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Re: GCC policy on deprecating and removing targets

On 11/20/2017 11:36 PM, Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Hello Jeff,
> On 20/11/17 18:54, Jeff Law wrote:
>> Hopefully for gcc-9 I can extend that work to include a level of
>> simulator testing for the embedded targets.  I certainly won't be
>> tracking regressions or anything like that, but instead just looking to
>> see if the generated code is generally runnable or not.
> in case RTEMS counts as an "embedded target" from your point of view,
> then please let me know if you need some help to set it up. It runs on
> several simulators (GDB, Qemu). It supports C++11 threads, Ada, Fortran,
> libgomp, libatomic. Go would be also feasible, but we have to add
> ucontext support for this.
It does.  In fact RTEMS was something I wanted to set up within the
builder but didn't have the time (yet).  So you may well get a ping from
me on this at some point.

It's interesting primarily because it goes beyond just compiling libgcc
and newlib -- which gives deeper testing of the code generator for the
appropriate targets and opens the possibility of doing simulator testing.


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