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gnat 3.10p patches for egcs


Here are a set of patches that need to be applied to the gnat-3.10p
sources inorder for gnat to be bootstrapped using egcs-19980824.

The 1st  patch is required to bootstrap gnat using egcs.

The 2nd patch is optional but does allow gnattools and gnatlib to be   

The 3rd patch may not be required on some targets. Apply it only if you   
trouble building gnatlib due to a ICE compiling[bs].

1. Patches to gnat-3.10p sources.



e above patches only patch the gnat-3.10p sources and have been
 tested on x86-linux using egcs-19980824.

 The new patches also integrate the patches currently in README.gnat
 with the exception of the "Fred Fish" patches (see item 2 below).

 The new patches cover 3 main areas.

 A) Fix bug in gnat type_for_size() in gcc/ada/a-misc.c
 B) Simplfiy command line parsing no longer uses saved_argc or   
 C) Introduced a new gnu_size_unit() routine to Set TYPE_SIZE_UNIT().
 Everytime gnat sets a types TYPE_SIZE() entry I have added a call to a
 new routine gnu_size_unit() which sets the types corresponding   
 entry based on the types TYPE_SIZE() just set.

 This is not very efficient but does allow gnat to be bootstrapped using   
egcs. This
 could be improved later.

 Here are some additional patches you might wish to apply

2. Allow "make gnattools" and "make gnatlib" to work from the top level   
egcs makefile.

 There were some patches from Fred Fish in the egcs-19980824 README.gnat   
 which integrate gnat into the bootstrap process. I couldn't get them   
work work, the
 bootstrap always failed when compiling one of the (I don'tremember which   
 gcc/ada/a-cal*.ad[bs] files.




his patch allows "make gnattools" and "make gnatlib" to
 be run after the "make bootstrap" and before "make install"

3. Problem compiling the[bs] file during make gnatlib.

 This file causes a ICE abort, which have something to do with
 attempting to allocate a variable size object on the stack. I have
 not looked into this.




his patch removes the i-cobol.o from the gnatlib library.

I am on vacation until Sept. 9th.


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