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egcs-CVS19980830 sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4 bootstrap failure + patch

	I had some trouble compiling the trunk (checked out on 8/30) on
sparc-sun-sunos4.1.4 using cc for stage1.  This was due to the use of 1U
which the KNR compiler couldn't understand.  I fixed this and also a
warning about an & being ignored. 

	Okay to install?


Sat Aug 29 23:26:15 1998  Kaveh R. Ghazi  <>

	* sparc.c (TMASK, UMASK): Use `(unsigned)1' not `1U'.
	(ultrasparc_sched_init): Remove unneeded &.

--- egcs-CVS19980829/gcc/config/sparc/sparc.c~	Sat Aug 29 20:33:52 1998
+++ egcs-CVS19980829/gcc/config/sparc/sparc.c	Sat Aug 29 22:03:04 1998
@@ -6214,8 +6214,8 @@ supersparc_adjust_cost (insn, link, dep_
 /* This describes the state of the UltraSPARC pipeline during
    instruction scheduling.  */
-#define TMASK(__x)	(1U << ((int)(__x)))
-#define UMASK(__x)	(1U << ((int)(__x)))
+#define TMASK(__x)	((unsigned)1 << ((int)(__x)))
+#define UMASK(__x)	((unsigned)1 << ((int)(__x)))
 enum ultra_code { NONE=0, /* no insn at all				*/
 		  IEU0,   /* shifts and conditional moves		*/
@@ -6567,7 +6567,7 @@ ultrasparc_sched_init (dump, sched_verbo
      int sched_verbose ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED;
-  bzero ((char *) &ultra_pipe_hist, sizeof ultra_pipe_hist);
+  bzero ((char *) ultra_pipe_hist, sizeof ultra_pipe_hist);
   ultra_cur_hist = 0;
   ultra_cycles_elapsed = 0;
   ultra_reorder_called_this_block = 0;

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