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Re: Patches to support SunChorus OS cross platforms

Chandra Chavva <> writes:

> Sun Chorus OS has 3 cross platforms (Ultrasparc, i386, rs6000) running on 
> solaris 7 host. These cross platforms are similiar to the corresponding 
> elf targets, except they support dwarf2 debugging format by default 
> with no multilibs. Here is the patch please let me know it is okay to 
> apply.
> Thanks
> Chandra
> 001-02-02  Chandrakala Chavva <>
>         * for *-chorusos, don't config target-newlib and
>         target-libgloss.

This part is OK.

>         * config.sub: Add chorusos.

This needs to be forwarded to the config.sub maintainer, who I think
is Ben Elliston.  He'll probably tell you...

> ! 		#basic_machine=$1

to delete this line rather than commenting it out.

> 2001-02-08  Chandrakala Chavva  <>
>         * config.gcc : New targets, i386-*-chorusos*, sparc-*-chorusos*,
>         powerpc-*-chorusos* .
>         * config/rs6000/chorus.h : New file.
>         * config/i386/chorus.h : New file.
>         * config/sparc/chorus.h : New file.
>         * config/sparc/t-chorus-elf : New file.

Other than the copyright notice, this is OK.  Fix that and I think you
can commit even though we're in code slush.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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