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Re: PATCH: Reverse SUPPORTS_INIT_PRIORITY Change to iris6.h

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 09:50:53PM -0800, Mark Mitchell wrote:
> /* -fgnu-linker specifies use of the GNU linker for initializations.
>    (Or, more generally, a linker that handles initializations.)
>    -fno-gnu-linker says that collect2 will be used.  */
> #ifdef USE_COLLECT2
> int flag_gnu_linker = 0;
> #else
> int flag_gnu_linker = 1;
> #endif
> This is really the linker_supports_init_fini flag.
> Even the option description:
>   {"gnu-linker", &flag_gnu_linker, 1,
>    "Output GNU ld formatted global initialisers"},
> Jeffrey, I'm not sure whether you should try to fix this -- doing so
> means extracting configury information, and I don't think there's
> mileage in that right at the minute.
> My thinking is that we should just change the flag to be named
> linker_supports_init_fini, and lets be done with it.

Agreed.  I chose the name "linker_supports_init".  Do you also want
"_fini"?  Tomorrow, I will look at the test results to see if
everything went OK on Linux.

Jeffrey D. Oldham

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