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Re: [patch] Java definite assignment

Alexandre Petit-Bianco <> writes:
> Well. I'm down to one error building kawa-1.6.1, because my tree isn't
> configured for a real build. I think kawa-1.6.1 could build from
> source.

Well, I'm hard trying to build Kawa (current tree) from source.
I have a Kawa executable that compiles and runs, at least at the
trivial sanity-test level.  It is built from source, with some
.class files (though compiled from .scm) loaded at run-time.
I am not trying to use this Kawa executable to compile the
.scm files.

By the way:  One problem I decided to punt on came up when
compiling the enture kawa/lang/*.java with a single compilation.
I ran into a problem caused by import statements seemingly being
processed at a global level, rather than a level.
I tweaked the kawa source code to aoid the problem.  It would be
nice to fix it, but it can wait until after the multiple-files
per compilation support is checked in.

> This patch diserves to be checked in.

I'll do so today or tomorrow.
	--Per Bothner

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