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Re: Patch: web pages -vs- Java

On 2 Feb 2001, Tom Tromey wrote:

> This patch updates the web pages to acount for Java.  It corrects
> links and it adds the Java mailing lists to the mailing list page.
> It also adds a news item mentioning the web page move.

There are other / links in the
web pages that ought to be updated for the Java move (both http and ftp
links), e.g. in news/javaannounce.html.

I'd say that java/mail.html should be removed and made via .htaccess to
redirect to the toplevel lists.html.  (Of course links to it should also
be updated.)

Any references to or for Java
remaining in the GCC source tree should also be updated.

> +  <li><b><a href="">java-announce</a></b>
> +  is a low-volume, moderated, announcements-only list.</li>

Mention explicitly how this differs from gcc-announce?

> +  <li><b><a href="">java-prs</a></b>
> +  is a read-only list which tracks Java-related problem reports as
> +  they are entered into our GNATS database.</li>
> +
> +  <li><b>java-cvs</b>
> +  tracks checkins to the Java language compiler and runtime.  It is
> +  not archived.</li>

Note that the messages to these lists are subsets of those to the
corresponding gcc lists?

Joseph S. Myers

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