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cross compilers and hashtab.o

This patch, or something that's changed since, causes problems with
Canadian crosses, eg.
--build=i686-linux --host=hppa-linux --target=hppa-linux
(or is it only a Canadian cross if all three of build,host,target
are different?)

Wed Nov 22 00:52:55 2000  J"orn Rennecke <>
	* (HOST_RTL): Add hashtab.o .
	(OBJS): Add hashtab.o .

What happens is that hashtab.o is built for gen* on the build machine, so
is the wrong object format for the target.  Since hashtab.o lives in
libiberty, there is no need for it to be part of libbackend.a as far as I
can see.  All linker lines with $(BACKEND) in gcc/*/ have
$(LIBS) too.

	* (OBJS): Remove hashtab.o

Alan Modra
Linuxcare.  Support for the Revolution.

--- /usr/src/egcs/gcc/	Tue Feb 13 12:58:22 2001
+++ gcc/	Tue Feb 13 18:20:43 2001
@@ -745,7 +745,7 @@ OBJS = diagnostic.o version.o tree.o pri
  mbchar.o splay-tree.o graph.o sbitmap.o resource.o hash.o predict.o	     \
  lists.o ggc-common.o $(GGC) stringpool.o simplify-rtx.o ssa.o bb-reorder.o  \
  sibcall.o conflict.o timevar.o ifcvt.o dominance.o dependence.o dce.o \
- sched-vis.o sched-deps.o sched-rgn.o sched-ebb.o hashtab.o cselib.o
+ sched-vis.o sched-deps.o sched-rgn.o sched-ebb.o cselib.o
 BACKEND = toplev.o libbackend.a

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