewed patch - gcc/ada/ada.h

Unreviewed patch - remove dead code from gcj

Unreviewed patches for 3.2

Re: Unreviewed RELOAD patch: http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2002-06/msg00649.html

Unreviewed RELOAD patch:http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2002-06/msg00649.html

Unreviewed^2 patches for 3.2

unroll-new.c breakup

Re: unused yyoverflowlab warning

Update c-lex.c copyright and description

Update h8300/ to new CPP macros

urgent reply

Use C for some rs6000 -D options.

Velika priloznost....

warning message for probable unary-not errors

Web pages update

Re: whither specs?

Re: whither specs? [PATCH version 3]

WWW patch: Announce gcj 3.1

WWW patch: links to GCJ Manual

WWW patch: Miscellaneous gcj FAQ updates

Xtensa: cleanup unused libgcc1 stuff

Xtensa: fix broken build for 3.1 branch

Xtensa: fix builtin_return_addr

Xtensa: fix up a comment

Xtensa: md file cleanup

Xtensa: remove -fpic warnings

Xtensa: skip g++.pt/static11 test for xtensa-*-elf* targets

Xtensa: update profiling support

Your change causing regressions

Your change to calculate_dominance_info

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