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[VXWORKS PPC 2.95.3] Readme - info.

    Hi everyone,

  This mail describes the set of patches that follow.

  I'm sending these patches to the list so they will be stored in the list
archives.  The first few times I searched the list archives looking for help
with the problems I was having getting 2.95.2 to run with vxworks, I didn't
find anything at all, so I want to help anyone who might come after me and
try the same thing.

  These patches are intended for VxWorks PPc users to download and apply to
a 2.95.3 distribution tarball.  There are unlikely to be further major
changes between now and 2.95.3 release that would break any of these

  If there's ever a 2.95.4, I could clean these patches up and make them fit
for inclusion.

  As things stand, I consider the redef, varargs, ctors and libgcc patches
to be safe, in that they would only affect the behaviour of the
powerpc-wrs-vxworks targetted compiler, and reasonable solutions to what
could arguably be called bugs in that port.  Bernd, I know it's rather late
in the day <sheepish grin>, but if you were contemplating a 2.95.3.test4
prerelease, you could always take a quick glance at them; it would only take
a moment to write changelog entries.

  Otherwise, they're here, for the record.  Much thanks to everyone on the
lists whose knowledge and experience I have benefitted from greatly, I owe
you all virtual beers!

They laughed at Galileo.  They laughed at Copernicus.  They laughed at
Columbus. But remember, they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.

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