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Re: New test directory: g77.dg

"Zack Weinberg" <> writes:

> This patch creates a new test directory, for g77 tests using the dg
> framework.  There is one new test in this category: Tim Prince's
> cmove/regstack bug.  I have not XFAILed this test because it is a
> regression from 2.95, and a patch is pending.
> I have verified that the new framework works, and that the test case
> does detect the bug when present.  I'm holding off on application
> because I don't know what happens when you create a directory in CVS
> on a branch, then try to add it to the trunk too.  (I'm not applying
> any patches to the trunk until it builds again.)

I've done this before, and it seems to work.  I think CVS doesn't really
version-control directories, if you do 'cvs add' on a directory it's
immediately put into all branches.

> There's too damn much code duplication in testsuite/lib.  No, I'm not
> volunteering to fix it.


Anyway, if you need approval for the patch, it's OK.

> zw
> 	* g77.dg: New directory.
> 	* g77.dg/20010216-1.f: New test case.
> 	* g77.dg/dg.exp: New driver.
> 	* lib/g77-dg.exp: New driver library.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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