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John David Anglin wrote:-

> While it might be nice to have a version of basename for VMS, I took this
> approach for several reasons:
> 1) I would have to modify basename to add the VMS code and probably
>    change configure for libiberty.  I am not in the position to test
>    this.
> 2) Since not all systems have basename and configure for gcc doesn't
>    check for this at the moment, would have to be patched
>    to search for basename (it currently checks whether the system
>    declares it).  The header system.h would also have to be patched
>    to provide the appropriate declarations when the system doesn't.
> 3) It fairly clear that the file_name_nondirectory function exists
>    because it was decided in the past not to use basename from the
>    host system.  I don't know why.  Possibly, this is simply because
>    some systems don't have it but it might be that it is broken on
>    some systems.

I might be missing something, but all of GCC uses libiberty, and CPP uses
basename amongst other things from libiberty.

So I don't see why toplev.c should be different, and how you could break
something that isn't already broken.

Or have I completely misunderstood what you're trying to achieve?


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