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Re: PATCH: Support libtool -no-undefined under GNU/Linux.

On Feb  6, 2001, Fergus Henderson <> wrote:

> Probably there are existing programs that are built using libtool with
> `-no-undefined' but which do not explicitly link in `/lib/'.
> This patch would cause such programs to break.

Indeed.  That's probably the reason why libtool doesn't use this flag
on GNU/Linux.

Mark, will you please revert your patch, so that libtool in the GCC
tree works properly on GNU/Linux.

> So I think this patch also requires some code in libtool to link in
> /lib/ if needed.

The problem is that the name of the dynamic linker may change across
glibc versions.  I'm not sure I want to go down that road in libtool.
-no-undefined is a do-nothing on most platforms, anyway, so I don't
think it's a big deal for it to be a do-nothing on GNU/Linux too.

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