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Re: gcc.c-torture/unsorted/loop386.c fails on sh-elf

On Feb  9, 2001, Jason Merrill <> wrote:

> The problem was that reorder_basic_blocks was throwing away most of the
> block structure for foo.  The fix is to emit the abstract debugging info
> before optimizing:

Is there any reason why you still haven't checked it in?  If not, I
have one: it breaks in case the function being outlined is
artificial.  I have only been able to trigger the problem with
-fno-new-abi, with a testcase as simple as:

# 1 "dummy.C"
#pragma implementation
# 1 "dummy.h" 1
#pragma interface
  struct filebuf {
      virtual int foo();
# 3 "dummy.C" 2
int filebuf::foo() { return 0; }

We'd crash when emitting debugging info for the typeinfo function of
class filebuf, because we hadn't generated a declaration attribute
when emitting the abstract function.  The following addition to your
patch seems to have fixed the problem.  Does it seem reasonable for

> + void
> + note_outlining_of_inline_function (fndecl)
> +      tree fndecl;
> + {
      if (write_symbols == DWARF2_DEBUG && ! DECL_ARTIFICIAL (fndecl))
> +     dwarf2out_abstract_function (fndecl);

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