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Re: PATCH: Reverse SUPPORTS_INIT_PRIORITY Change to iris6.h

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Merrill <> writes:

    Jason> It should.  If the MIPS port uses it to mean something
    Jason> else, it should be fixed.

It's not the MIPS port.

/* -fgnu-linker specifies use of the GNU linker for initializations.
   (Or, more generally, a linker that handles initializations.)
   -fno-gnu-linker says that collect2 will be used.  */
int flag_gnu_linker = 0;
int flag_gnu_linker = 1;

This is really the linker_supports_init_fini flag.

Even the option description:

  {"gnu-linker", &flag_gnu_linker, 1,
   "Output GNU ld formatted global initialisers"},

Jeffrey, I'm not sure whether you should try to fix this -- doing so
means extracting configury information, and I don't think there's
mileage in that right at the minute.

My thinking is that we should just change the flag to be named
linker_supports_init_fini, and lets be done with it.

That is consistently how the flag is used.

Jason, if you think we need another flag for GNU-linkerness, in
general, we should add that separately.  

It does makes sense for this flag to be true on IRIX because IRIX ld
does handle .init/.fini stuff.

Mark Mitchell         
CodeSourcery, LLC     

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