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Re: PATCH: Support libtool -no-undefined under GNU/Linux.

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

    Alexandre> On Feb  6, 2001, Fergus Henderson <> wrote:

    >> shared libraries on AIX/Windows/Beos will continually be broken by
    >> developers on GNU/Linux,

    Alexandre> If they use libtool, it will just work, because, without
    Alexandre> -no-undefined, libtool will just create static libraries on these
    Alexandre> platforms, that should work in this case.

That's false on AIX.  We do create a shared library, even when
-no-undefined is not present.  Or maybe you mean the opposite, that if
we were to use -no-undefined then we would only get static libraries?

In any case, there's no reason to be creating only static libraries in
this case; the shared versions work fine.

Concretely, with V3, we build shared on AIX.  If there are undefined
symbols, we need to know about that.  However, most V3 developers work
on GNU/Linux, meaning that there are perenially undefined symbols,
meaning that AIX is perenially broken.  Making the breakage visible to
the GNU/Linux developers would help them write code that worked on

So, it would be really good if libtool would support -no-undefined
usage on GNU/Linux.  If that means working around a GNU linker bug,
isn't that the sort of thing libtool is supposed to do?  Libtool's job
is to take a uniform set of options as input and map them on to the
right ugly system-specific gunk to make the right answers come out, so
explicitly linking in the right version of seems
appropriate to me.  If you can figure out how to do it, of course.  


  readelf | grep NEEDED

might be a good try on GNU/Linux.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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