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Re: To -g or not to -g? (was: egcs build report)

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On 6 Aug 1998, Jason Merrill wrote:
>   make CFLAGS=-O 'LIBCFLAGS=-g -O'
> should do it.

And later Jeff Law:
> Look for LIBCXXFLAGS and LIBCFLAGS or something like that which might
> allow you to control what specific flags are used when building the
> runtime libraries (particularly for g++).

Thanks for your hints!

How about the patch below? Okay to install?

FYI, here are some statistics for a LANGUAGE="c c++" on freebsd2.2.6. It
appears that omitting debug version really makes quite a difference!

                     with debug info  without debug info

    Object directory   74203 KB           46116 KB  
    Installed egcs     18008 KB           10513 KB 


Index: build.html
RCS file: /egcs/carton/cvsfiles/wwwdocs/htdocs/install/build.html,v
retrieving revision 1.7
diff -c -r1.7 build.html
*** build.html	1998/07/14 03:01:37	1.7
--- build.html	1998/08/15 20:47:39
*** 35,40 ****
--- 35,47 ----
  from the stage1 and stage2 of the 3-stage bootstrap of the compiler are
  deleted as soon as they are no longer needed.
+ <p>If you want to save additional space during the bootstrap and in
+ the final installation as well, you can build the compiler binaries
+ without debugging information with "make CFLAGS='-O' LIBCFLAGS='-g
+ -O2' LIBCXXFLAGS='-g -O2' bootstrap".  This will save roughly 40% of
+ disk space both for the bootstrap and the final installation.
+ (Libraries will still contain debugging information.)
  <p><b>Building a cross compiler</b>
  <p> We recommend reading the
*** 60,66 ****
! <i>Last modified on June 19, 1998.</i>
  <!--#include virtual="/glimpsebox.html"-->
--- 67,73 ----
! <i>Last modified on August 15, 1998.</i>
  <!--#include virtual="/glimpsebox.html"-->

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