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"squelch 120+ complaints about missing initializers" patch for 3.0 branch

#pragma interface (was Re: ia64 c++ abi exception handling)

Re: #pragma interface (was Re: ia64 c++ abi exceptionhandling)

Re: (C++) Casting of a local pointer-to-member variable

(C++) small standalone demangler patch

-liberty configure patch

-Os should default optimize to 2, without enforcing it

Re: ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/errlist.c:49: Internalcompiler error in set_decl_assembler_name, at tree.c:218

Re: 2.95.3 update

Re: 2.95.4 plans

2.95: Backport final.c bugfix

2.95: Bring back sjlj eh fixes

2.95: Fix problem with previous jump.c change

2.95: Fixes for problems caused by sjlj eh patches

2.95: Patch to disable some warnings for glibc

Re: 3.0 branch bootstrap failure on irix6.5

3.0 PATCH: --param support

3.0 PATCH: Arguments and Jousting

Re: 3.1 Bootstrap failure on Solaris 2.8

9 bcopys (5 top dir, 4 cp dir), please help identify memmoves

[2.95.3] Preprocessor doesn't work for -mcpu=i586 and -mcpu=i686.

[c++ patch] (was Re: member templates and default parameter)

Re: [c++ patch] (was Re: member templates and defaultparameter)

[C++ PATCH] Bug 338/DR 128

Re: [C++ PATCH] ctor vtable vcall offsets

[C++ PATCH] DR 148

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 2117

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 2137/DR 209

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 75 (a regression)

[C++ PATCH] Fix implicit assignment operators with anonymous aggregates

[C++ PATCH] Fix implicit assignment operators with anonymous aggregates (take 2)

[C++ PATCH] Inline even functions containing static variables (take 2)

[C++ PATCH] Inline even functions containing static variables (take 3)

[C++ PATCH] Inline even functions containing static variables (take 4)

[C++ PATCH]: Fix 2137

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 1981

[C++ Patch]: Fix PR/2221

[comitted patch] Even more </li> fixes

[comitted patch] h8300.md: Output a tab instead of a space.

[comitted patch] more </li> fixes

[committed patch] more </li> in cvswrite.html

Re: [dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca: Incorrect file name simplication]

[gccadmin] update_web_docs_libstdcxx

[ia64 eh] fix g++.other/goto3.C

[libstdc++] Proposed patch for fstream.h

Re: [lucier@math.purdue.edu: Parallel build fix]

[oldham@codesourcery.com: Re: Small update to reversed_comparison_code: Request Reversal]

[PATCH 2.95.3] add NO_PROFILE_COUNTERS (was Re: 2.95.4 plans)

[PATCH 2.95.4] Final version of EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX changes [was Re: [patch RFC]]


[PATCH] : m68k overwrites excp. vect. table

[PATCH] almost-trivial fix for MIPS -mlong64 + -membedded-pic

[PATCH] An additional reg-stack asm check

[patch] AVR __mulhi3 fix

[PATCH] boehm-gc/Makefile.am remove warning during make check

[PATCH] Fix fold-const comparisons with 0x7fffffffU

[PATCH] Fix Fortran #line handling

[PATCH] fix inlcude of frame.c by frame-dwarf2.c

[PATCH] Fix local static vars with asm() after lazy DECL_RTL changes

[PATCH] Fix reg-stack breakage

[PATCH] Fix store_expr

[patch] fix to my 2001-02-27 patch to c-semantics.c

[PATCH] for objc nested function

[PATCH] gcc-2.95.3-pre.5 athlon support

[PATCH] gcc-3_0-branch gcc/Makefile.in, fix INSTALL_CPP UNINSTALL_CPP definitions

[PATCH] gcc/Makefile.in gcc-3_0-branch, fix ALL_C*FLAGS use in HOST entries

[PATCH] gcc/Makefile.in gcc-3_0-branch, pass CFLAGS to stage1_build

[patch] h8300.md: Fix a description of cc0.

[PATCH] Handle STRICT_LOW_PART in ifcvt

[Patch] htdocs/install configure.html still mentions --disable-sharedas default

[patch] i960 prolog

[PATCH] Inline even functions containing static variables (was Re: Removing space waste for g++ static inlined objects)

Re: [PATCH] Inline even functions containing static variables(was Re: Removing space waste for g++ static inlined objects)

[PATCH] invoke.texi about -Wshadow

[PATCH] Java: Fix `make check' regression.

[PATCH] Java: fix to java/1213

[PATCH] Java: Fix to PR java/2066 and java/2400.

[PATCH] Java: miscellaneous patch and java/2333 fix

[PATCH] Make 2nd instance discriminated by _0, 3rd by _1, ...

[patch] Makefile.in invoking libgcc.mk

[PATCH] Prevent g++ testsuite crahing on cygwin

[PATCH] Remove dead cruft from crtstuff.c

[PATCH] Remove dead cruft from crtstuff.c (take 2)

[patch] Scripts for doing automated SPEC testing.

[patch] SSA for trees. Initial implementation.

[PATCH] Subreg-byte recog fix

[PATCH] to add c-tree cppinternals and gxxint documentation generation.

Re: [PATCH] to add c-tree cppinternals and gxxint documentationgeneration.

[PATCH] top Makefile.in: all-m4 depends on all-texinfo

[PATCH] Typo + simple code simplification.

[PATCH] Typo in libstdc++

[PATCH] updating generic ELF config headers for DWARF2

[PATCH]: Cleanup m68hc11_emit_libcall()

[PATCH]: Fix and optimize assembly libgcc functions for 68hc11/hc12

[PATCH]: Fix configure.in as it always enables c++

[PATCH]: Fix costs for 68HC11/68HC12

[PATCH]: Fix move and add code generation for 68HC12

[PATCH]: Fix shift, call, zero_extend and tst patterns in m68hc11.md

[PATCH]: Some cleanup and fix for 68hc11

[PATCH]: Use (define_constants) in m68hc11.md

[Patch]c-decl.c: avoid linear search of all decls

[PATCH]cp/decl.c: Can't forward reference anon enums

Re: [patches] Re: caller-save and i386

Re: [patches] Re: i386 cleanup

Re: [patches] Re: SSE based conditional moves

Re: [patches] Re: x86-64 merger part 11 - Fix for passing complex numbers

Re: [patches] Re: x86-64 merger part 2 - type sizes

Re: [patches] Re: x86-64 merger part 3 - extended registers

Re: [patches] Re: x86-64 merger part 5 - target macros

Re: [patches] Re: x86-64 merger part 9 - few cleanups/fixes

Re: [patches] Re: x86_64 merger part 13 - '<' and '>' take 2

Re: [patches] Re: x86_64 merger part 17 - split-long-move update

Re: [patches] Re: x86_64 merger part 24 - string operations

Re: [patches] Unordered compares and backends lacking them

[Resend patch RFC] EXECUTABLE_SUFFIX changes

[RFA (GCC)] Patch to remove default ELF definition of ASM_FILE_END

[RFA C++] trivial patch to error.c

[RFA] Charconsts, take 3

[RFA] cpplib/C/C++: Unify character constant interpretation

Re: [RFA] Extend demangler to recognize destructors/constructors

[RFA] Extend demangler to recognize destructors/constructors

Re: [RFA] Extend demangler to recognizedestructors/constructors

[RFA] Fix multi-line string in GCC sources

[RFA] Fix wide char definitions in mips/iris5.h

[RFA] Libiberty basename II

[RFA] libiberty: lbasename ()

[RFA] libobjc/encoding.c AIX patch

[RFA] Mark -idirafter and friends as "system" include directories

[RFA] More gagging of noisy testsuites

[RFA] Use "-idirafter /usr/include/w32api" in cygwin specs

[RFA]: Charconst reprise

[RFA]: Fix emit_library_call_value_1() to emit a (clobber (mem))

[RFA]: Silence unwanted testsuite passes / failures

[RFA} Don't build libgcj on cygwin

[RFD/PATCH 2.95.4] vxworks-varargs.patch

[rodrigc@mediaone.net: Patch for rope.h and hashtable.h]

[Solaris 8] libobjc and objc test patches

[testcase] g++.old-deja/g++.other/defarg9.C

Re: [testcase] ia64 retaddr elimination failure

Re: [Tru64 UNIX V5.1] gcc testsuite fixes

[V3 patch] cpp macro surgery

[v3] activate dejagnu

[v3] backward cleanup

[v3] bitset shouldn't bring in global I/O objects

[v3] boring patch to fix b0rken URLs

[v3] c/c++ io

[v3] clean up wstring-inst.cc build rules

[v3] disable concept checking code

[v3] docs patch for concept checkers

[v3] initial Doxygen doc-generation support added

[v3] libstdc++/2020

[v3] libsupc++ remove pragma interface/implementation

[v3] libsupc++/vec.cc update

[v3] minor formatting patch

[v3] more testsuite fixing

[v3] simple -fno-for-scope fixups

[v3] slight bugfix for tests_flags.in

[v3] support for disabling concept checking

[v3] tests_flags.in tweak

[v3] testsuite mop-up, round 1

[www patch]

[www patch] Add </li> to some files

[www patch] Add gcc-3_0-branch in cvs.html

[www patch] another typo in java/projects.html

[www patch] binaries.html: Add an entry for h8300-hms-gcc.

[www patch] Mention h8300-hms in install/specific.html

[www patch] tiny fixes

[wwwdocs patch] adding a table of contents to the projects file

[wwwdocs] more info about the Sun 4.x as lossage

`make install` should install the info files in java

Re: abort in eliminate_regs compiling glob.c from glibc

abs patches take 2

accumulate_outgoing_args default

Add DJGPP-specific binary paths to configure.in

Add extra optimizations: -Ox

Add SHELL definition to fixinc Makefile

Add SHELL to fixinc/Makefile.in

Add yet another missing $(build_exeext)

Aliasing fix

Aliasing patch

Alignment miscomputed for assignment to var-length component

alpha noreturn call pattern

Re: Alternate booleans patch

Another ia64.c fix

another occurrence of need to fixup MEM on x86

another patch for better verifier diagnostics

Approved: PATCH: fixincludes fix for DJGPP wchar.h

Argument passed in register and stack may be loaded from wrong address

ARM patch for gcc 2.95.3

autoconf for type sizes

Re: autoconf for type sizes (feedback on the actual patch)

autoconf probes of float format break irix bootstrap

autoconf probes of float format, endianness, and character set

AVR __mulhi3 fix in 3.0 branch

Better comment of optimize_size

Bootstrap failure with your patch

branch: Sync CPP with trunk.

Re: Branch: undefined reference to `__builtin_cos'

Break up expand_expr

Re: bug fix for reload reg selection

Re: Bug with -O2 without -maccumulate-outgoing-args

Re: build failure on hppa2.0-hp-hpux10.20

C parser cleanup patch (again)

C++ Dumping Patch

C++ patch: Add support for calling Java interfaces

C++ PATCH: Don't instantiate member constants

C++ PATCH: Fix mangling of operators in `extern "C"'

C++ PATCH: Fix pr-2202

C++ PATCH: Improved parser diagnosis

C++ Patch: remove bcopy from the cp dir

C++ PATCH: Throttle inlining

C++ PATCH: various trunk cleanups

Re: C++ runtime system maintainer list update

Re: c++/1898: IRIX 5 needs a fixincludes hack

Re: c++/2138: trouble with STL's distance function

Re: c++/2296: gcc-2.95.3.test3: internal error--unrecognizable insn:

C++: constant folding in a conditional expr

C++: fix for a spurious warning in__builtin_constant_p

Re: c/2386: gcc -mcpu=ultrasparc SIGSEGV's on some code involvinglong long and pointers.

caller-save update part 2

Re: Casting of a local pointer-to-member variable

Clarify documentation of RTL code COMPARE

cleanup patch for java/decl.c

combine.c, round 2

config/sh/sh.c: properly define ACCUMULATE_OUTGOING_ARGS

control flow graphs of functions

Copyright updates for files in include

Correct mode shrinkage of set destination by reload_cse_simplify_set

cplib: Deprecate multiline strings

cppfiles.c: Even more cleanup and fixes

cppfiles.c: Fix buglets; more cleanup

cppfiles.c: Minor cleanups

cppfiles.c: Small cleanup

cppfiles.c: Yet more cleanup; -include gets a search chain

cppinternals.texi: Document file handling.

cpplib: basename () fix

cpplib: Be safe in presence of symlinks

cpplib: Clean up include search path handling

Re: cpplib: Dump __GXX_WEAK__ and __STDC__ with -dM

cpplib: Fix bogus warning

cpplib: Multi-line string warning tweak

cpplib: Null terminate stringized tokens

cpplib: Null terminate strings; clean up

cpplib: Small documentation update

cselib fix

cselib hash improvement

Re: CVS problems... (was: Please install for me: PATCH: gcc-3.0/features.html)

delete_output_reload removes stores into variables used by CALL_INSNs

Dependence tracking broke implicit extern "C"

detect .uleb128 assembler support

document i386 -momit-leaf-frame-pointer

Re: document Mercury front-end on gcc web page

Don't build libgcj on irix6.5 - still doesn't work

dwarf2 offsets vs program addresses

dwarf2asm tweeks

dwarf2asm.c minor breakage

dwarf2asm.c typo

dwarf2out typo

dwarf2out.c patch

EH_ALLOC_SIZE is not large enough

eh_regs: allocate sensibly for hppa

eliminate dwarf2out.c bootstrap warning

Eliminate gansidecl.h, revised

eliminate warning in i386.md

Eliminating Assembler Already Defined Messages for Java Library

Re: Eliminating Assembler Already Defined Messages for JavaLibrary

Enum fix to cplus-dem.c for gcc build with native cc on vax ultrix

Enum fix to safe-ctype.h for gcc build with native cc on vax ultrix

Enum related fixes for gcc build with native cc on vax ultrix

except.c and FUNCTION_VALUE macro

exception handling status

Experiment with gen_rtx_combine

Expose __ia64_backtrace


Finding argument lists in demangled names

Fix a couple problems with mkconfig.sh

fix arguments to ix86_expand_compare

Fix ARM problem in gcse

Fix breakage introduced by Feb 18 patch

Fix for a small namespace oversight in libstdc++-v3/libsupc++/vec.cc

Fix for condexec problems in flow.c

Fix for conditional execution (armlinux bootstrap problems)

Fix for ia64 abort

Fix for register renaming on ia64

Fix for SSE conditional move patterns

Fix for SSE conditional moves

Fix gcc coredump

fix make_relative_prefix bug

Fix memory leak in cp-demangle.c

Fix MIPS/Alpha breakage

Fix missing stop bit bug on ia64

Fix objc testsuite (was: Re: objc failures on branch)

Fix sdbout.c breakage

fix silly mistake in mkconfig.sh patch

Fix the object file grepping, take two

Fix to -O3 aliasing problems

Fix to ARM problem without pessimizing RS/6000

Fix to glibc compilation problem

Fix to mn10300 cmpsi pattern

Fix to recog.c problem

fix xcalloc argument order

Fixed typos in inclhack.def

Fixing LD_LIBRARY_PATH for make check

RE: fortran/2408: g77.f-torture/execute/short.f -Os failure

Frame notes for pa.c

Re: frame.h


Re: g77.f-torture/execute/short.f -Os failure

Re: GCC "releases" web page is missing 2.95.3

Re: gcc 2.95.3 [not pre-3.x]: gmp powm incorrect i686 code

A gcc 3.0 patch for Linux/MIPS to bring it close to other Linux.

Re: GCC 3.0 Request

Re: GCC build failed with your patch on 2001-03-14T15:50:00Z.

GCC extension for protecting applications from format string attacks

gcc-3.0 branch digest_init

GCC-H8300: remove obsolete release info

GCC-SH: fix muls.w and mulu.w mnemonics

gcc.c-torture memcheck

gcc.dg/20000724-1.c spurious failures

gcc/java patch for emitting iinc opcode


gcc_update: watch empty files

gccbug.in: disallow high-priority PRs from the net

genrecog warning

Re: German translation

gnu-regex.o can't find alloca + patch

Gratuitous (?) C++ test failures on SH

Grow a Money Tree From Home!

hash.o should use $(GCONFIG_H)

Hopeful patch for configure breakage

HOST_WIDE_INT vs HOST_WIDEST_INT (was Re: x-files must die: rather too much at once)

Re: HOST_WIDE_INT vs HOST_WIDEST_INT (was Re: x-files must die:rather too much at once)

Re: How to using -O rather than -O2 when building binutils 2.11?

HPPA profiling redone

i386 build problem on 64bit machines

i386 cleanup

Re: i386.md cleanup

IA-64 patch for abort when passing 1.0L as unnamed argument

IA-64 patch for ia64_compute_frame_size abort

IA-64 patch for reg-alloc problem

IA-64 unwind patch for -freorder-blocks miscompile

IA-64/AIX5 patches

ia64 @secrel for dwarf2

ia64 c++ abi exception handling

ia64 eh fallout

ia64 eh, part 1

ia64 eh, part 10

ia64 eh, part 11

ia64 eh, part 12

ia64 eh, part 13

ia64 eh, part 14

ia64 eh, part 15

ia64 eh, part 16

ia64 eh, part 17

ia64 eh, part 18 [java]

ia64 eh, part 19 [java]

ia64 eh, part 2

ia64 eh, part 20a [java]

ia64 eh, part 20b [c++]

ia64 eh, part 20c [libstdc++]

ia64 eh, part 20d [libjava]

ia64 eh, part 20e

ia64 eh, part 21

ia64 eh, part 22

ia64 eh, part 23

ia64 eh, part 24

ia64 eh, part 3

Re: ia64 eh, part 3b

ia64 eh, part 4

ia64 eh, part 5

ia64 eh, part 6

ia64 eh, part 7

ia64 eh, part 8

ia64 eh, part 9

ia64 exception handling status

ia64.c: make NOPs visible to the compiler

ia64_emit_nops crash

RE: ICE for AutoGen-5.1.3

Re: ICE in find_reloads

IDT79RC32364, IDT79RC32332/4

improved patch to fix a POSIX compliance bug in gcc.c

including insn-flags.h

insn-flags vs ia64 eh

install libiberty headers, round two

Installing gsyslimits.h

integrate vs local_return_label

Introduce per-package shared-library enabling in gcc/libgcc

ix86_split_long_move fix

Java PATCH: Correctly Ending Java Main's (Mainline)

java/decl.c patch for clear_binding_level

java/parse.y patch removing

Java: add Class protection domain field

Java: backtrace alignment fault

Java: build_static_field_ref

Java: Check null pointers

Java: Don't mangle "$" characters in identifier names

Java: Name mangling fix

Java: Remove NOP_EXPR from method invocations

jc1 patch to remove BLOCK_EXPR_ORIGIN

jc1 patch to set input_filename for source file

jc1 patch: class_dtable_decl should be external

jvspec patch


Lazy DECL_RTL breakage for weak alias


libgcc/optabs and unordered compares (Was: Re: Small update to reversed_comparison_code)

libiberty smp build fix

Libiberty/alloca patch: fix giant memory leak in fixincl/gnu-regex

libstdc++ vs aix

Re: libstdc++-v3 configuration and check problems under hpux

Re: libstdc++-v3 configuration and check problems under hpux 10.20

libstdc++-v3 patch for HP-UX

libstdc++-v3/acinclude.m4 typo

libstdc++: Three new warnings while building the library (patchincluded)

Re: libstdc++: Three new warnings while building the library(patchincluded)

libstdc++: Two header problems (patch included)

libtool upgrade

libtool upgrade broke libstdc++-v3 on Solaris

Locking .da files (for gcov output).

m68hc11 cleanup/problems (was Re: Patches waiting for review)

m68k.c fix

mainline dwarf2 line number tweeks

major dwarf2 file name thinkos

Re: make clean doesn't in current cvs

Re: make clean failure

Make mips to not abort on unordered conditional moves

make_decl_rtl patch for weak aliases

Re: MEM/u trouble

merging in java-related changes into gcc3 branch

MI guards for generated header files

minor java/parse.y simplification

Mips warning cleanup

Re: MMX/SSE patch: adding builtins

Monthly update of search.html (boring. committed)

More cygwin specific warnings gone


Re: More Objective C @"string" bugs...

RE: More protection against SIGCHLD brokenness

Multiple occurences of __floatsisf in libgcc.a

new allocator: combine add_hardregs

Re: new allocator: registers preferences

New objc test showing the bug in objc strings...

new Objective-C tests

objc patch for _OBJC_INSTANCE_%d names

Objective C: in @IDENTIFIER, IDENTIFER is subject to macro expansion

Obscure bugfix in alias.c

Re: of Patches for HP-UX support on IA64

OK to commit? - mishandled SIGCHLD ICE

OK to finish the SIGCHLD fixes?

OK? -- More protection against SIGCHLD brokenness

optimize frame unwind data

Re: outdated dejagnu information on http://gcc.gnu.org/install/test.html

Re: PA move_operand


pa.c bugfix

PA64 longjmp bug

Parallel build fix

Re: Patch (and question): PowerPC -vs- const section

Patch for .debug_frame

patch for computing conditional register lifetimes in flow

Patch for egcs references in update_version, update_branch_version

patch for gcc/Makefile.in (bugfix ?)

patch for jvspec

patch for libjava build failure

Patch for other/2141

Patch for PR c/2250: Missing space in cygwin specs file

patch for PR java/1208, plus other try-finally cleanups

Patch for typo in invoke.texi

Patch for wrong number of arguments in call to smallest_mode_for_size.

Patch installed for java warning nits

Patch installed for warning nits

Patch installed to #undef tokens before poisoning them.

Patch installed to fix malloc etc declaration detection

Patch installed to rid cp dir of bcopy

Patch installed to rid java dir of bcopy

Patch installed to rid toplev.c of bcopy

Patch installed to zap bcopy in sbitmap.c

Patch installed to zap more bcopy calls

PATCH Re: Testsuite documentation

Re: Patch review - any way to expedite?

Patch submission

Patch to "poison" malloc et al. and bzero et al.

Patch to add maintainer-scripts directory

Re: patch to alias.c checked in

Patch to beginners projects list

patch to change STRUCT_FORCE_BLK to MEMBER_TYPE_FORCES_BLK applied

Patch to clean up junk in mips-tdump.c

Patch to clean up junk in mips-tfile.c

Patch to cleanup noop move handling

Patch to cleanup noop move handling (version 2)

Patch to config/i386/cygwin.h breaks 3.0 branch bootstrap

Patch to cvs.html: mention 2.95.3 tag

Patch to depend on SYSTEM_H, not system.h

Patch to document wide string representation

Patch to eliminate bcopy from the config directories

Patch to eliminate bcopy from the java directory

Patch to enhance update_web_docs

patch to fix compiling inner classes from bytecode

Patch to fix const-correctness of c_std string functions

Patch to fix gcse multiple set handling

Patch to fix i960 build

Patch to fix i960 build (version 2)

Patch to fix i960 objc runtime build

Patch to fix i960 ROUND_TYPE_SIZE_UNIT

Patch to fix local-alloc REG_EQUIV handling

Patch to get mips-elf to build

Patch to mkconfig.sh to handle MACRO=value entries in xm_defines

Patch to move "#define USG" from xm-*.h to config.gcc's xm_defines

Patch to nuke just POSIX from xm-*.h

Patch to nuke MAXPATHLEN from xm-*.h (take 2)

Patch to nuke POSIX and MAXPATHLEN from xm-*.h

Patch to onlinedocs/index.html

Patch to POISON bcopy

Patch to prefer STRINGX over STRINGIFY

patch to process to command-line .class files in two passes.

Patch to remove HOST_BITS_PER_* from xm-config files

Patch to remove more obsolete documentation

Patch to remove putenv definition from gcc.c

Patch to remove putenv definition from gcc.c [take-2]

Patch to remove some obsolete build/install problems docs

Patch to rtx_varies_p to improve pic code on PA

Patch to update URL in readings.html

Patch to update_web_docs

PATCH: 39 new objc tests

PATCH: 64-bit uncleanliness fix

PATCH: Add a GNU footer to all web pages

Patch: add copyright/GPL notices to texi2pod.pl

PATCH: Add objc_thread_add and objc_thread_remove to libobjc

Patch: Add two entries to libgcc-std.ver

PATCH: Avoid DECL_RTL as lvalue

PATCH: Canonicalize the second arg of make_decl_rtl

PATCH: cgi-bin/gnatsweb.pl

PATCH: Cleanups in objc-act.c

Patch: config.ml -vs- Java

Patch: config/pa/quadlib.c: Warning removal

PATCH: correctly look for host ranlib, 2nd try

PATCH: Current incarnation of subreg-byte

PATCH: Darwin / Mac OS X native support

Patch: easier debugging of jc1

Patch: enable C and C++ when Java enabled

Patch: Fix "PR 162" regression

PATCH: Fix alias regression

PATCH: Fix CSE handling of COMPARE

Patch: fix dead link in gcc-2.95/features.html

Patch: Fix for PR java/2216

Patch: fix infinite loop bug in libiberty/memchr.c

PATCH: Fix thinko in expand_expr

PATCH: fixincludes fix for DJGPP wchar.h

PATCH: g++.dg/special/ecos.exp writes in $srcdir

PATCH: g++.old-deja/g++.other/eh4.C

PATCH: gcc.c-torture/execute/ieee/rbug.c

Patch: gcc.c: cpp_spec NULL initializers

Patch: gcj warning avoidance

PATCH: gnatsweb.pl fix for PR/961

Patch: i586-sco-sysv5uw7.1.0 libstdc++-v3/src/gen-num-limits.cc

PATCH: if -fpic then don't consider PIC_OFFSET_TABLE_REGNUM updates dead

PATCH: install/configure.html and --with-as

PATCH: install/specific.html

PATCH: install/test.html and DejaGnu

Patch: Java lexer bug fix

PATCH: java/faq.html, java/merge-status.html

PATCH: java/old-news.html markup fixes


PATCH: Lazy DECL_RTL on mainline

PATCH: Lazy name-mangling

PATCH: lists.html

patch: m68k overwrites exp. v. table

PATCH: More Objective-C frontend cleanup

PATCH: Parallel build fix.

Patch: pj `as' flags revisited

Patch: pj fix for expression operands

Patch: pj prologue change

Patch: pj-elf `as' flags

Patch: pj-elf comments

Patch: pj-elf local labels

PATCH: releases.html

Patch: Remove 'might be used uninit...' warnings

Patch: remove libgcj-assign.txt

PATCH: Remove maybe_objc_method_name

PATCH: Remove unused decl in cp-tree.h

patch: solaris2.6 problem solved

Patch: sparc.md: Use define_constant.

PATCH: Still more Objective-C frontend cleanup

PATCH: to fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20010124-1.c failure

Patch: top level pj-* patch

Patch: trivial comment fix in gcc.c

PATCH: Use DECL_RTL_SET_P in assemble_variable

PATCH: Use flag_trapping_math

Patch: used uninitialized warnings cp/{call,init}.c

Patch: used uninitialized warnings {expr,reload1,sched-deps}.c

PATCH: v850.c:v850_mark_machine_status deferences null

Re: Patch: web pages -vs- gnats

PATCH: wwwdocs bin/preprocess and ChangeLogs

Patches for 128 bit float support on IA64 HP-UX

Patches for HP-UX support on IA64

Re: Patches waiting for review

Please install for me: PATCH: gcc-3.0/features.html

Predicates used by x86_64 patterns

Re: preprocessor/2188: (-ffast-math implies -D__FAST_MATH__) not documented


Projects for beginners: break up expand_expr

Properly quote temp file names for fixincludes

Re: ptrmem.C conflict with PSImode pointers

push/pop tweeks

Re: regclass fix 2

regclass tweek

Register elimination fix

regrename doesn't take HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED into account

Re: regrename doesn't take HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED intoaccount

Re: a regression on 2.95.3 (was Re: How can I submit a largetestresult?)

REGRESSION: reload ice

Reinstall of i386 movstrsi patch

relax requirements for vector==

reload_cse deleting a memory load (zero_extend)

Remove accidentally checked in code.

Remove warnings from i386.md

Reorganize -ffast-math code.

Resend of Patches for HP-UX support on IA64

Re: Results for 2.97 20010212 (experimental) testsuite on i686-pc -cyg win

Reverse reversed_comparison_code_parts patch

Re: RFA: Inserting NOPs for profiling.

RFC: __builtin_side_effects_p and macro args used more than once

RFC: Lazy __FUNCTION__ etc

RFC: Lose use of $ and . in [cd]tor labels

rs6000 cr buglet fixes

Re: RTTI library functions int <-> ptrdiff_t confusion

Scheduler patch: don't assume a cost of zero is special

Set ALL_GCC_* earlier in the top-level Makefile

Several warning elimination patches

A sh-elf c++ problem

Re: sh-elf newlib broken

A sh-elf PIC problem

SH: added missing blank line

Sign-extend CONST_INTs within their modes

signal_adapter won't match signal(...)

Silence warning in hashtab.c

Small DJGPP related patch for libstdc++-v3

re: Small GC tweak (breaks my compiler)

Small message fixes

small patch for a29k

Small update for 2.95.3 web page

Re: Small update to reversed_comparison_code

Re: Small update to reversed_comparison_code: Request Reversal

Re: Solaris bootstrap failure

SOM weak symbol support

Re: SOM weak symbol support and 3.0 branch

split out dwarf2 assembly output routines

Re: squelch 120+ complaints about missing initializers

Squelch some more cygwin specific warnings

Squelch testsuite failures common to x86 family

SSE abs/neg patterns

SSE fixes commited

subreg byte

testcase for PR 2385

testcase for target/2309

Those obnoxious "mktemp is not safe" warnings

toplevel foo_for_target

Tweak to update_web_docs

Typo patch for invoke.texi

Typos in SH crt asm

Un-promoting incoming arguments passed by reference

unaligned output docs

Unify use of <tt> and <code> in wwwdocs/htdocs/install

Unitialized memory in output_file_names

Unordered compares and backends lacking them

Unrevied patch

unreviewed DJGPP bootstrap fix

Re: Unreviewed GCC patch

Unreviewed patch

unreviewed patch

Unreviewed patch to old-dejagnu.exp

unreviewed patch: build_insn_list and jump tables

Unreviewed patches

Unreviewed v3 patch

Unreviewed-patch: common cpp/C front-end charconst handling

unused variable warning in jcf-parse.c

unused variables in ix86_init_builtins

Update Hurd config

Re: Use of single_set() in loop_regs_update()

Use target_alias instead of target for target_subdir

V3 PATCH: Correct type-name usage in basic_string.tcc

V3 PATCH: Replaces dynamic array with __builtin_alloca in ostream.tcc

verify block note nesting

Very serious bug...

Warning reduction patch to config/i386/xm-cygwin.h

warnings in java/jcf-parse.c

Re: Wasted effort?

Web page updated for 2.95.3 release


www patch: document rsync and cvsup

wwwdocs: document rsync and cvsup

x-files must die: alloca

x-files must die: dead files and #includes

x-files must die: generate *config.h from the Makefile, etc

x-files must die: ONLY_INT_FIELDS

x-files must die: rather too much at once

x86-64 merger part 1 - TARGET_64BIT

x86-64 merger part 10 - cpp specs

x86-64 merger part 11 - Fix for passing complex numbers

x86-64 merger part 2 - type sizes

x86-64 merger part 3 - extended registers

x86-64 merger part 4 - dwarf2 register maps

x86-64 merger part 5 - target macros

x86-64 merger part 9 - few cleanups/fixes

x86_64 merger part 12 - change representation of push instructions

x86_64 merger part 13 - '<' and '>' take 2

x86_64 merger part 13 - accept *_MODIFY in `<' and '>' constraints

x86_64 merger part 14 - use ANY_QI_REG_P

x86_64 merger part 15 - new extra constraints

x86_64 merger part 16 - constraint documentation

x86_64 merger part 17 - split-long-move update

x86_64 merger part 19 - trivial i386.c bits

x86_64 merger part 20 - push_operand update

x86_64 merger part 21 - move patterns

x86_64 merger part 22 - converison patterns

x86_64 merger part 23 - arithmetic patterns

x86_64 merger part 24 - string operations

x86_64 merger part 25 - shift patterns

x86_64 merger part 26 - shift patterns

X86_64 merger part 27 - frame handling

x86_64 merger part 28 - peepholes

X86_64 merger part 29 - conditional moves

X86_64 merger part 30 - allocate stack worker

X86_64 merger part 31 - ix86_force_to_memory

x86_64 merger part 6 - upper halves and constraints

x86_64 merger part 7 - disable XFmode

x86_64 merger part 8 - disable bad guys

xm-*.h cleanup, continued

xm-files: kill off definitely obsolete gunk

xm-files: m68hc11

You seemed to have missed this: [PATCH 2.95.3] add NO_PROFILE_COUNTERS

Re: Your patch to push_rounding

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