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*-rtems config.gcc patch for 3.0-CVS

-B foo does -isystem foo/include

Re: 10 GCC regressions, 8 new, with your patch on 2001-07-16T22:08:55Z.

Re: 2nd try for patch for automaton based pipeline hazard recognizer (part #1)

3 debug hooks for begin_function

3 more debug hooks

3 new debug hooks

3.0 PATCH: gcc/testsuite/g++.old-deja/g++.robertl/eb130.C

Re: 3.0 PATCH: More fixes to install.texi

Re: 3.0 PATCH: Update install.texi for mips*-sgi-irix[456]

3.0.1 libobjc patch waiting for approval

3.0.1 patch for objc_mutex_trylock

3.0.1 PATCH: Add support for shared libstdc++ on the Hurd

3.0.1 PATCH: Allow jvgenmain to work with ASM_FINAL_SPEC

3.0.1 PATCH: Allow jvgenmain to work with ASM_FINAL_SPEC (version 2)

3.0.1 PATCH: Avoid gas-only mnemonic and # comment character in libffi for x86

3.0.1 PATCH: Avoid gas-only mnemonic in libffi for Alpha

Re: 3.0.1 PATCH: Avoid link failure of Objective-C testsuite on Solaris2/Intel

Re: 3.0.1 PATCH: Avoid link failure of Objective-C testsuite on Solaris2/Intel

Re: 3.0.1 PATCH: Avoid link failure of Objective-C testsuite on Solaris2/Intel

3.0.1 PATCH: Band-aid for IRIX 6 N32/N64 structure passing bug (version 2)

3.0.1 PATCH: Don't pass elided switches to COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS

3.0.1 PATCH: Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20001229-1.c for Tru64 UNIX

3.0.1 PATCH: Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/builtin-abs-[12].c on Tru64 UNIX

3.0.1 PATCH: Fixes for install.texi host/target section

3.0.1 PATCH: NUL-terminate jvgenmain's mangled_classname

3.0.1 PATCH: Set LD_LIBRARY{N32,64}_PATH for objc and libjava testsuites

3.0.1 PATCH: Substitute LIBICONV in gcc/Makefile.in

3.0.1 PATCH: Support #pragma weak on IRIX 5/6

3.0.1 PATCH: Support #pragma weak on Tru64 UNIX

3.0.1 PATCH: Typo in libjava configure.in

Re: 3.1 Bootstrap failure on sparc-solaris2.8

3.1 Patch Reverse: gcc/flow.c

3.1 Patch: Remove std::construct and std::destroy from ext

Re: 4 GCC regressions, 1 new, with your patch on 2001-07-28T03:15:01Z.

4 more debug hooks

Re: Fixes for flow.c/bb-reorder Was: )(Re: the death of jump2 pass.

??? comments in flow.c and fallthru edges

[3.0.1 and mainline] PATCH for libstdc++/3243

[3.0.1 and mainline] PATCH for libstdc++/3284

[3.0.1 PATCH]: Fix ICE in duplicate_eh_regions (java/3596)

[3.0.1, main] Installation documentation update for Sun

[3.0.1] Backport 'make -j' patch for Cygwin

[3.0.1] Partly unreviewed patch to generate java man pages

[3.0.1] updated: generate java man pages from texi sources

[3.0] Fix for FreeBSD 2 (aout) bootstrap failure

[3.0] RFC: generate java man pages from texi sources

[3.1] updated: generate java man pages from texi sources

[ast-optimizer-branch] [patch]: SSA for trees

[ast-optimizer-branch] Fix some tree CFG problems [patch]

[ast-optimizer-branch]: Inlinability checks

Re: [Bug-dejagnu] [PATCH] A swarm of simple patches against dejagnu-20010126

Re: [bugs] GCC misoptimization bug

[C++ PATCH] another vbase ABI patch

[C++ PATCH] Even more virtual base stuff

[C++ PATCH] Fix 3152

[C++ PATCH] Fix a template template parm non-compliant behavior

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 3416

[C++ PATCH] Fix PR3200

[C++ PATCH] Fix regression 3543

[C++ PATCH] Remove more old abi

[C++ PATCH] remove old-abi tests

[C++ PATCH] Template template parm: Remove obsoleted code


[C++ PATCH], fix some vbase layout

[C++ patch]: Fix 2.95 regression

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 3631 (2.95 regression)

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 3621

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 3624

[c++ patch]: more abi-related simplification

[C++ PATCH]: More virtual base stuff

[C++ PATCH]: Remove no-vtable-thunk

[C++ patch]: Remove old-abi code

[C++ PATCH]: Remove rtti cruft

[C++ patch]: reorganize tree inlining

[c++] duplicate pending_inlines

[comitted patch] Fix a coment typo in recog.c

[comitted patch] Fix a typo in the h8300 port.

[comitted patch] Fix comment typos in jump.c.

[comitted patch] reload.c: Fix comment typos.

[committed patch] Fix comment typos.

[contrib] let texi2pod.pl handle @include

[cp-parser-branch] Comment fixes

[cp-parser-branch] Fix typos in comments and code.

[Fortran - trunk, committed] Final patch for 64-bit file size support.

[Fortran - trunk, committed] Fix for big-endian problem with 64-bit file sizes in libI77.

[Fortran - trunk, committed] Move 64-bit file size defines in libf2c/libI77/configure.in to top.

[Fortran - trunk, committed] Update libf2c/libI77/Makefile.in dependencies on config.h

[Fortran - trunk, committed] update to: Re: Da Real Patch, was: Re: [g77 testsuite]

[Fortran, committed to trunk] Preparing libf2c/libI77 for 64-bit file sizes (stage 2).

[Fortran, committed to trunk] Preparing libf2c/libI77 for 64-bit file sizes.

Re: [Fortran, committed to trunk] Preparing libf2c/libI77 for 64-bitfile sizes.

[Fwd: Ping; Was: [rfa] NetBSD/PowerPC support]

[g++-testsuite] Fix g++.old-deja/g++.robertl/eb130.C

[g77 testsuite]

[g77 testsuite] F90 bit intrinsic tests - take 2

[g77 testsuite] Fortran 90 intrinsic mathematical functions

[g77 testsuite] Fortran 90 intrinsic numeric functions

[g77 testsuite] Some command line options tests

[g77 testsuite] Intrinsic function tests

[g77 testsuite] Use gcc-defs.exp in g77.exp

[GCC 3.0] Fix OpenBSD build

[GCC 3.0] Repair OpenBSD bootstrap

[jh@suse.cz: [patches] Re: [Daniel Berlin <dan@cgsoftware.com>] Invalid memory access in loop_p]

[libstdc++-v3] Remove std::construct and std::destroy

Re: [libstdc++-v3] Remove std::construct and std::destroy

[libstdc++] Nonstandard names (repost)

[libstdc++] Patch to remove more nonstandard names

[libstdc++] Problems with extension headers (slist)

[libstdc++] Problems with include/bits/stl_vector.h (patch included)

[libstdc++] Problems with unique (patch included)

[Mark Kettenis <kettenis@wins.uva.nl>] [PATCH] Remove some unusedcode from unwind-de2-fde.o

[new-regalloc-branch] Add simple rematerialization support

[new-regalloc-branch] bugfix for `get_free_reg'

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [1/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [10/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [2/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [3/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [4/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [5/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [6/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [7/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [8/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] bunch of things [9/10]

[new-regalloc-branch] combine with precolored regs & rewrite_program

[new-regalloc-branch] Make it compile again.

[new-regalloc-branch] Merge finished

[new-regalloc-branch] Merge libstdc++-v3 from mainline, fix C++ screwup

[new-regalloc-branch] Merged from mainline

[new-regalloc-branch] Perform store motion after we are done allocating

[new-regalloc-branch]: Fix bunch of thinkos, stop useless spilling

[OLD PATCH] fix MIPS -mlong64 -membedded-pic case generation.

Re: [patch 3.0.1] Fix the float-int conversion on h8300

[patch 3.0.1] h8300.md: Don't push stack pointer.

[patch 3.0.1] h8300.md: Don't push stack pointer. (revised)

[patch 3.1] h8300.md: Don't push stack pointer.

[patch] Cleanups needed for tree SSA work (part 2)

[PATCH] 3.0 profile.c fix for C++ EH, nonlocal gotos

[patch] [a-c]*.c: Fix comment formatting.

[PATCH] Add __frame_state_for to libgcc (GCC 3.0.1 vs GLIBC 2.2.4 solution part)

Re: [PATCH] Add dwarf2.1 namespace support

Re: [PATCH] Add ffs() to libiberty

[PATCH] Add ffs() to libiberty.

[PATCH] Add fudge option to gcov

Re: [PATCH] Add prototype for ssa_fast_dce, add dump output for ssa-ccp

[PATCH] Add prototype for ssa_fast_dce, add dump output for ssa-ccp

[PATCH] Add v3 mangler tests to libiberty

[PATCH] Add XOR function to sbitmap, make basic block sbitmap functions conditional

[PATCH] AIX5/IA64 configuration

[PATCH] AIX5/IA64 unwind functions

[PATCH] Avoid emitting invalid stabs

[PATCH] avoid warnings in alias.c

Re: [patch] beginner projects (test)

[PATCH] beginner.html

Re: [PATCH] build failure, gcc 3.0, native hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00, ltconfig

[PATCH] Change default max-inline-insns to 100

[PATCH] clarify branch profile options in invoke.texi

Re: [patch] Cleanups needed for tree SSA work (part 2)

[PATCH] combine.c CONST_INT MULT->ASHIFT must be positive

[patch] combine_simplify_rtx clobbers shared rtl

[patch] combine_simplify_rtx failure with subregs

[PATCH] Committed powerpc patch

Re: [PATCH] Don't disable shared libs on AIX5/IA-64

[PATCH] Even more revised store motion fix

[PATCH] extend gcov tests

[Patch] Fastcall support for i386

[patch] Fix float-unsigned long conversion on h8300

[PATCH] Fix for java/3635, CRCalc.

[PATCH] Fix Fortran -ffixed-form

[PATCH] Fix IA-64 _Unwind_FindTableEntry (GCC 3.0.1 vs GLIBC 2.2.4 solution part)

Re: [PATCH] Fix IA-64 _Unwind_FindTableEntry (GCC 3.0.1 vs GLIBC2.2.4 solution part)

[PATCH] Fix irix bootstrap failure in ssa-ccp.c

[PATCH] Fix memory leaks, free's on sbitmap vectors

[patch] Fix push on h8300.

[PATCH] Fix store motion, revised PRE memory handling

[PATCH] Fix to java/3285.

[Patch] Fix to reload1.c's reload_cse_move2add.

[patch] Fix vararg addressing for the v850

[PATCH] Fixes to java/3248, java/2603, java/1970, java/2953 and java/1391.

[patch] fixing FIXMEs in top-level configure

[patch] flow.c: Don't call sets_cc0_p if insn is NULL_RTX.

[patch] h8300.h: Fix an ICE from tree checking.

[patch] h8300.h: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Import java/lang/ThreadLocal.java from classpath, test.

[PATCH] Inlining heuristics

[patch] Introduce __SHRT_MAX__

[PATCH] java/2956, java/2959, java/2665, java/3602

[PATCH] Java: fixes to java/1958, java/2633 and java/1314.

[PATCH] Java: prevent ICE for --with-gc=simple

[PATCH] libtool: don't add -lc needlessly

[PATCH] Make dataflow analyzer mark defs for call_fixed_regs

[patch] Make h8300 port build again in mainline

[patch] Make h8300 port build again in mainline (2nd try)

[PATCH] Namespace support for DWARF2, take 2

[patch] New benchmark ref in benchmarks/index.html

[PATCH] New c++ inliner

[PATCH] new g++.exp procs

[PATCH] Obvious fix to df.c

[PATCH] Only emit read_encoded_value into unwind-dw2.c

[patch] Optimize logical operations in the h8300 port.

[PATCH] parallel build fix in libiberty

[patch] Parameter passing fix

[PATCH] PowerPC 64-bit addition and division

[PATCH] PPC build warning fixes

[PATCH] Re: make install problems (libjava) with CVS 3.0.x branch

[patch] regmove.c: Fix an ICE.

[PATCH] Remove some accidental additions, fix darwin

Re: [PATCH] Remove some unused code from unwind-de2-fde.o

Re: [PATCH] Revised DWARF2 macro info patch

[PATCH] Revised store motion fixes

[PATCH] Second try at sbitmap_a_xor_b

[patch] simplify_replace_rtx

[PATCH] Slight modification of namespace patch

[patch] SWAP compatibility fix

[patch] v850 ASM_OUTPUT_LABELREF restored.

[patch] v850 Avoid tree checking errors

[patch] v850.md


[PATCH] wwwdocs new ia64 project list

[PATCH]: Fastcall support, 3rd. try

[PATCH]: Fix ashlsi3/ashrsi3/lshrsi3 patterns for HC12 and -fomit-frame-pointer

[PATCH]: Fix builtin_return_address() with -fomit-frame-pointer (HC11)

[PATCH]: Fix hc11 move patterns to emit a REG_INC notes for push/pop

Re: [PATCH]: Fix hc11 move patterns to emit a REG_INC notes forpush/pop

[PATCH]: Fix macinfo output for dwarf2, update comments.

[PATCH]: Fix PR c/3680 gcc 3.0 for mc68hc12 crashes

[PATCH]: Fix simple regscan bug

[PATCH]: Fix some constraints for HC11 port to avoid reload pb

[PATCH]: More unroll-loops fixes

[PATCH]: Record aliases properly for C++ classes

[PATCH]: Store motion fixes

[PATCH]: varray.h typo fix

Re: [patches] avoid overzelaous basic block motion

Re: [patches] Beter analyzis of branch predictors

Re: [patches] better tested jump killer patch

Re: [patches] delete_trivially_dead_insns improvement

Re: [patches] Fix messing up loop notes 3

Re: [patches] flow based jump pass take 2

Re: [patches] loop optimizer and barriers

Re: [patches] messing up loop notes again

Re: [patches] Re: Add support for push??1 expanders

Re: [patches] Re: ARM libstdc++ failure fix

Re: [patches] Re: Avoid messing up loop notes 3 take 2

Re: [patches] Re: Branch prediction heuristics combining code

Re: [patches] Re: combine and noop moves, take 2

Re: [patches] Re: crossjumping over CFG

Re: [patches] Re: crossjumping speedups

Re: [patches] Re: delete unnecesary labels

Re: [patches] Re: delete_trivially_dead_insns improvement

Re: [patches] Re: find_basic-blocks memory leak fix

Re: [patches] Re: Fix unused-2.c failure

Re: [patches] Re: gcc 3.1 ICE in make_label_edge on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20--bootstrap fails

Re: [patches] Re: infinite loop in SPEC's gcc after your patches

Re: [patches] Re: jump threading over CFG.

Re: [patches] Re: More curefull aligning of branches

Re: [patches] Re: more robust find_sub_basic_blocks

Re: [patches] Re: more robust purge_dead_edges

Re: [patches] Re: obvious try_optimize_cfg and verify_flow_info fixes

Re: [patches] Re: obvious try_optimize_cfg and verify_flow_infofixes

Re: [patches] Re: remove hack in find_basic_blocks_1

Re: [patches] Re: Remove trivially dead instructions after try_optimize_cfg

Re: [patches] Re: the death of jump2 pass.

Re: [patches] Re: unconditional pre-reload splitter

Re: [patches] Updated alignment optimization patch

Re: [patches] verify_flow_info improvement

Re: [ping] [rfa] const char *lbasename(const char *);

[RFA:] Consistency check for reload. Bug modifying reg_equiv_memory_locfixed.

[RFA:] Fix invalid tests (was: Re: Tests gcc.dg/c99-scope-2.c ...)

Re: [RFA:] Fix invalid tests (was: Re: Tests gcc.dg/c99-scope-2.c...)

[RFA:] Moving simtest-howto.html to gcc.gnu.org

[RFA:] system setup in gcc cvs.html (was: Re: Automation update tosearch.html...)

Re: [RFA:] system setup in gcc cvs.html (was: Re: Automation updateto search.html...)

Re: [RFA] Append / to -B

Re: [rfa] const char *lbasename(const char *);

[RFA] Debug hooks


[rfa] NetBSD/PowerPC support

[RFA] rs6000/sysv4.h: Fix machine name assertion conflict

[RFA]: Fix a problem in merge_assigned_reloads

[RFA]: Fix reload inheritance when stack pointer is reloaded

[RFA]: Update toplevel configure.in

[testcase] CSE bug

[v3 PATCH] Fix syntax error in valarray_meta.h

[v3 patch] testsuite_flags.in tweak

[v3] FAQ updates

[v3] additional branch patch (Re: staging headers patch onto 3-branch?)

[v3] correctly handle NUL characters in stringbufs, plus cosmetic tweaks

[v3] documentation on cstdio and synchronization

[v3] doxygen comments, libmath copyright fix

[v3] Fix stringbuf handling of NUL characters

[v3] locale globals

[v3] locale init, testsuite tweaks

Re: [v3] locale::_Impl tweaks

[v3] merge from cp-parser-branch

[v3] new staging headers

Re: [v3] new version of the porting guide

[v3] Staging headers patch applied to 3.0 branch

[v3] xfail locale tests

Re: __builtin_return_address()

Re: __GXX_WEAK__ broken

`-g' not work

Add support for push??1 expanders

Add the missing CFG rebuild after gcse

Re: Adding constants to LO_SUM

adjust_address tweak

alpha abi cleanup

alpha fp suffix cleanup

alpha xfloating comparison fix

alpha.md braced strings, plus tablejump cleanup

alternate jump.c patch

Another 3 debug hooks

Another bug in your lastest checkin.

ARM libstdc++ failure fix

ARM: Skip -mthumb as well as -mthumb-interwork multilibs when -mcpu=arm7 is specified

associative law in combine

AST optimizer branch (was new inliner)

Automation update to search.html (probably boring, committed).

avoid cfg rebuild after combine

avoid code bloat in i386 prologues/epilogues

avoid memory explosin in enable_checking bootstrap

Avoid messing up loop notes 3 take 2

Avoid messing up of loop notes

avoid overzelaous basic block motion

Avoid possible overflow in register allocator

Avoid signed/unsigned warnigs

avoid unstability of reg-stack results

Bad giv initial offset calculation

bb-reorder bugfix

bb-reorder fix

bb-reorder fix, take 2

begin_block, end_block debug hooks

begin_function debug hook.

Beter analyzis of branch predictors

better tested jump killer patch

Re: Beyond GCC 3.0: Summing Up

bitmap.c tweeks

Re: Bootstrap failure: doc/include/gpl.texi:1: Node `Copying' previously defined at line 4244.

Re: Bootstrap failure: doc/include/gpl.texi:1: Node `Copying'previously defined at line 4244.

Re: Bootstrap failure: element 1863 out of bounds in merge_blocks_nomove, at flow.c:2887

Branch prediction heuristics combining code

bug fix for elfos.h UNIQUE_SECTION

Re: Bug in edge redirection code

Building with -ansi -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=2; results encouraging

C++ fix uninitialised variable in type_requires_array_cookie

C++ PATCH to joust

C++ PATCH to NRV optimization

C++ PATCH to static reference temporaries

C++ PATCH to synthesized copy constructors

C++ PATCH: Fix PR113

C++ PATCH: Fix PR142

C++ PATCH: Fix PR2626

C++ PATCH: Fix PR2733

C++ PATCH: Fix PR3256

C++ PATCH: Fix PR894

Re: c++/3394

Re: c/3651: shifting unsigned long on 64 bit machine incorrectly does sign extension

Re: c/3752: gcc 3.0: __builtin_constant_p(ptr==ptr), regression

canonicalizing paths

Re: caveat wrt c++ debugging

ChangeLog rotated

Clean up use of CHARS in dbxout.c

Cleanup varasm.c

combine accepting noop moves

combine and noop moves, take 2

combine bug fix.

Comment typos fixed in reload.c (committed)

concat.c Warning Removal

config.guess updates

CONST0_RTX vs nested functions

Re: Constant expression for array subscript operator


Re: contribution page missing?

convert a/b/c to a/(b*c) and a/(b/c) to (a/b)*c

convert a/b/c to a/(b*c) and a/(b/c) to (a/b)*c, take 2

convert divisions to multiplications by reciprocals


cppinit.c cleanup

cppinternals.texi merged from mainline

cpplib cleanup: scrap CPP_INT and CPP_FLOAT token types

cpplib: Cleanup.

cpplib: Initial patch towards each token storing its location

cpplib: New tests

cpplib: Simplify multiple-include optimisation

cpplib: Tweak conditional block skipping

Cray T3E support

Crossjumping before bb_reorder

crossjumping over CFG

crossjumping speedups

cse patch to not extend hard reg lifetimes in bad situations

Da Real Patch, was: Re: [g77 testsuite]

Re: Dataflow Analysis patches

the death of jump2 pass, take 2

the death of jump2 pass.

Debug hooks function_decl, global_decl.

Debug info for global var decls

Delete dead jumptables

delete unnecesary labels

delete_trivially_dead_insns improvement

diagnostic cleanup, #5

dominance.c fix to not access undefined memory location.

Duplicated edges again

dwarf2 long long patch

edge creation cleanup

edge redirection function

Re: egcs/gcc ChangeLog config.gcc config/chorus.h ...

Re: egcs/gcc ChangeLog config.gcc config/chorus.h ...

eliminate_regs_in_insn not eliminating when !replace

Error in <math.h> distributed with GCC 2.95.3

error+fancy_abort -> internal_error in varray.c

Re: FAQ patch

find_basic-blocks memory leak fix

find_sub_basic_blocks improvements

First patch in series to add more attribute to MEMs

Fix Alpha build breakage

fix alpha c++ failures

fix alpha compile/920608-1.c

fix alpha compile/991026-1.c

fix alpha gcc.c-torture/unsorted/hibug.c regression

fix alpha spec2000 crash

Fix analyze_brprob awk compatibility problems

fix basic_block_for_insn in commit_edge_insertions

Fix debug hook bug

Fix detection of new LABEL_REF

fix dwarf2 constant reference

Fix enable checking failure gensupport.c

Re: Fix enable checking failures in flow.c

Fix enable-checking failures flow.c

fix flow1.c ppc failure

fix for Irix native compiler

Re: Fix for regression due to SYMBOL_REF patch to dwarf2out.c

Fix frequency and probability updating

fix g++-law/copy1.C regression

Fix handling of %/ for Alpha for older assemblers

Fix iftrap-1 test

fix libjava compile failures

Fix loop header duplicating code

Fix loop hoisting code and USEs

Fix markup in web pages

Fix memory leak

Fix messing up loop notes 2

Fix messing up loop notes 3

fix my last patch to ifcvt.c

Fix objc with debug hooks

fix ppc warnings

Fix PR 3669

Fix problems/warnings in combine.c, libgcc2.c and gcov.c

Fix profile.c CFG updating

Fix profile.c failures

Fix register_life after pre-reload splitting

Fix set_noop_p

Fix sibcall memory trample.

fix spec2000 gcc test missoptimization

Fix stack corruption in regrename

Fix target struct for cygwin targets

Fix target stuff for alpha-vms

fix the PPC failures

Fix to EH bug caused by packed union issue

Fix to last change

Fix to MIPS F77 problem

Fix typo config.sub

Fix typo in flow.c:try_simplify_condjump

Fix typo in x86-64 pic support

Fix unused-2.c failure

Fix warning in flow.c

Fix warning in insn-recog.c

Fix warnings about unused variables

Fix warnings in gcc/gcse.c

Fix warnings in i386.c

Fix warnings in integrate.c

Fix warnings in libiberty/concat.c

Fix warnings in ssa-dce.c

Fix warnings in varray.c

Re: Fix, was: Re: [Fwd: CVS trunk bootstrap failure on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu]

Fix, was: Re: [Fwd: CVS trunk bootstrap failure on alphaev6-unknown-linux-gnu]

FIX: getc() and GCC disagree on signedness of char

Fixes for flow.c/bb-reorder Was: ś)(Re: the death of jump2 pass.

fixinc/regex caveat

Re: fixincludes/3195 PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER on Solaris

flow patch for building ia64

flow.c : Allow unspec insns

flow_call_edges_add fixes

Flush more old crud from Darwin port

FUNCTION_ARG documentation improvement

Re: Further HPUX 11.00 fixinclude file woes

Re: Further HPUX 11.00 include file woes

g77 intrinsic tests

Re: GCC 3.0 branch Java iconv linking problems

Re: GCC 3.0 for i686-pc-cygwin target, bootstrap fails

Re: gcc 3.1 ICE in make_label_edge on hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20--bootstrap fails

Re: GCC build failed for powerpc-eabisim with your patch on 2001-07-09T20:53:07Z.

Re: GCC build failed for powerpc-eabisim with your patch on 2001-07-11T19:45:09Z.

Gcc-3.0 bootstrap on HPUX 11.00


Re: gcc/gcc/config/s390 fixdfdi.h linux.h linux64. ...

Re: GCC3.0 and short data on Itanium

gcse.c broken (cc0 related)

gcse.c patch

Gender neutrality

Re: genrecog change

Re: Get comparison mode from old and new operands

Good for a laugh!

Re: gthr.h: Use include <> instead of include ""

Re: gzip fails with current CVS version

Handle C++ rtti data in Darwin

i386 stack alignment fix hack

Re: i386 stack missalignment on main

i386-netbsdelf description

i386.md warning cleanup

i387 comaprison tweek

i387 control word using mode switching

i960 and -mstrict-align

i960 soft float define patch

IA64 HP-UX ILP32 mode patch

IA64 patch / build question

ifcvt conditional traps

Re: infinite loop in SPEC's gcc after your patches


Integer overflow caused by SH INITIALIZE_TRAMPOLINE

Re: irix6.5 bootstrap failure - config/mips/mips.c

Re: java patch: clean cross compiler

jump threading over CFG.

jump threading, take 2

kill jump_optimize

latent bb-reorder bug

Re: latent bug in unreachable code removal?

Re: law - Re: 2nd try for patch for automaton based pipeline hazard

law - Re: 2nd try for patch for automaton based pipeline hazard recognizer

law - Re: 2nd try for patch for automaton based pipeline hazard recognizer (cont. #1)

law - Re: 2nd try for patch for automaton based pipeline hazard recognizer (cont. #2)

Re: law - Re: 2nd try for patch for automaton based pipeline hazardrecognizer

libf2c: remove unnecessary variables from FLAGS_TO_PASS

libiberty for $build

Re: Libiberty regex support - revised patch

Re: libibery regex

libobjc patch waiting for aproval

libstdc++/3599 Patch for invalid ostream::put state check

LO_SUM still breaking rs6000, revert patch?

loop optimizer and barriers

m68k zero_extend fix

m68k.c compile fix

make CFG survive post-reload splitting

Re: make CFG survive post-reload splitting: SH breakage

make cse CFG transparent

Re: make delete_trivially_dead CFG friendly

Make loop optimizer happy about redirected loop exits

Make reload CFG transparent

make set_noop_p handle post-reload noops

MEM attribute changes, round 2

MEM tracking, round 3

MEM tracking, round 6

MEM tracking, round four

MEM_ALIAS_SET change (part of MEM tracking)

Merge libiberty/regex.c from glibc

merge_blocks hack

messing up loop notes again

Minor fix to start_function change

MIPS fix enable checking failure

MIPS fix testcase 20001226-1.c branch shortening.

mips nmsubb patch

Re: MIPS patch for gcc.c-torture/compile/20010107-1.c

MIPS patch for movdicc pattern

MIPS patch for reload_outcc pattern

Re: MIPS patch: fix incorrectly inverted branch

mips-sim worked "today", added to simtest-howto

Re: MIPS/regclass patch: fix handling of se_register_operands


Miscelleaneous fixes...

mode switching and new pseudos

Model of branch penalties

Re: More cpp.texi updates

More curefull aligning of branches

more robust find_sub_basic_blocks

more robust purge_dead_edges

Re: more simplify_subreg aborts

Re: More typos in analyze_brprob

moving 20010114-2.c to ieee directory

Moving simtest-howto to gcc.gnu.org?

Moving the SSA path

NetBSD sparc & sparc64 compiler descriptions.

Re: New MIPS maintainers -- please (re)send patches

Re: New page: Benchmarking

new page: htdocs/benchmarks/index.html

New testcase

New toplev config: sh-linux

No more multiline string constants

nonlocal goto patch

nop insn for debug_line test on m68k

Re: Objective C lexer - small cleanup

obvious combine fix

obvious reg-stack tweek

obvious try_optimize_cfg and verify_flow_info fixes

patch except.c fix problem building libstdc++ for arm-elf target

Patch for 20010325-1 vs wide strings

Patch for chorusOS

patch for handling NOTE_INSN_DELETED_LABELS in scheduling

patch for ia64 section names

PATCH for libstdc++/2211 (some discussion held on gcc-bugs)

Patch for manual formatting

patch for march/mcpu for mips

patch for mips nmadd/nmsub

Patch for PR 3862

Re: Patch for PR c++/80

Patch for prefix attributes bug

patch for Re: arm-rtems vs. arm-elf

PATCH for Re: Broken build status link

PATCH for Re: dead link! Urgent

PATCH for Re: GPL and NDA

PATCH for Re: Message size limits

PATCH for Re: ORBS is dead

PATCH for Re: Typo on http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-3.0/c++features.html

PATCH for Re: When will the next version be out

patch for target/3722 (powerpc --with-cpu= option)

Patch for the nonlocal_goto_handler_labels problems

Patch for typos in tm.texi

PATCH for: Development Plan for Future Releases

Patch installed to fix stage1 bootstrap error in gcc.c

PATCH predict.c use enumeration not magic numbers.

Patch to add common doc files gpl.texi, funding.texi, in doc/includedirectory

Re: Patch to add common doc files gpl.texi, funding.texi, indoc/include directory

Patch to adjust interface to decl_attributes

PATCH to collect2.c

Patch to document attributes representation

Patch to document STACK_PUSH_CODE, deal with it, and other things.

Patch to find_reg

PATCH to g++.dg support code

PATCH to g++.dg/dg.exp for test subdirs

Patch to improve flow dead code removal

Patch to libf2c/libU77 to fix irix6.2 compilation W/_XOPEN_SOURCE

Patch to move INSERT_ATTRIBUTES etc. to target structure

Patch to stop GCC emitting (subreg (queued ...)) operands

PATCH to testsuite/lib/prune.exp

PATCH to testsuite/lib/scanasm.exp

Patch to unify prefix/postfix attributes processing

PATCH: Use __LONG_LONG_MAX__ if LONG_LONG_MIN etc are not available

Patch: 3.0 and trunk: gcj/libgcj -vs- iconv()

PATCH: Add config/cpu/mips/bits/atomicity.h for libstdc++-v3

Patch: add missing v850 dependencies

PATCH: Avoid long commands in libtool

PATCH: bug in simplify_replace_rtx

PATCH: Convert target-specific builtins to gcc_target

PATCH: Disable libgcj and gprof on Linux/mips

PATCH: doc/install.texi "typo" fix

PATCH: doc/install.texi and *-*-solaris*

PATCH: faq.html

PATCH: faq.html (was: "FAQ patch")

PATCH: faq.html, bugs.html

Patch: fastjar on Windows

PATCH: fix .bbg info for gcov for computed gotos, C++

PATCH: Fix bug 787: g++ calls function multiple times for multiple pre-increment

PATCH: fix different code depending on '-g'

PATCH: Fix fp-bit.c and support fp for linux/mips.

PATCH: Fix gcc 3.1 build failure linking cc1plus on PA

PATCH: fix gcc.c-torture/compile/920428-2.c on m68k

PATCH: fix gcc.c-torture/execute/930126-1.c on m68k

PATCH: fix gcov branch percentage for large hit count

PATCH: Fix ICE in dwarf2out.c

PATCH: Fix incorrect comments for TEMPLATE_DECL

Re: PATCH: Fix location for pic register save on trunk

Patch: fix m68k.md/m68k.c warnings

PATCH: Fix non-local goto and setjmp/longjmp for HC11

PATCH: Fix PR2938

PATCH: fix small emit_case_nodes tweak

PATCH: Fix thinkos in mips

Re: PATCH: Fix toplev.c breakage on PA after eh merge

PATCH: fixinc hack to correct atexit declaration in ultrix 4.3

PATCH: gcc-3.0.html

Patch: gcj "documentation" patch

Patch: gcj and `-ffilelist-file'

PATCH: Generate MIPS_STABS_ELF for Linux/mips.

PATCH: Handle the shared libgcc is a system library

Patch: in-tree build (PR 3281)

PATCH: java instance initializers

PATCH: java: suppress java.lang.Object constructor

PATCH: Linux/mips needs -D_GNU_SOURCE

Patch: m68k target documentation

Re: Patch: mips march/mtune support

patch: mips64vr5000el in config.sub

Patch: N19990310_4 regression patch

PATCH: news/ssa-ccp.html

PATCH: Objective-C Fixes -- TAKE ONE

PATCH: Pascal Strings -- TAKE FIVE!!!

PATCH: Pascal Strings -- TAKE FOUR

PATCH: Pascal Strings -- WITHDRAWN


PATCH: Properly refer to GCC on our main page

PATCH: Remove CVS $Id$ from doc/install.texi

PATCH: Remove mips_cpu

PATCH: remove unused constraints from pa.md

PATCH: Rename the gcc_target global

PATCH: robust min/max wrt constants

PATCH: Share the dwarf2 unwind code between glibc and gcc 3.0

PATCH: Support -finhibit-size-directive for IRIX 6

PATCH: Support .ident for Linux/mips.

Re: PATCH: Support for Pascal strings -- Take 2

PATCH: Support for Pascal strings -- Take 3

PATCH: Support pthread on IRIX 6 (take 2)


Patch: Typo fix in g77's manual

Re: PATCH: Update documentation for --enable-threads to match reality

Re: PATCH: Use __LONG_LONG_MAX__ if LONG_LONG_MIN etc are not available

PATCH: Use gas for linux/mips

Patch: validate_replace_rtx_1 fix

PATCH: wrt with_cross_host vs cross-hosted

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess remove_cruft (was: Patch: use .htaccessfor redirects)

Re: PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess remove_cruft (was: Patch: use.htaccess for redirects)

Re: Patches awaiting approval

Patches pending review

Ping: PR 2812 / iconv / gcc / 3.0 + trunk

Ping; Was: [rfa] NetBSD/PowerPC support

Pmode in md patterns

powerpc-rtems patch for 3.0 branch and mainline

Re: ppc-eabi: interaction betwen section name attributes and -msdata

Re: ppc64 minimal-toc problem.

PR 3090 & 3095

PR3095: alternative patch

Preserve branch prediction over try_split


Problem with back_edge_syntacic_loop_p

Problem with regrename_optimize () (fwd)

Proposed g77 patch

Re: Recent Change to gcc/flow.c Causes Test Regression for 3.1

Re: Recent changes to cse.c

redistribute branch prediction after splitting i386 fp branch

REG_CLASS_CONTENTS initializer fix

Re: regrename_optimize problem

reload inheritance doesn't check classes properly.

reload_in/out register class constraints

Remove gnu-regex.c from fixinc?

remove hack in find_basic_blocks_1

Remove reference to fvtable-gc

Remove unused variable from combine.c

Remove warning in cp/class.c

Remove warnings in ssa-ccp.c

reorg versus machine dependednt reorg

Resubmit: [Patch] Fastcall support for i386 (including documentation)

Resubmition of IA64 HP-UX ILP32 mode patch

Results for 3.1 20010710 (experimental) testsuite on mips-sgi-irix6.5

Revert problematic part of layout change

RFA: MIPS patch (was Re: MEM tracking, round 3)

RFC: Java class registration (w/crtstuff change)

RFC: robust min/max wrt constants

Routine to compute dfs back edges

S/390 backend documentation

s390 backend documentation

scheduling patch

sets_cc0_p fixes

sh faliure fix

Re: SH Linux: remove big endian multilib

sh.c (barrier_align)

Re: SH4 ic_cache_invalidate code broken

SH: add subtarget_cpp_spec

SH: Miscellaneous mdfile fixes

SH: reorganize target specs

Short tlink.c change for HP linker

sibcall vs function cse

simplify multiplication by reciprocals to division

simplify-rtx and constant pool references

small CSE bugfix

Small PATCH to dwarf2out.c

RE: Solaris2 trunk failure w/C_alloca in gencodes

Re: Some questions on UNIQUE_SECTION and SELECT_SECTION on alpha

Some simulator targets "now" work. Patch for simtest-howto.htmlinstalled.

Re: Some syntactic sugar for machine descriptions

Re: Some weird bug with non gnu-make

sparc to bootstrapland

sparc-elf minor patch for 3.0 branch improves test results

sparc-rtems patches for gcc 3.0 CVS

split_block fix

SSA CCP minor cleanups

SSA Conditional Constant Propagation

SSA vs paradoxical subregs


staging headers fix (was Re: libstdc++ problem)

Start on type debug hooks, take 2

Start on type_decl debug hook.

Status for simulator targets (bad, that is, but that's no news)

Stupid assembler eh_frame check

Re: Suggested addition to documentation

support dwarf 2.1 AT_ranges

Support for mcpu=r10000 in MIPS target

Re: system include directories

system include path warning

T3E port II




Testcase for fortran/PR3743 "Reference to intrinsic `ISHFT' invalid".

thread model patch for *-rtems PR3266

timevars tweek

tiny garbage deletion patch

toner supplies

Treelang patch

Re: Treelang patch - penultimate version

Trival dependence.c patch

trival patch c-typeck.c

Trival patch cppexp.c

Trival patch diagnostic.h

Trival patch flow.c

Trivial toplev.c patch

Trivial typo in comment in simplify-rtx.c

try_redirect_by_replacing_jump fix

try_simplify_jump fix

Tweak to LO_SUM stuff

two ssa-ccp fixes

Re: unconditional pre-reload splitter

UNIQUE_SECTION patch reverted

Re: Unreviewd -frepo patch

Re: Unreviewed 3.0 patch to fix loop unrolling

Unreviewed patch for 3.0.1

Re: Unreviewed patch: Makefile adds duplicate system include

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed patches for 3.0.1

Unreviewed patches for DWARF2 namespace support

unreviewed patches: invoke.texi and gcov tests

Unreviewed rtl.texi patch

Unreviewed store motion patches

Unreviewed tm.texi patch

Unreviewed unroll-loop patch for 3.0.1

Unreviewed warning patches

Unreviewed^4 patch: allow BITS_PER_UNIT != 2^n

update email address in install.texi

Update INSN_ADDRESSES for insns within a fixed length SEQUENCE.

Updated alignment optimization patch

Use single_set in loop.c

use trunc_int_for_mode in noce_try_store_flag_constants

V3 PATCH: Don't try to compile libmath/(expf|atan2f).c

V3 PATCH: handle SIGILL in gen-num-limits.cc

V3 PATCH: library fallback for mathematical __builtin_xxx

V3 PATCH: Remove duplicates for atan2f and expf

varasm fix for

Re: vector _IterCategory undeclared

verify_flow_info checking fallthru edges

verify_flow_info improvement


Re: WARNING_ABOUT_CCD #defined anywhere?

when can reorg kill condjump?

Re: with_cross_host vs cross-hosted

XPasses in libstdc++ test suite

Yet another fix to COMPONENT_REF case

Re: Your ifcvt patch breaks bootstrap

Your patch

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