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Re: [PATCH] Java: fix to java/1213

>>>>> "Alex" == Alexandre Petit-Bianco <> writes:

Alex> Can someone look at the gcj.texi hunks?

They look fine.

Alex> +issue an error if it isnt' found.

Typo: should be "isn't".

Alex> +	  /* Implement -fwarn-wrong-classeszip */

This comment is wrong.

Alex> +	  && (!flag_emit_class_files || flag_force_classes_archive_check))
Alex> +	fatal_error ("Incompatible classes archive: `%s'", jcf->filename);

Since this is the sort of error which in the past has afflicted users
who don't already know a lot about gcj, I would like to see a
relatively verbose error message here.

Something like:

    The `java.lang.Object' that was found in `%s' didn't have
    the special zero-length `gnu.gcj.gcj-compiled' attribute.
    This generally means that your classpath is incorrect set.
    Use `info gcj "Input Options"' to see the info page describing
    how to set the classpath.

Maybe that's too long.

(I know g77 has a convention for printing info page reference
information in error messages.  This seems like a cool idea to me,
since it means that some IDE-ish program could easily go from the error
message to the help text.  If we want an info reference I guess it
would make sense to look up their convention and use it.)


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