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Re: wwwdocs/htdocs/install -> texinfo

Some comments (several apply throughout, not just to the specific place a
problem was pointed out) - mostly on Texinfo style, some on content:

> @c Copyright (C) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

Shouldn't there be full distribution permission notices (e.g. GFDL) on
this manual?

> @center @titlefont{Sample Title}
> @c The following two commands start the copyright page.
> @page
> vskip 0pt plus 1filll

This looks wrong.  Look at the dvi output....

> We use @emph{srcdir} to refer to the toplevel source directory for
> GCC; we use @emph{objdir} to refer to the toplevel build/object directory.

Texinfo provides @var for this purpose.  Similarly, where @strong is used
for "target" and "options".

> @strong{target specification}

Isn't this some sort of header rather than random strong text?  Though I
don't know whether texinfo supports that concept well without breaking
down into subsections/nodes.

> @option{--prefix=}@emph{dirname} @minus{}@minus{}

Surely you want an em dash here, not two minus signs?  Though actually I
think you want something else such as @table @code rather than @itemize

> The default is @command{/usr/local/include/g++}.

This is no longer accurate.  Also, shouldn't @file be used consistently
for file and directory names, rather than a mixture of @code and @command?

> If you are short on disk space you might consider `@code{make
> bootstrap-lean}' instead.  This is identical to `@code{make

With appropriate markup, shouldn't texinfo be adding the quotes itself?

> @strong{*does not*} work anymore!

With @strong, the additional *...* markup shouldn't be present.

> In order to run the libio tests on targets which do not fully
> support Unix/POSIX commands (e.g. Cygwin), the references to the dbz
> directory have to be deleted from @code{libio/}.

I think this only relates to the old libstdc++.

> The following environment variables must be set appropriately, as in
> the following example (which assumes that DejaGnu has been installed
> under @code{/usr/local}):

With properly installed dejagnu, this shouldn't be needed: it should only
be necessary for runtest to be in the PATH.

> The testing process will try to test as many components in the GCC
> distribution as possible, including the C, C++ and Fortran compilers as
> well as the C++ runtime libraries.

And the Objective C compiler and Java runtime libraries.

> @item
> @uref{#alpha*-dec-linux*,,alpha*-dec-linux*}

This section looks terrible in the printed output, for lack of any section
headers.  They should not just be hardcoded as HTML.  Texinfo supports
@anchor for internal cross-references.

Joseph S. Myers

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