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(C++) Patch to conversion op lookup

(C++) patch to equal_functions

(C++) patch to walk_tree

(C++) tweak to build_conditional_expr

(C++) tweak to error.c

(fixed) Re: [PATCH] Remember configure's options for later recall

(Proposal) patch to enable RTL checks by default

Re: -Wformat=2 patch

-Wformat=2 patch, updated again

Re: 64-bit (?) patch for cp/spew.c

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 511

[C++ PATCH] fix bug 532

[C++ PATCH] Fix extern "C" function and namespace handling

[C++ PATCH] Fix extern "C" function and namespace handling (Revised)

[C++ patch] performance of store_bindings()

[C++ PATCH] Put builtin functions in std namespace

Re: [C++ PATCH]: Fix bugs 508, 510, 512

[C++ PATCH]: fix typos

Re: [C++] named return values and return without value warnings

[C++] named return values and return without value warnings

Re: [C++] named return values and return without valuewarnings

[committed] Delete obsolete egcs stuff in search.html

[DOC PATCH]: fix LIBGCC SPEC description (resent)

Re: [Fwd: Unreviewed patch]

[PATCH] new FreeBSD/alpha support


[patch] Another MI thunks fix for -mintel-syntax

[PATCH] Avoid segfaulting in {start,finish}_decl

[patch] avr port: fix loading constants 1 and 2

Re: [patch] avr port: optimize shifts

[patch] avr port: various small fixes

[PATCH] Backport patchset for gcc-2_95-branch (was: Re: State of maturity for gcc 2.95.3 and gcc 2.96)

[patch] config/h8300/h8300.h: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Correct some comments after BIMode Change

Re: [PATCH] define INT_ASM_OP in config/i386/i386-aout.h

[PATCH] Don't abort in C++ on bad input

[PATCH] Don't build libzgcj all the time

[patch] Emitting .intel_syntax when -mintel-syntax is used

[PATCH] Fix a segfault in reload

[PATCH] Fix a sibling call miscompilation

[PATCH] Fix aliasing miscompilation

[PATCH] Fix aliasing miscompilation (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix for testcase g++.pt/memtemp77.C

[PATCH] Fix ICE in expand_shift

[patch] Fix ICE on aligned architectures

[PATCH] Fix libio operator << with glibc 2.2

[PATCH] Fix libstdc++-v2 ends and endl

[PATCH] Fix may_trap_p

[PATCH] Fix sibcall related ICE

[PATCH] Fix sparc -fpic

[PATCH] Fix two RTL checking bugs

[patch] Fixes for -mintel-syntax on i386

[patch] gcc -MD -MMD: adjust documentation to current behaviour

[patch] gcc-regression.html

[PATCH] gen_lowpart fixes for HOST_BITS_PER_WIDE_INT 64, dwarf2 fix for 64bit build hosts

Re: [patch] h8300.c: Clean up code.

[PATCH] i386 arithmetic and comparison pattern fixes

[patch] i386.md wrong operand order for movsi_or

[patch] Intel syntax problems in MI thunks

[PATCH] java/jcf-parse.c: warning removal

[PATCH] Java: bytecode compiler and source parser fixes.

[PATCH] Java: fix for gcj/285, gcj/298.

[PATCH] Java: Fix to gcj/254

[PATCH] Java: Fix to gcj/361.

[PATCH] Java: gcj/340 and other patches.

[PATCH] Java: minor fix.

[PATCH] Java: Minor side fix to gcj/316's fix.

[PATCH] Java: miscellaneous fixes.

[PATCH] libstdc++-v3 changes for glibc2.1

[patch] MIPS -G 0 libgcc vs. (default -G) stdc++ data problem.

[patch] Optimize movhi in h8300 port

[PATCH] pa.c: warning removal

[PATCH] print-rtl.c: warning removal

[patch] project.html

[PATCH] protect ASM_OUTPUT_IDENT in alpha/elf.h

[PATCH] Re: Buggy peephole prevents bootstrap (i386)

[PATCH] Reload gp in alpha MI thunks

[patch] Remove __shtab from libgcc

[patch] Remove an unnecessary expander in the h8300 port

Re: [patch] reorg.c: Fix formatting.

[PATCH] Small fix for Makefile.in



[PATCH] style tweaks for alpha/elf.h

[PATCH] SUBREG_BYTE expmed.c fix

[patch] typos in install docs

[patch] typos in various docs

[patch] typos in web pages

[patch] use a real hash table in get_identifier()

[preliminary patch] Fix libgcc2

[preliminary patch] Optimize mov in h8300 port (revised!)

Re: [RFA:] (take 2) dwarf2out.c (build_cfa_loc): Correct to use DW_OP_regx or DW_OP_bregx.

[RFA:] (take 2) dwarf2out.c (build_cfa_loc): Correct to use DW_OP_regxor DW_OP_bregx.

[RFA:] Add gcc/testsuite/g++.dg/dg.exp

[RFA:] dwarf2out.c (build_cfa_loc): Correct to use DW_OP_regx forcfa->reg > 31.

[RFA:] dwarf2out.c: Make DWARF_CIE_DATA_ALIGNMENT changeable, enable-check for bad definitions.

Re: [RFA:] elfos.h: Don't forget to STRIP_NAME_ENCODING in UNIQUE_SECTION (with testcase)

[RFA:] elfos.h: Don't forget to STRIP_NAME_ENCODING in UNIQUE_SECTION(with testcase)

[RFA:] Fix for some .vtable_inherit inheritance bugs in the "old"ABI.

[RFA:] g++.dg: Break out scan-assembler from gcc-dg.exp to scanasm.exp,add scan-assembler-dem.

Re: [RFA:] g++.dg: Break out scan-assembler from gcc-dg.exp toscanasm.exp, add scan-assembler-dem.

Re: [RFA:] Missing break in frame-dwarf2.c (decode_stack_op) [case DW_OP_regx].

[RFA:] Missing break in frame-dwarf2.c (decode_stack_op) [caseDW_OP_regx].

[testcase] walk_tree eats the whole stack

[testsuite] i386 breakage (was Re: i386 arithmetics+comparison patterns fix)


__FUNCTION__ broken

Re: `$' in identifiers -vs- PPC Linux

add context to cpp_forall_identifiers

Re: alpha assembler problem, or CPP problem

alpha count_leading_zeros tweek

alpha regrename fix

alpha setcc pattern tweeks

alpha.md housecleaning

avr port: allow "extern int a[] __attribute__(__progmem__);

avr port: shifts improvements

Better sequence point warnings

Re: Bogus alpha config files ?

Bring POTFILES.in up to date.

bug fix for find_equiv_reg

Re: Bug in gcc/c-common.c

Bug in gcc/libgcc2.c

Re: Build problems with CVS under Solaris 8/SPARC

C PATCH: Don't generate initializers incrementally

C++ PATCH: -fno-implicit-templates vs. static data members

C++ PATCH: External linkage, templates, AIX, V3

C++ PATCH: Fix another destruction problem

C++ PATCH: Fix conversions to void * in conditionals.

C++ PATCH: Fix empty base class optimization bugs

C++ PATCH: Fix V3 build

C++ PATCH: Fixes to testsuite to work with V3

C++ PATCH: Improve tree pretty-printing flags usage

C++ PATCH: new-ABI demangler fixes

C++ PATCH: Tree printing adjustment

C++ structure layout breakage

c-decl.c patch for tree-checking abort and spurious error message

C/C++ PATCH: Fix asm ("...") for variables

C/C++ PATCH: Move back_end_hook to common code

CodeSourcery's online test compilation

collect2 and ".obj" files

Re: Condition for while and switch statements

config.guess and config.sub updated

Constant call patch

Constant folding for builtins

constrain_operands buglet

Correction of warnings

cp/decl.c Typo Fix

CPP documentation update


cpp: error ../../../texinfo/intl/gettext.h:59: syntax error

cpplib typo

cpplib: Command line assertions made easier

cpplib: Documentation update.

cpplib: Don't store \n in C++ comment

cpplib: Identity macro optimisation

cpplib: Implement _Pragma operator

cpplib: Line skipping fix

cpplib: More tests for suite

cpplib: More tests.

cross-compiler build lossage with zlib configure script? (patch)

Cure a c++ ICE in pa.c

Cygnus -> Red Hat

death to obstack hackery

decl.c: Typo Fix

diagnostic typo

distribute_notes bug fix

Documentation PATCH: avoid gcc -shared trouble

Documentation patch: no_check_memory_usage

Don't keep notes about obliterated libcall sequence

Dwarf2 and nested function

DWARF2 fix for Fortran

Re: exit(0) is miscompiled under i686 linux


Fix for -fdata-sections overriding __attribute__((section))

fix for 930621-1.c failure

fix for e_pow.o failure

FIX for GCC build failed with your patch on 2000-09-29T11:50:00Z.

Re: fix handling of '#pragma pack(pop [, id])'

fix i686 unordered fp comparisons

Fix libstdc++ Makefile.in

Fix segfaults in split_all_insns

Fix to configure when gcc is not present

Format checking patch review request

Format checking patch to projects.html

Format checking patch: remaining glibc extensions

Format checking patch: strftime with first_arg_num != 0

Format checking patch: warning for writing through null pointer

Format checking small patch

Format checking status update

Format checking status update patch

Format checking testcases fix

function.c patch for IA-64 REG_LIBCALL dangling reference

FYI commited gcc.dg/991209-1.c testsuite fix

FYI: Java checkin

Re: GCC build failed with your patch on 2000-10-09T08:20:00Z.

GCC copyright assignment instructions

Re: Gcc extra alignment..

Re: gcc optimizer bug in 2.95.2

gcc S/390 backend

gcc S/390 backend 1

gcc S/390 backend 2

gcc S/390 backend 3

gcc S/390 backend 4

gcc S/390 patches 1/2

gcc S/390 patches 3

gcc stack-smashing protector

gcc- S/390 backend 4

gcc.c cp/typeck2.c error messages

gcc/gcc.texi "draft" removal

Re: gcc/mcore optimizer bug (FATAL)

gcse.c patch for cc0 constant propagation

genrecog wouldn't emit needed labels within switches

haifa-sched.c patch for ia64-linux ICE

Re: hpux specific installation notes for GCC

HTML error fixes round 3

i386 'N' constrain has disappeared

i386 DImode fixes

i386 MMX/SSE bugfixes

ia64 ieee/fp-cmp-[123].c failures

ia64 register rename tweek

ia64 regrename fix

ia64 sibcall losage

ia64 unwind registration reorg

ia64: Don't use static branch prediction

invoke.texi patch

Java / libstdc++ web presences and lists

java commit: lazy superclass layout fix

java patch: fix multi-dimension array class literals

java patch: initialize obstack before use

Java patch: mangling class$ in jvgenmain

Java PATCH: Use GC

Java warning patches

Java: fix for gcj/316

Re: Last patch to loop.c causes all platforms to fail RTL check bootstrap

libgcc c++ support bits moved

libgcc2 type patch

libgcc2.c damage

Re: libgcc2.h:99: no data type for mode `TI'

libstdc++-v3: Pass gxx_include_dir

load_mems fix

locate_and_pad_parm tweek

Loop discovery pre-header mods

loop.c bugfix

Macro expander [1 / 4]

Macro expander [2 / 4] Directives

Macro expander [3 / 4] Expander

Macro expander [4 / 4] Testsuite

macros in .md files

Re: make bootstrap segfaults on current cvs head (i686-pc-linux-gnu)

Minor bug in tree.c:get_narrower

Minor change in function.c

Minor fold-const.c bugfix

minor gcc.texi patch

Minor patch to dwarf2out.c

minor web page patches (fwd)

mirrors.html patch


Re: mkmap-flatsysv.awk [PATCH RFA]

mn10300 patch for preferred_reload_class

mn10300: secondary reload class patch

Monthly update to search.html (boring, committed).

More EGCS removal from libstdc++-v3

More HTML error fixes

More i386 comparison fixes

More useful .greg dumps

netware 4.x "support"

new ASM_OUTPUT_DEBUG_LABEL macro for VLIW targets, use in IA-64 port

New macro expander final diff

New macro expander preamble

new option --target-help

new routine tree_size

NLS consistency check added.

NLS update

NLS update.

non-legitimate constant reloads

Nonrecursive build within gcc directory

Nonrecursive build within gcc directory (revised)

noreturn & return-without-value fix


Old patch: expmed.c (expand_divmod)

Re: optimization/705: Performance regression with glibc's strcpymacro

Overflow handling

overridden optional reload may cause a needed reload to be dropped

Re: overridden optional reload may cause a needed reload to bedropped

Re: Patch and testcase regarding predecrement addressing modes andreload_cse_move2add

patch for -ftrapv option.

Patch for _Complex: pedwarn for ++ and --

Patch for C9X references

Patch for EGCS references

Patch for format checking tree nodes in C++

Patch for g++

Patch for gcc/config/mips.md

Patch for h8300 port

Patch for HTML errors in web pages

patch for IA-64 compilation failure due to assembler errors

patch for m68k-coff configure.in

patch for machine-dependent builtins in C++

PATCH gcc/java/verify.c: Warning removal

Patch Makefile.in/Make-lang.in: create bison files atomically

Patch to -V documentation

Patch to add builtin fprintf

Patch to add missing format attributes

Patch to c-common.c fixing STRING_CST TREE_TYPE for builtin printf

Re: Patch to c-common.c fixing STRING_CST TREE_TYPE forbuiltin printf

Patch to cgi-bin/ml-request: remove EGCS references

Patch to do printf transformations in the frontend

Patch to do printf transformations in the frontend (part2, c++)

patch to expr.c:convert_move checked in

Re: Patch to fix mark_constant_function

Patch to fix recent local-alloc IA-64 breakage

Patch to fix recent local-alloc IA-64 breakage (version 2)

Patch to gccbug

Patch to implement C99 _Bool

Re: Patch to improve local-alloc invariant handling

Patch to mirrors.html: update ac.uk entries

Patch to projects.html

Patch to projects.html installed

Patch to projects.html: glibc's string function macros

Patch to remove more EGCS references

Patch to remove non-historical EGCS references from libstdc++-v3

Patch to speedup haifa scheduler for big basic blocks

Patch to tsystem.h to avoid getopt prototype warnings

Patch to update gperf URLs in Makefiles

Patch to update some links

Patch to update URLs pointing to list archives

PATCH to valarray

Patch to warn about qualified function return types

Re: Patch to warn about static initializers for zero length arrays

patch x86 add missing prototype.

PATCH(2.95): attribute((constructor)) is NOOP when compiled by C++

patch/rfc: lazy make_decl_rtl

Re: PATCH: activate thread_jumps for ix86

Re: PATCH: alpha*-dec-linux* and install/specific.html

PATCH: attribute((constructor)) is NOOP when compiled by C++

patch: avr & pdp11 ports

PATCH: bugs.html (was): Unifying Bug Reporting Instructions

Patch: check_format_info_main minor cleanup

PATCH: contrib.texi -- steering committee, Jeff Law

Patch: Document -mintel-syntax

PATCH: Don't build libgcc1.c on vax

PATCH: Fix for MAXINT header defines under hpux 10.20

PATCH: Fix typos in gcc_build

Patch: format checking conditional expressions

Patch: format checking const arrays

Patch: format checking messages and C++

PATCH: GCC is not about sex...

PATCH: gcc-3.0/criteria.html

PATCH: gcc-3.0/criteria.html -- sparc-linux update

Patch: gcc.c support for -MF and -MT

Patch: gcj -vs- iconv, again

Patch: gcj dependency tracking

Patch: gcjh -vs- inner classes

PATCH: gnatswrite.html -- gnatsd, Emacs

PATCH: Have gcc_build record CVS update as well

PATCH: HUGE_VAL should be Infinity

Re: PATCH: HUGE_VAL should be Infinity -- Yet another solution

Re: PATCH: HUGE_VAL should be Infinity: hugeval.c PATCH

Patch: iconv buffering for gcj

PATCH: index.html and GCC 2.96, gcc-2.96.html

PATCH: index.html and GCC 3.0 (was: Testsuite ad RedHat 7)

PATCH: index.html, news.html, rotate news

PATCH: install/binaries.html -- further binaries

Patch: jv-scan --complexity

PATCH: Lengauer/Tarjan version of dominator computing


PATCH: lists.html -- gcc vs GCC

PATCH: Make gcc_build log errors

PATCH: Make libstdc++-v3 testable

Patch: merge TESTS.FLUNK and README.TRAD into gcc.texi

PATCH: news/ssa.html

PATCH: Re: ICE in single_set_1, at rtlanal.c:881

PATCH: Remove extra tab from .stabd lines

PATCH: Remove obstacks

PATCH: Remove old ports

Patch: removing outdated DJGPP/WinNT files

PATCH: Replace SERVICE file with URL for FSF

PATCH: sjlj exceptions

PATCH: Small improvement to hpux_maxint fix

PATCH: Tree checking failure in C++

PATCH: Turn off Chill

Re: Patch: update $ format checking after Austin Group draft 4 comment disposition

Patch: update $ format checking after Austin Group draft 4 commentdisposition

PATCH: Upgrade floating comparisons on PA to support unordered operands

PATCH: zero-width bitfield test

Re: Patches: gcc, libio, libobjc and libg++ for build with `-ansi -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500'

ppc regrename workaround

proj-cpplib.html update

projects.html patch: merge PROBLEMS

Putting builtins in the std namespace

Random failings when reordering blocks

readings.html patch: C information

register indirect

register renaming bug fix

regrename fixes

regrename tweek

regrename.c rewrite

releases.html patch

Reload problem & fix

reload1.c:eliminate_regs_in_insn bugfix

Reminder: [RFA:] Make collect2 pass on -B-options to called gcc

removal of wandering 'CYGNUS LOCAL' markers in testsuite

Reporting fix in haifa-sched.c

Request for testers for new CPP code


RFA: Inserting NOPs for profiling.

RFA: Rename cygnus.com to redhat.com

Run regrename by default at -O3

S/390 patches part 2

search for correct include path, when configured for libstdc++-v3

sh fixup_addr_diff_vecs patch

SH PIC: use TARGET_SH2 instead of ! TARGET_SH1

shared libgcc build support

shared libgcc symbol versioning

SImode cse bug w/ 64-bit hosts

simple i386 size optimization

Somewhat-related changes to expr.c & tree.c



stor-layout.c changes

String pool

String pool, revised

Re: testcase for hppa64 gcc bug

testcase for validate_replace_rtx_1 fix.

Testcase: composite types

testsuite patch: remove EGCS references

Tricky testcase

trivial spelling corrections

Re: two regressions

Unnecessary stack alignment on SH

An unrevied patch for the h8300 port

Update for gcc/po

Update web pages for cpplib changes.

Update web pages for format checking status

Updated -Wformat=2 patch

Updated -Wmissing-format-attribute patch

Updated version of Michael Meeks's sequence point warning patch

V3 PATCH: Allow an OS to override _G_USING_THUNKS

V3 PATCH: Allow for systems without wide-character support

V3 PATCH: cabs vs. IRIX

V3 PATCH: Explicitly instantiate basic_string::npos

V3 PATCH: IRIX configuration

V3 PATCH: Use -rpath, not --rpath, when testing

validate_replace_rtx_1 fix

Variable with same name for the register

VECTOR_TYPE patches for C++

virtual base class dwarf2 fix

Warning patches installed

Warning removal in combine.c

Web page update for _Pragma

website reorder of left column, swap (about, download)

Write MD_*PREFIX* into specs file

Re: wrong alias-analysis and strange x86-code

www mailing list fixups

x86 patch i386.md fix to eliminate gas warning.

Re: xgcc: installation problem, cannot exec `../stage1/collect2': Arg list too long: PATCH

Year 2000

Your change of November 12

Zipped diff

Re: zlib and configure

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