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Re: (1/8) ix86-win32 threading patch

Re: (7/8) ix86-win32 pexecute fix for embedded whitespace

Re: (C++) cp/class.c:2665: too few arguments to function `build_vtable_entry

(C++) error tweak

(C++) patch for field lookup

(C++) patch for linkage tweaks

(C++) patch to change deferring of templates

(C++) patch to mark_used

(C++) Patch to maybe_fold_nontype_arg

(C++) Patch to unify

(C++/patch) 2/3 consolidate DIR_SEP/PATH_SEP macros in system.h

(java/patch) 3/3 consolidate DIR_SEP/PATH_SEP macros in system.h

(patch) 1/3 consolidate DIR_SEP/PATH_SEP macros in system.h

(patch) [Take 2] protoize fixes for dos/windows32

(patch) protoize fixes for windows32

(patch) protoize tweak for djgpp/dos

(patch) typo fix in prefix.c:update_path

-fdata-sections for uninitialised data (mk III)


Re: 2.95.2 -fsyntax-only internal compiler error on struct declaration via nested typedefs

3777: the saga continues

[C++] PATCH to kill ANSI string concatenation usage in cp/typeck.c

[c/c++] iso c99 unordered compare builtins

Re: [EGCS 2.96, 2000/01/17 snapshot] Internal compiler error in loop_iterations

[g++] PATCH to implement automatic line wrapping

[gcc-2.95.2/i386-sun-solaris2.6] configure --with-gnu-as patch

[gcc.texi] Make user-only manual work

[gcc.texi] More languages

[gcc.texi] Other compilers -> K&R C

[gcc.texi] Other Front-ends

[gcc/cp/exception.cc] missing std:: qualification

[patch] 32 bit non-eabi mips va_arg

[PATCH] Allow LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE not to be compile-time constant


[patch] Don't align mips16 loops

[PATCH] Fix -fPIC on sparc

[patch] fix _unord_f2 typo

[PATCH] Fix aliasing bug introduced with September gcc2 merge

[Patch] fix for loop optimizer (strength reduction)

[patch] flow deletion of prologue insns

Re: [PATCH] Further newppc-branch cleanups

[PATCH] Java front end

[PATCH] Java front-end patch to fix a Mauve build crash.

[PATCH] java/jcf-write.c

[PATCH] Java: fix for the PR #122

[PATCH] Java: fix for the PR #128

[PATCH] Java: patch for an old EH problem + question.

[patch] lwu under mips16

[patch] mips eabi vararg fixes

[PATCH] Re: Solaris2.7 failing all nested function tests

[PATCH] reload fix for the compile/20000127-1.c failure on sparc64-linux

[patch] try_split and the last insn

[PATCH] Unordered SPARC fixes

[PATCH] Use -gstabs+ as default for -m32 compiles in sparc64-linux compiler

[PATCH]: All unused functions and variables could be removed...

[PATCH]: Front-end updates

[PATCH]: Java front-end improvement patch.

[patch]: misc mips fixes

Re: [zack@wolery.cumb.org: fixincludes: yet another grab bag]

Re: __INLINING__ patch

Accept All Major Credit Cards!!!


Re: Add first_block and last_block to loops structure

Add first_block and last_block to loops structure V2

Add needed prototypes to alpha.c

addendum to RTEMS patch

AIX and 64-bit PowerPC tweaks

alpha return patterns

alpha secondary reload tweek

alpha sign extension fix

alpha tfmode tweeks

alpha ulong->fp conversion patch


Applied: Corrected ChangeLog entry for ns32k changes of 01-27


assuming maintainership of cpplib

Re: Autoincrement patches

avr port: tar file with config/avr/*

BeOS patch to suppress gcc2_compiled symbol

bitmap_first_set_bit and bitmap_last_set_bit

Re: Bootstrap ICE on alpha-osf4 building stage1 libgcc.a

bounds-check mixed with unbounded (was: Re: bounds-check intentionallyundocumented?)

bug in math.h on Linux distributions

Bug in top level Makefile.in

Bugs in gcc-2.95.1

Re: c langauge optimizer problem, sparc-solaris and debian gnu/linux

C++ patch for class.c, fix debug info problem found by gdb testsuite

Re: C++ patch for class.c, fix debug info problem found bygdb testsuite

C++ PATCH for inlining on crash

C++ PATCH for more ABI generalizations

C++ PATCH for skip_rtti_stuff

C++ PATCH for tree dumper

C++ patch for tree inlining bug with dynamic arrays

C++ PATCH to fix --enable-checking problems

C++ PATCH to register cleanup functions

C++ PATCH to remimplement get_pure_virtuals

C++ PATCH: a little more vtable layout cleanup

C++ PATCH: ABI version #define

C++ PATCH: allocate primary bases first under the new ABI

C++ PATCH: allow virtual bases as primary bases

C++ PATCH: configure for new abi


C++ PATCH: correct layout of empty bases in the new ABI

C++ PATCH: disallow -fnew-abi -fno-vtable-thunks

C++ PATCH: dynamic cast hint value

C++ PATCH: Error message repair

C++ PATCH: fix template crash

C++ PATCH: generalize vtable initializers

C++ PATCH: improve performance of vbase initialization

C++ PATCH: more class.c cleanup

C++ PATCH: more support for virtual bases as primary base classes

C++ PATCH: More support for virtual primary bases

C++ PATCH: More vcall offset preparation

C++ PATCH: multiple inheritance optimization

C++ PATCH: new abi rtti support

C++ PATCH: new-abi rtti prepatch 1

C++ PATCH: new-abi rtti prepatch 2

C++ PATCH: new-abi rtti prepatch 3

C++ PATCH: new-abi rtti runtime

C++ PATCH: non-literal format specifier nit

C++ PATCH: operator delete[]

C++ Patch: possible bug pointed out by non-literal format warning

C++ PATCH: remove extra conditionals in virtual calls

C++ PATCH: Reorganize computation of vtable entries

C++ PATCH: replace redundant stores with assertions

C++ PATCH: rtti generalization

C++ PATCH: run-time initialization of vptrs

C++ PATCH: static_cast regression

C++ PATCH: tidy up class.c a little

C++ PATCH: two cleanups

C++ PATCH: use vbase offsets in vtables

C++ PATCH: Using __cxa_atexit for globals

C++ PATCH: vbase offsets in vtables

C++ PATCH: vcall offsets

C++ PATCH: vtables and the new ABI

C++ PATCH: Yet another little cleanup

C++ PATH: -fnew-abi no longer implies -fhonor-std

C++: "unqualified" linkage

Re: C++: -Wshadow violates the ISO C++ scoping rules

c-torture additions

C9x changes

Re: C: Gcc 2.95 gets a fatal signal 11 with -pedantic

cccp.c: Macro Argument Limitation

Re: chaser for cp-tree.h

cleanups & merges on newppc-branch

combine mucking up the PA

Commited: Obvious option-name typo in i386.c

Committed a jump.c fix

Committed: fix typo in ns32k.md (was: Re: instruction not recognized (genrecog bug?))

Committed: i386.c ix86_expand_unary_operator made void

Committed: reload patch to prevent incorrect code generation

Committed: traditional stringification in include/symcat.h

config.sub entry for mmix-knuth-mmixware

config/i386/*.h specs cleanup

convert Java lexer to use do_float_handler

cpplib: accept C++ comments and #endif labels in system headers

cse.c bugfix for fr30

Cygwin patch for Makefile.in

The Death of Stupid

Re: Death of stupid causes death of IRIX?

Documentation PATCH: gcc.texi & makeinfo --html

Does someone object to this patch?

Don't let mips-elf provide __CTOR_LIST__ in libgcc

duplicate/buggy include fixes [patch]

dwarf2out.c patch for mips EABI/dwarf2 seg fault

enabling cpplib by default

epilogue scheduling for ppc

equalize C and C++ asm

failing to copy NOTEs

fix for 64bit uncleanliness in cp/class.c

Fix for flow_loops_level_compute

fixinc: patch to use portable RE interface

Re: FIXINCL goes into an infinite loop on alpha-osf4

Re: fixincl now run at every stage?

fixincludes corrections for FreeBSD

fixincludes grabbag, revised _again_

fixincludes templates cleanup

fixincludes updates

fixincludes: patch for obvious thinko

fixincludes: replacement for machine_name fix

fixincludes: yet another grab bag

fixing cross compiles


flow fixes

fork-proofing -ftest-coverage / gcov

Fortran (patch): Bring libf2c up to date w.r.t. current f2c distribution

fr30 call pattern fixes

Re: G++ PATCH: ICE in lookup_arg_dependent

Re: gcc optimisation bug

gcc pathces archieve from 1998

Re: gcc-20000114 ix86 -fdata-sections

gcc/Makefile fix: predict.o and make -j

gcc: Multiple checkers, to allow for warn() semantics

gcj bytecode generation patch

gcse.c bug fix

gen-protos/fix-header: don't use cpplib internal routines

gen_df_reg bugfix

Global.c/multiple set insns tweak

Global.c/multiple set insns tweak (fixed)

Re: grokfield miscompiled with -O9

haifa bug, band-aid

Haifa buglet

haifa life analysis buglet

Re: hard register reload patch

HELLO ? Anyone interested ?

i386 alignment tweaks...

Re: i386 fp moves changes

i386 frame pointer elimination patch

i386 frame size tweek

i386 prologue/epilogue code cleanups

i386 soft frame pointer patch V3

I386.md fixes.

i386.md: Bug in flag-setting shift patterns

i386.md: restore PIC register after __builtin_longjmp

I387 predicates patch

Re: ICE in optimized build of 20000103

Identify cpplib in -v output

Re: illegal pointer combination fixes

Implementing -fdata-sections for uninitialised data (resubmission)

Include ggc.h in insn-output.c

Interesting changes for newppc branch.

ix86_expand_setcc to clear + set strict_low_part

java bytecode generation patch

Java Patch for warnings part 1

Java Patch for warnings part 2

java patch: shift bytecode generation

java patches for string concatonation

Re: JUMP_LABEL problem and patch

Re: libg++ won't build with latest snapshots

libgcc2 warnings cleanup, i386

libio/dbz won't compile (patch)

libio/floatconv.c fix

Re: libstdc++ [io]fstream cannot open file in binary mode (g++ and egcs)

Re: Loop clean up

Loop clean up (2)

Loop clean up fixes

Lose weight, order now and save!

malloc-based ggc-page

Memset expander bugfix(?)

micro-optimizations webpage update

Minor insert_insn_end_bb cosmetic changes

MIPS patch submittion

Re: MIPS port and fixincludes

More fr30 fun

More i386 string ops changes

More macro stuff (was: Re: Patch for having internal macros ...)

New feature: asms that do not return

New generated-files/gcc_update doc

New month and date-format on search.html, committed.

new patch for cast-qual-1.c

New target macro, STRUCT_FORCE_BLK

Re: New testcases.

newppc-branch: Continue headerfile cleanup

Re: Objective-C thr-posix bugs and additions.

obstack-ectomy, C front end

Re: operator new and delete overloading problems.

osf5 long double support

Re: Outdated stuff in gcc.texi

PARAMS into gcc/frame.h for HP-UX bundled compiler

patch (1/2) for cpplib and Fortran [committed]

patch (2/2) for cpplib and Fortran

Patch [Fortran]: Fix endfile handling (libf2c)

Patch applied to expmed.c

Re: Patch for "uninitialized" warnings

Patch for 20000124 fp-bit.c rs6000-ibm-aix build failure

Patch for ARM backend...

Patch for ARM java: gcjh

Patch for CHAR_TYPE_SIZE in tm.texi

patch for cross-compiling hosted on AIX (for egcs/config).

patch for ecos.exp without GNU ld

patch for fixinc to fix Solaris2 hosted cross compiler build failure

PATCH for genrecog.c bug with handling address_operand (was: Re: Committed: fix typo in ns32k.md ...)

Patch for having internal macros as functions, take 2

Patch for i386 string operations

PATCH for IRIX6 GLD specs

Patch for SHORT_TYPE_SIZE in dwarfout.c

patch for switches and documentation (with sched-prolog discussion)

patch for typos

Patch installed for warning nits

Patch installed for warnings

Patch installed to java/Makefile.in for alpha-osf4 bootstrap lossage

Patch installed: Stray PROTO in cp-tree.h converted to PARAMS

Patch installed: today's warning nits.

Patch installed: Add i370-protos.h file

Patch installed: Add ns32k-protos.h file

Patch installed: Add romp-protos.h file

Patch installed: Add some ATTRIBUTE_PRINTF in diagnostic.c

Patch installed: Add vax-protos.h file

Patch installed: Add we32k-protos.h file

Patch installed: C++ PROTO->PARAMS part1

Patch installed: C++ PROTO->PARAMS part2

Patch installed: C++ PROTO->PARAMS part3

Patch installed: cpp*.[ch] PROTO->PARAMS

Patch installed: h8300-protos.h file

Patch installed: i386/cygwin.h PROTO->PARAMS

Patch installed: java dir PROTO->PARAMS part1

Patch installed: java dir PROTO->PARAMS part2

Patch installed: Kill PROTO macros in gansidecl.h

Patch installed: mn10200-protos.h file

Patch installed: mn10300-protos.h file

Patch installed: more config dir PROTO->PARAMS

Patch installed: more PROTO->PARAMS part1

Patch installed: more PROTO->PARAMS part2

Patch installed: more PROTO->PARAMS part3

Patch installed: more PROTO->PARAMS part4

Patch installed: more PROTO->PARAMS part5

Patch installed: more PROTO->PARAMS part6

Patch installed: pdp11-protos.h file

Patch installed: PROTO->PARAMS for chill

Patch installed: PROTO->PARAMS for chill part 2

Patch installed: some config dir PROTO->PARAMS

Patch installed: warning nits

PATCH resource.c/jump.c enable-checking failures

Re: PATCH RFC: stdio optimization [take 2]

PATCH RFC: stdio optimization [take 3]

PATCH rs6000-protos.h

Patch to add BeOS support in libio and libstdc++

Patch to add BeOS/x86 support


Re: Patch to add warnings flags to libiberty

PATCH to cleanup error report stuff (1/2)

PATCH to cleanup error report stuff (2/2)

Patch to correct haifa-sched.c region scheduling

Patch to correct printf prototypes in the C++ testsuite

PATCH to create pa-protos.h

Patch to cygwin

Re: PATCH to dwarfout.c to bring gcc to bootstrapland

Patch to fix emit_insn_before

Re: Patch to fix lshift_double and rshift_double

patch to fix SH4 mode-switching problems

Patch to fixincludes va_list handling

patch to improve cse REG_RETVAL evaluation

Patch to make find_last_value more flexible

Patch to make loop_depth start from 0

Patch to merge (most of) elfos.h and svr4.h


Patch to model i386 direction flag.

PATCH to move CEIL definition to system.h

Patch to redirect_jump

PATCH to stl_iterator.h to make `iterator' usable

Re: PATCH: attribute ((nonnull))

PATCH: __attribute__((nonnull))

PATCH: Add 1750a-protos.h file

Patch: Add a29k-protos.h file

PATCH: Add arc-protos.h file

Patch: Add clipper-protos.h file

PATCH: Add convex-protos.h file

PATCH: Add dsp16xx-protos.h file

PATCH: Add elxsi-protos.h file

PATCH: Add i860-protos.h file

PATCH: Add i960-protos.h file

PATCH: Add m68k-protos.h file

PATCH: Add m88k-protos.h file

PATCH: Add sh-protos.h file

patch: add thread tracing to SVR5

PATCH: Advertise install/binaries.html

Patch: another PROTO -> PARAMS installed [part 1/2]

Patch: another PROTO -> PARAMS installed [part 2/2]

PATCH: bugfix for OUT_FCN macro definition

PATCH: bugs.html (was: C++ bug: access to private typedefs)

PATCH: C++ front end & register vars

PATCH: changes to add support for initial native host -x- native host support

Re: PATCH: changes to add support for initial native host -x- nativehost support

PATCH: Checking (nondeduced) template bindings in typename expressions

PATCH: contribute.html, cvs.html, cvswrite.html

PATCH: contributewhy.html


PATCH: egcs -> GCC, relative links

Patch: FIRST and LAST fields for loops; incremental br. pred. changes.

PATCH: fix argument precomputation when alloca is used

Patch: Fix fixinc.* filename clashes in /tmp

PATCH: fix wchar.h problem for i386-sun-solaris2.7

PATCH: gcc-2.95/features.html (was: GCC and ISO C9X)

PATCH: gcc/config/pa/pa-protos.h and prototype fixes

Patch: gcjh -vs- non-static final fields

PATCH: htdocs/*.html markup fixes, footer stripping,...

PATCH: htdocs/news/*.html monster patch

PATCH: htdocs/style.mhtml

PATCH: improve BINFO_VPTR_FIELD documentation

PATCH: install/binaries.html

PATCH: install/binaries.html updates

PATCH: install/index.html (was: make uninstall doesn't work?)

Patch: Installed preliminary branch pred/block reordering code.

PATCH: Make GGC deal with context depths > 255

Patch: More basic-block reordering infrastructure.

Patch: more PROTO->PARAMS installed

Patch: more warnings nits...

Re: PATCH: One more tracking of recent file removals ...

PATCH: reference attribute((format_arg)) properly.

PATCH: rename htdocs/searchbox.html to searchbox.ihtml

Re: PATCH: Restore i386 binary compat for EH info

Patch: some more PROTO->PARAMS installed part [1/2]

Patch: some more PROTO->PARAMS installed part [2/2]

Re: Patch: stdbool.h should be compatible with C++

PATCH: style.mhtml

PATCH: style.mhtml, searchbox.ihtml

Re: Patch: Support for picoJava

Patch: today's warning nits

PATCH: Use g++, not xgcc, building things

Patch: warning nits installed

PATCH: wwwdocs/bin/preprocess

Patches for java on ARM: gcjh

Patches installed for PROTO->PARAMS

Patches installed for warnings

Re: Patches to 2.95.2 for CenterLine on Sparc

PATCHES: faq.html, steerings.html typos

PATH: C++ Internal error 73

picoJava links

Re: pointers to member functions with multiple inheritance

ppc AIX vararg patch

ppc prolog scheduling (top level)

ppc prolog scheduling (top level, for real this time)

ppc prolog scheduling/EABI constructor handling

ppc prolog scheduling/fpint/CLOBBERs of MEMs

ppc prolog scheduling/fpmem register removal

ppc prolog scheduling/genrecog warnings

ppc prolog scheduling/mov* when no_new_pseudos

ppc prologue scheduling/ SVR4 rs6000_pic_labelno patch


Re: PREFERRED_STACK_BOUNDARY code tweaks [+ tree question]

Prevent combine_instructions() from following non-existant LOG_LINKS

Prevent extraneous errors from returnjump_p with rtl checking

Re: Problem w/PIC and C++ exceptions in 2.95 on IA-32

Promoting code tweaks

radical changes in the rs6000/ configure scheme

Recent libgcc2 changes broken

Redundant (?) test in ix86_expand_{setcc,int_movcc}

Reg-stack fix (gcc.c-torture/compile/991229-2.c)

Regclass cleanups

Regclass propagation patch 2

regclass.c bugfix

regclass.c formatting fixes

Re: reload bug

Re: Reload bug (missing REG_INC note) & questions

Reload fix to handle unarry operators in operands correctly V2

Reload inheritance patch for PRE/POST INC/DEC

Reload problem. Was: Re: split_edge, reg-stack and function.c fix

Reload proposed modification

reload1.c bug fix applied

Removing remaining bones of Windows NT on PowerPC

reorg bug + patch

revert the reg-stack fix

Re: Revised patch for compare1.c test failures

Revised patch for libio test breakage

Re: Revmap of shorten_branches for new loop code

Revmap of shorten_branches for new loop code V2

RFC: Using `g++' rather than `xgcc' in Makefiles/testsuite

Re: RFC: Using `g++' rather than `xgcc' inMakefiles/testsuite


RTEMS target patches

sco5.h fixes.

SED is ugly stuff...

Re: several messages

the simple fix for the ia32 stack adjusts problem

simple warnings fix for longlong.h


sparc unordered compares

sparcv9 FAQ entry

Speeding up ggc-simple on stage1

Re: split_edge, reg-stack and function.c fix

Stock Holders an Investors Dream, please read

Re: Test Suite

testsuite bugfix

thread_prologue_epilogue_insns cleanup

throw array bounds error

tidy propagate_block

Tiny compilation time improvement

Tiny fold-const.c patch

Re: Trigraph warnings broken

Trivial regclass unary operators in operands fix

TV De-scambler 4 under $13 (Please take Advantage)

tweak for cpp error reporting

Typo in configure.in change

un-break objc

unordered compare update

unshare_all_rtl missed some rtl

UNSPEC vs. CLOBBER followed by (set (subreg ...))

Update for ns32k

Updates of Fortran links in Readings page.

Using GAS on AIX

Re: v850 bug

v850-rtems target

Variable sized i386 string operations

vxworks improvements for ppc

Warnings from cp dir are increasing...

webpage: update cpplib todo list, add gcc-micro.html

Which list(s)?

x86 bootstrap fix


x86 dwarf patch

Re: Y2K issues in disclaim.future

Re: Zapping the old FAQ

Zapping the old FAQ (was: Re: sparcv9 FAQ entry)

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