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> "John David Anglin" <> writes:
> > OK, if there are no other objections to using the basename function,
> > this looks like what needs to be done:
> > 
> > 1) DIR_SEPARATOR needs to be defined to be `]' for VMS in
> >    libiberty/basename.c.  Currently, I believe the basename call in
> >    mkdeps.c won't work properly.
> vax/xm-vms.h also says directory specifications can be enclosed in
> angle brackets.  FILE_NAME_NONDIRECTORY also seems to check for ':'.
> Can basename() handle this?

I guess it could if we introduce a DRIVE_SEPARATOR or a third
directory separator.  DOS type systems effectively have three: '\',
'/' and ':'.

I wonder why alpha VMS ignores '>' and ':'.  I can guess that '>' is
used infrequently.  I am told there is no difference between file
name conventions on the alpha and vax.

I also just noticed the VMS FILE_NAME_NONDIRECTORY translates the name to
lower case.  Thus, it now looks like we need to keep file_name_nondirectory
because it is functionally different from basename under vax VMS.  Does
the alpha port need to define FILE_NAME_NONDIRECTORY?

The argument to file_name_nondirectory shouldn't be const.  The protos
need to change.

The PATH_SEPARATOR should be ',' for VMS.  This isn't defined for either
the alpha or vax.

J. David Anglin                        
National Research Council of Canada              (613) 990-0752 (FAX: 952-6605)

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