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Re: cpplib: what is a system header? [HEAD]

On Feb 17, 2001, Russ Allbery <> wrote:

> Because we ship dependency information as part of our Makefiles; only
> maintainers run make depend.  (There are various complicated reasons for
> choosing to do things that way.)  So there can't be anything in the
> dependency information that lists things outside of INN's tree.

As long as you have target rules for all header files, which is
certainly the right thing to do, listing non-existing files should be

In any case, I suggest you to borrow CVS automake's dependency
generation mechanism, that works with a number of compilers and makes,
and generates dependencies as a side effect of compilation at the user
site.  Then, even when you have headers that are only included when
certain configure options are given, or machine-dependent headers, you
still get the correct dependency information.

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