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  • 2000-04-24 05:29 grahams
  • 2000-04-25 04:34 Jan Hubicka

    #include_next fix for libio

    Re: (2/8) ix86-win32 gcc driver compiler lookup fix for DOS FSs

    Re: (3/8) gcc specs reader fix for different EOL styles

    (C++) patch to fix eb127.C

    (C++) small patches

    (C++) small tweaks

    -ffast-math -march=pentiumpro i386 fix


    000417 HP-UX HARD_REGNO_MODE_OK warnings patch

    20000329-1.c fix

    [C++ PATCH] comment tweaks

    [C++ PATCH] new abi incomplete pointers

    [C++ patch] new abi vmi member names

    [C++ PATCH] newabi runtime

    [C++ PATCH]: new abi cxa_vec routines

    [C++ PATCH]: new abi pointer_type_info

    [C++ PATCH]: new abi rtti hint flags

    [C++ patch]: new rtti tweak

    [C++ PATCH]: prepend __ to new abi implementation

    [C++] new test

    [C++] Re: alpha bootstrap failure

    [C++] set_new_handler in std...

    Re: [ebuddington@mail.wesleyan.edu: cccp.c::print_help() not called.]

    [OT] The end of CCCP

    [patch] --enable-libstdcxx-v3

    [PATCH] /lib/ld-linux-ia64.so.1 for ia64-*-linux*

    [patch] beginnings of the macro rewrite

    [patch] config/h8300/h8300.c

    [patch] emit_library_call/emit_library_call_value fixup.

    [PATCH] Fix for SPARC leaf sibcalls in pic

    [PATCH] Fix for the PR #181.

    Re: [PATCH] fix unnecessary ANSI string concatenation in i386.h

    [PATCH] GC for objective C

    [PATCH] GC for objective C (take 2)

    [patch] gcc.c-torture/execute/921017-1.c

    [PATCH] gcj fix for alpha and other 64bit arches

    [PATCH] Java: cleanup patche.

    [PATCH] Java: Final local aliases fix.

    [PATCH] Java: fix for <clinit> generation.

    [PATCH] Java: jcf-dump patch.

    [PATCH] Java: minor cleanup patch.

    [PATCH] Java: minor fix.

    [Patch] Java: minor patch.

    [PATCH] libobjc encoding fix

    [PATCH] objc testsuite new test

    Re: [PATCH] reload fix for the compile/20000127-1.c failure on sparc64-linux

    [PATCH] Some more movtf SPARC fixes

    [PATCH] sparc32 va_arg fix

    [PATCH] Sparc64 fix

    [PATCH] streambuf.h warning fix


    [PATCH] Two new testsuite tests

    [PATCH]: Java fix for the PRs 194, 197.

    [REPOST] Fix expand_libcall_block ICEs

    Re: [RFA] -Wunused -> -Wunused{,-{function,label,parameter,variable,value}}]


    __builtin_expect refinement

    __dso_handle (Ignore last patch)

    Add warnings for #directives with indented #

    additional branch-prediction heuristic

    ADDRESS_COST cleanups

    alpha-linux-x-mn10300-elf won't build libstdc++

    alpha.c buglet

    alpha_emit_floatuns buglet.

    AM30/AM33 SP handling

    AM30/AM33: global simplification and standardization of patterns

    AM30/AM33: move SP adds into a separate pattern

    AM33 base and index registers clean-up

    AM33 indentation and minor clean-up

    AM33: adding some more register classes

    AM33: enable inc4 for data registers...

    AM33: Not adding `0,' to `(SP)'

    AM33: Use macros instead of register number constants

    AM33: use ret [],# instead of add #,sp;rets if possible

    announcement update

    another calls.c typo

    another obvious warning fix

    Another strength_reduce cleanup

    Re: Another unrecognizable insn in current CVS snapshot

    arm.[ch] tidy ups.

    Athlon tunning...

    autoconf for libiberty question

    avoid try_split recursion on sequence

    Avoiding overflow in printing time

    AW: Yet another PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY fix and sanity check

    Re: Bad PIC on Solaris

    Biv detection take 2

    Biv initial value detection improvement

    Re: Bootstrap error building libio on sparc-sun-solaris2.7

    Re: Bootstrap error in stage1 libgcc2.a on mips-sgi-irix6.2

    bootstrap failure : reg_alloc_order & m68k

    bootstrap failure from your cygwin/winsup change

    bug in `find_equiv_reg' and patch

    Bug in expmed.c:init_expmed

    Bug in handling of offset_align

    Bug in sibling call code

    Re: C++ automatic template instantiation?

    c++ expand_libcall_block ICE in current tree

    C++ PATCH: Avoid incorrect copies when inlining

    C++ PATCH: Begin preparing for new ABI constructors

    C++ PATCH: Cleanup for decl_constant_value

    C++ PATCH: Clone constructors

    C++ PATCH: Clone destructors

    C++ PATCH: Don't build thunks for typeinfo functions

    C++ PATCH: Don't return `void' values from thunks

    C++ PATCH: extern "C" structs

    C++ PATCH: Fix inlining bug with dynamic arrays

    C++ PATCH: Fix MIPS regressions

    C++ PATCH: implement vcall offset thunks

    C++ PATCH: More cleanups

    C++ PATCH: More memory savings

    C++ PATCH: New ABI constructors

    C++ PATCH: New ABI constructors don't return a value

    C++ PATCH: new ABI vtables

    C++ PATCH: Plug memory leaks

    C++ PATCH: reduce memory usage

    C++ PATCH: Reduce memory usage

    C++ PATCH: Reduce memory usage when inlining



    c++ PATCH: vbase dtors called multiple times

    c++ template asm fix

    C++: <sstream>

    C++: Internal compiler error

    C++: Remove classof traces

    C++: Supporting operator names

    c-pragma.c BITS_PER_UNIT tweak


    CALL_PLACEHOLDER and rtl dump


    calls.c cleanup 1 and better d30v crash fix

    Can the register which may be eliminated be auto-increment?

    combine patch problem

    Combine_stack_adjustments improvement

    Commited real.c fix

    Re: Compiler crash in cselib_invalidate_regno()

    Compiler crash in cselib_invalidate_regno() patch

    cond_exec flow patch

    cond_exec patch 1/4

    cond_exec patch 2/4

    cond_exec patch 3/4

    cond_exec patch 4/4

    condexec merge part 1

    condexec merge part 10

    condexec merge part 11

    condexec merge part 12

    condexec merge part 13

    condexec merge part 14

    condexec merge part 2

    condexec merge part 3

    condexec merge part 4

    condexec merge part 5

    condexec merge part 6

    condexec merge part 7

    condexec merge part 8

    condexec merge part 9

    conditional execution support

    conditional life patch

    constify (first|weak)_global_function_name

    contrib/index-prop tweak

    Re: cpp segfaults during bootstrap on ARM... (fwd)

    cpp token_buffer not being NULL terminated causes fixproto bugs

    Re: cpplib 20000414 bootstrap failure

    cpplib: cppexp.c final cleanup

    cpplib: double speed of comment skipping

    cpplib: expression parser messages

    Re: cpplib: expression parser patch 2

    cpplib: expression parser patch 4

    cpplib: add algorithm comment

    cpplib: Initial preparations for new lexer

    cpplib: lexer cleanup and bugfix

    cpplib: more static read-only data

    cpplib: new lexer

    cpplib: some small interface tweaks

    cpplib: token types

    cse buglet

    Cse/ASM_OPERANDS fix

    cse/const calls improvement

    define_insn_and_split patch

    diagnostic va_list bugs

    diagnostic.o needs to depend upon diagnostic.c

    Re: Documentation PATCH: gcc.texi & makeinfo --html

    DOS patch for libiberty/pexecute.c

    Dump file for sibling call

    dump file reorg

    Re: dwarfdump utility -- addition to readings.html

    Re: egcs downloaded from cvs died compiling qt-2.0.2

    Re: egcs-20000403 Build Failure on SunOS 4.1.5

    emit_iv_add_mult/REG_EQUAL notes patch take 3

    Enable register `r6' on AM33

    Re: enable-checking failure record_insns () and PARALLEL

    The end of CCCP

    estimate_probabilities patch

    expected_value_to_br_prob buglet

    extract_muldiv bug

    file system handling patch for libiberty

    file system handling patch for libiberty (rev 2)

    file system handling patch for libiberty (ver 3)

    Fix CPP_SPECs and ASM_SPECs for MIPS-Linux

    Fix for "Too restrictive sanity check"

    fix for -ax on x86

    fix for aforementioned bug in special_symbol

    fix for cpplex.c

    Fix for loop.c

    Fix for mips bootstrap failure

    fix for noncompile/poison-1.c

    fix for spurious warnings with __attribute__ ((alias))

    Fix for: warning: implicit declaration of function `uno_comparison_operator'

    fix Fortran test failures 19990325-[01].f

    Fix MIPS-Linux false commit

    Fix small omission in mips/linux.h

    Fix to Alpha bootstrap problem

    fix to gcc.texi's description of MULTILIB_EXCEPTIONS

    Fix to problem with CONST_DOUBLE

    fixinc problem with install-time fixincludes

    fixincl patch suggestions

    Re: fixinclude fixing of #directives

    flow.c rearrangement to support peep2 improvements

    Fortran sizetype fix

    FYI: Changes to ARM Linux code...

    FYI: libiberty's maintainer-clean breaks if SUBDIRS is empty

    Re: g++ 2.95.2 on powerpc

    Re: g++-mike-eh8-C test failure

    GC bug in stmt.c

    Re: gcc 2.96 20000409 (experimental) does not compile

    Re: GCC 3.0 Release Criteria

    Re: GCC build failed with your patch.

    Re: GCC testing failed with your patch.

    GCC won't build on FreeBSD 2.2.* (a.out)

    Re: gcc-2.95.2/libchill/basicio.c does not reliably set PATH_MAX

    Re: gcc-patches Digest 2 Apr 2000 04:45:49 -0000 Issue 740

    gcc/ch/Makefile.in: remove unnecessary invocations of gawk, sed

    gccbug update

    gcjh: CNI stubs fixes

    gcse.c unsigned issues

    header & multilib rearrangement for ppc ELF.

    Re: HI to SI mode miss conversion on MIPS.

    hide some implementation details; fix memory leaks

    Hitachi SH patch

    htab package insert flag

    i386 ESP adjustments opt.

    i386 unordered compares

    Re: ICE in mainline on ARM wrt optimization

    if-conversion pass

    ifcvt thinko

    Improve REGISTER_MOVE_COST for AM30/AM33.

    Infrastructure patch for cpplib: token lists

    inhibit_libc definition patch

    insn note cleanup

    invoke.texi patch installed

    labels-2.c / -Os fix

    large peephole2 speedup.

    Latent calls_function_1 bug.

    libg++ updates

    libiberty portability patch

    Lost patch?

    macro data-structures adjustments

    macro expander code rearrangement

    Re: make -j fix for gcc/Makefile.in

    Make demangler table drive

    mark_set_1 fix


    maybe_eliminate_biv_1 fix

    mem sharing fix [Re: Your flow.c change on 4/8]

    merge two tables in cpplex.c

    Minor bug in expr.c:preexpand_calls

    Minor bug in gengenrtl.c

    Minor bugs in new code in expr.c

    Minor bugs in stor-layout.c

    Minor cleanups

    Re: minor code-quality regression vs. 2.95

    Minor declaration fixes

    Minor DJGPP fixes

    minor ia64.c cleanup patch

    Minor sibbling call optimizations

    MInor update to stor-layout.c

    Missing !defined(ASM_OUTPUT_ALIGNED_DECL_COMMON) in varasm.c

    missing prototypes in hashtab

    Re: mn10300/AM33: missing ASHIFT, AND and LABEL_REF in address_cost function

    Re: mn10300/AM33: missing ASHIFT, AND and LABEL_REF in address_cost function

    mn10300/AM33: missing LABEL_REF in address_cost function

    mn10300/AM33: Simplify movhi patterns

    mn10300/AM33: Simplify movqi patterns

    Monthly update of search.html [boring, committed]

    More cases added to cast-qual-1.c test

    More loop cleanups

    More missed givs

    More PA64 changes

    More PA64 work

    More patches for IBM S/390 gcc.

    More problems with libiberty on 4.3BSD

    namespace rules (Was: Re: sbitmap cleanups)

    New ARM backend merged onto trunk

    New Autoconf test: HAVE_MMAP_FILE

    New function attribute "pure"

    New testcase (compare2.c) for bogus -Wsign-compare warnings

    NOTE_INSN renamings

    Re: Null characters in file

    Null characters in files

    Nulls in files

    Off-by-ones in layout_decl

    one-line fix for file overflow

    Optimization of two-word store-flag operations

    OSR5 include file fixes

    overhead pruning on the hashtable lookups

    parallel build tweek

    partial IA-64 unwind patches

    PATCH : C++ comment in backend

    PATCH : cpplib.c - cast missing

    PATCH : free(NULL) in cpphash.c

    Re: PATCH [C}: tree.h decls for bounded pointers

    Re: PATCH bug with synthesized movdi: need transfer reload replacementsto parts.

    PATCH bug with synthesized movdi: need transfer reload replacements to parts.

    PATCH combine.c bug: Bad to transform (cmpop (minus A B) 0) into (cmpop A B).

    Re: PATCH Fix enable-checking failures in bb-reorder

    Patch for "egcs/gcc/cp/decl.c"

    patch for "pure" libcalls

    patch for "pure" libcalls, once again, sorry

    patch for a couple of gcc/configure.in nits

    Patch for avr-gcc to build (fwd)

    Patch for broken toplev with SDB_DEBUGGING_INFO

    Patch for builtin fputs (first stdio opt ready for install)

    patch for combine.c for ia64 miscompilation

    patch for config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm

    patch for config/ia64/sysv4.h

    Patch for cpp crashes with assertions

    Patch for fix-header crashes

    patch for gcc/config/ia64/lib1funcs.asm

    patch for MIPS varargs

    Re: PATCH for movX in md.texi (was Re: PATCH bug with synthesized movdi: ...) to parts.

    PATCH for movX in md.texi (was Re: PATCH bug with synthesized movdi: ...)to parts.

    Patch for new -Wtraditional warnings

    Patch for noreturn/sibcall lossage

    patch for objc failures

    Patch for over-eager multiple include optimization

    PATCH for reorg.c: Avoid side_effects_p when "opposite arithmetic".

    Patch for several memory scribbles in cpplib

    Patch for spurious errors in stringification

    patch for unsigned bitfields

    Patch installed for autoconf cleanup (part 1)

    Patch installed for autoconf cleanup (part 2)

    Patch installed for autoconf cleanup (part 3)

    Patch installed for autoconf cleanup (part 4)

    Patch installed for cp dir warnings

    Patch installed for dwarf constification

    Patch installed for enum bitfields nit

    Patch installed for java warnings

    Patch installed to libiberty/hashtab.c for K&R

    Patch Re: 4-25 dwarfout.c change breaks libobjc

    PATCH Re: bad interaction between PIC and linkonce sections on linux/ia86

    Patch to add digraphs to cpplib

    patch to allow multilibbing of crtbeginS and crtendS

    Patch to allow strcmpsi to fail

    Re: Patch to allow targets to prevent inlining

    PATCH to cp/ir.texi

    PATCH to cp/ir.texi: Document complex numbers

    Re: Patch to create builtin bzero

    Patch to delete trivially dead strict_low_part copies

    Patch to detect crashes in fixproto/fix-header and halt bootstrap

    Patch to dwarf inline handling

    Patch to elide sign compare warning in ?:

    Patch to fix apparent x86 arithmetic shift right typo

    Patch to fix emit_library_call_value_1 for const functions

    Patch to fix gcc operation with HP DCE threads

    patch to fix mips.h debug mask conflict

    Patch to fix record_insns/--enable checking failure

    Patch to fix sibcall v. postincrement

    Patch to fix x86 use of reload_completed

    PATCH to gcc/diagnostic.c: Improve diagnostic report abstraction (1/2)

    PATCH to gcc/diagnostic.c: Improve diagnostic report abstraction (2/2)

    Patch to implement x86 HImode FP -> integer patterns

    Patch to improve store_expr

    PATCH to invoke.texi: document -fssa

    Patch to libiberty necessary for 4.3BSD

    Patch to libiberty to test whether sunos4 strncmp is broken

    Patch to mips.h to silence sign compare warnings on Irix6

    Patch to print_node

    Patch to purify some functions.

    Patch to remove last two parameters of asm_operands

    Patch to resurrect the x86 HImode integer -> FP patterns

    Patch to tinfo{,2}.cc

    Patch to tlink.c

    Patch to use -isystem in gcc/Makefile.in to eliminate bogus warnings

    PATCH/RFA : texinfo bootstrap failure

    Patch: -fuse-boehm-gc fix

    PATCH: `void' is not an aggregate

    Patch: Address sizes in Dwarf 2 debug info

    Patch: another boehm.c fix

    Patch: another try at PR gcj/2

    Patch: bug fix for gcjh

    Patch: bug fix in jcf-depend.c

    PATCH: bug in gcc.c-torture/execute/960327-1.c: overwrites stack-frame.

    PATCH: Clean up htdocs/fsf-forms

    PATCH: convenience routines for hashtab.c

    PATCH: Corrections and improvments to register coalescing

    PATCH: cvs.html, cvswrite.html egcs->gcc

    PATCH: Debug support for bb-reorder (committed)

    PATCH: DWARF2 signedness bug

    Patch: fix for infinite loop in gcjh

    PATCH: Fix LONG_TYPE_SIZE stuff in Fortran

    Re: PATCH: for "Re: 20000313 hppa1.1-hp-hpux11.00 --enable-checking ICE summary (long)"

    PATCH: gcc/gcc_update egcs->GCC

    Patch: gcj/211

    Patch: gcj: fix for PR gcj/140

    PATCH: IA-64 section info and C++

    PATCH: improved performance timing

    Patch: JNI stubs for gcj

    PATCH: list.html

    PATCH: Memory allocation


    PATCH: more ENUM_BITFIELD use.

    Patch: more separation of cpplib lexer from the rest of the code

    PATCH: New libiberty sorting routine

    Patch: null `this' -vs- final methods

    Patch: null `this' check, take 3

    PATCH: onlinedocs/index.html

    PATCH: optimizations to timevar.c

    PATCH: Plug some memory leaks

    Patch: PR gcj/124

    Patch: PR gcj/164

    PATCH: Preprocessor line-numbering bug


    PATCH: register coalescing in SSA

    PATCH: reload-bug with paradoxical subreg of mem with mode_dependent_address_p

    PATCH: Remove misleading comment in tree.h

    PATCH: Remove n^2 behavior in allocate_reg_info

    PATCH: Remove REG_EQUAL from insn where REG_RETVAL is added

    Re: PATCH: RTL_EXPR vs. inlining-on-trees

    Re: PATCH: Share all CONST_INTs

    Patch: static array initialization for gcj

    PATCH: use hard_function_value

    PATCH: Web, some further egcs -> GCC conversions

    PATCH: web.html -- resolved todo items

    Patch: zip reader bug fix

    Patched installed to regrename.c for traditional C

    Patches for ppc EABI using crtbegin/crtend.

    Patches to allow operation on native OS/390 systems.

    Patches to build libobjc.so

    peep2 multi-insn fix

    Re: ppc pic elimination losage

    Prefetch infrastructure patch

    Re: Prevent combine_instructions() from following non-existant LOG_LINKS

    Re: Prevent combine_instructions() from following non-existant LOG_LINKS

    Prevent seg fault on buggy input

    print-rtl.c buglet

    Problem with dbxout.c

    Re: problem with stabs on ARM

    Re: Problem with stack-adjustment code

    Re: Problems with __complex__ in C++

    Proper fix for LIBCALL problem

    Proposed patch: get_inner_reference is not always returns VOIDmode for bit fields as described.

    protect __dso_handle

    Pure attribute autodetection + const autodetection fixes

    putting back traditional macros (and some miscellany)

    Real purpose for failure in "Too restrictive sanity check"

    Recognize AM33 register aliases

    Reducing code size on AM30 and AM33


    Re: register hint usefulness

    regrename thinko

    regrename.c bootstrap failure

    regrename.c cleanup

    Re: Reload inheritance patch for PRE/POST INC/DEC

    reload_combine bugfix

    Remove pcp.h

    reordering bug

    ret $N on x86

    Reversion of part of patch to sbitmap.h.

    Revised patch for noreturn warnings

    Re: right shift of signed type

    RTEMS patch for 2.95.3 branch

    sbitmap cleanups

    sbitmap patch update

    searching for egcs-1.1.x-objy.patch

    Separating CPP's "reader" and "printer" functionality

    sign-extending smaller modes

    Simple fix for linked list removal in strength_reduce

    Simple giv combination improvement

    Re: sjlj-exceptions ICE. simplified test case

    Re: sjlj-exceptions ICE. simplified test case

    small cleanup of built-in macros

    Small documentation update

    small i18n fix

    Re: Small patch for canadian crosses

    Small patch for extend.texi

    Small patch to expand_call

    Small strength_reduce cleanup

    small tweak for cp/decl2.c

    Some minor things

    Re: some varargs test programs


    split global and reload

    Re: ssize_t [patch]

    Subject: Re: sjlj-exceptions ICE. simplified test case

    Suggested expression parser tests

    testcase for 64-bit division

    A thunks patch for the stable branch

    Time variable cleanup

    timevar makefile fix

    TImode for libgcc2.c on Alpha

    tiny typo in timevar change

    Too restrictive sanity check

    top-level configure.in should not include mt-ppcpic for AIX

    Re: Tremendous performance regression in 1.1.2 -> mainline

    Two bugfixes in expr.c


    typo fix for ARM GNU/Linux

    Undocumenting unsupported flags

    Re: Unicode (or any multibyte char support)

    uninitialized memory reads

    Updated again: Make demangler table driven

    Updated prefetch patch

    Updated: Make demangler table drive

    use crtbegin/crtend for powerpc-eabi

    use STDC_0_IN_SYSTEM_HEADERS more widely

    Value Range Propagation Patch -- Part 1 of 2

    Value Range Propagation Patch -- Part 2 of 2

    Warning nits installed

    Warnings fixes, committed

    Warnings grab-bag

    win32 INT_ASM_OP tweak

    work around dejagnu bug causing spurious failures

    Yet another PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY fix and sanity check

    Your April 6 change to toplev.c:print_time

    Your calls.c patch

    Your flow.c change on 4/8

    Your last change to init.c doesn't build

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