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Re: automake (was: libstdc++-v3 bootstrap error: srcdir = objdir)

On Sat, Feb 03, 2001 at 12:13:42PM +0100, Gerald Pfeifer wrote:
> However, if you do a
>   cvs diff -r 1.56 -r 1.57
> in the libstdc++-v3 directory, you'll see what I mean. Our versions
> are more ``ugly'' that what used to be there. Strange.

Yeah, I've been wondering about this for about a year now, I think.

IIRC, The "ugly" versions are produced by stock autotools.  The pretty
wrapped versions are produced by versions like the "maintainers tools"
source tarball that we had for the v3 library for a time.  Both print the
same version number, unfortunately (2.14 for autoconf).

In addition to "prettier" output from automake, autoconf likes to add some
--site-file options to the configure script.  I can't tell you how much
time I spent trying to figure that one out when I first started working
on libstdc++-v3, before I finally concluded that it wasn't me.  :-)

For the truly bored, one can probably look at the revision history of
the v3's and watch the linewrapping flip back and forth,
and deduce which version is in use by which developer.

The autoconf website says that 2.13 is the latest version, but I've been
seeing references to a 2.50 lately.  ??


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devphil at several other less interesting addresses in various dot domains
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