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Re: [PATCH] Remove gratuitous demangler differences

On 11 Feb 2001, Jason Merrill wrote:

> >>>>> "Gabriel" == Gabriel Dos Reis <> writes:
> > If your change is mandated by the ABI (that wasn't clear from your
> > original message) then it is fine
> It isn't.  The ABI makes no attempt to mandate the output of the demangler.

However, the ABI does, as I pointed out say j is "unsigned int", not
"unsigned", and v is "void", not "void unless the parameter list is
> Daniel's changes are intended to make the new demangler output look like
> the old demangler output.  This seems reasonable to me, though another way
> to handle this would be to fix the GDB tests to match the new demangler.

I don't believe it's just GDB that expects this.

But, regardless, this is *not* a simple task. You really have to come up
with new regular expressions just to match the output, because it's not
just whitespace differences (which would be relatively easy to handle).

A compromise would be to make it output "unsigned int" for j, and "void"
always for v. Then you'd only be left with whitespace differences.

Or, i'll happily make it DMGL_GDB or DMGL_COMPAT or something of the sort.


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