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Re: [patch] releases.html

On Feb 13, 2001, "Zack Weinberg" <> wrote:

> [Is there any target where LD_LIBRARY_PATH isn't the way to get the
> dynamic linker to search somewhere exotic?]

LD_LIBRARY(N32|64)_PATH on IRIX, PATH on MS-Windows.

Besides, you have to make sure the executables created in the build
tree use libraries from the build tree, and those that you install
look for libraries where they're installed.  In particular, you don't
want executables in the build tree to use previously-installed
libraries nor the installed ones to search the build tree.  And, on
most OSs, setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivalent is not enough to
ensure you get the right libraries.

It's not that simple to do it right.  Libtool already takes care of
all these details.  It would be a pity to duplicate this work.

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