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Re: projects/beginner.html

On Fri, 9 Feb 2001, Zack Weinberg wrote:
> Here's the projects-for-beginners web page, all ready to drop into
> place.  I don't know where is the best place to link to it, though.

Looks good!  How about htdocs/projects/beginners.html, with a prominent
link from the very beginning of htdocs/projects/index.html?  The latter
is our ``web portal'' for open projects.

> I validated this as XHTML 1.0 "strict" except for the align on the
> <h1> tag.  Putting in all the close tags was tedious, but probably
> worth it.  I also verified it looks sensible in Mozilla 0.7, Netscape
> 4.7, and Lynx.

I have only checked the web side of things, but that looks fine. (And,
Thanks! <g>)

> Does anyone know how to do blue bars to the left of text without CSS?

I'm afraid there is no good solution. You could use tables, but this isn't
worth it (in this case). Interestingly, my Netscape 4.76 here doesn't show
these bars (Javascript and Style Sheets are enabled), but we must not rely
on them anyway (lynx, Emacs W3,...).

Apart from the ``this page has moved'' stuff, which is an interesting AI
project of itself (and probably beyond the scope of a GCC volunteer), I
am already doing the second part of the ``Web page work'' section, incl.
detecting redirects.

Gerald "Jerry"

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