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Re: --target=powerpc-eabi: error: static declaration of ‘strndup’ follows non-static declaration

Jonny H via gcc-help kirjoitti 8.11.2017 klo 21:23:
Dear List,

I am attempting to build a cross-compiling toolchain for powerpc-eabi (I will also want to build powerpc-elf). I have roughly followed an online tutorial (see [1]). The difference is, I am building gcc 7.2, but other versions of gcc would do. My problem is at the stage of building the full gcc cross-compiler the build stops

The three step builds with a "bootstrap GCC", "newlib" and "full GCC" should be
some remnant from the old ages. Building both GCC and newlib (plus gmp, mpc,
mpfr etc) in only one step should work.

In order to get newlib being built with GCC one only needs to copy or symlink the 'libgloss' and 'newlib' subdirs from the current newlib sources (now '2.5.0'?) into the main GCC source directory - in the 'gcc-7.2.0' in your case. Then newlib will be built and installed with the GCC stuff. The '--with-newlib' is required in the GCC

I will myself try this "one step only" build with the gcc-7.2.0 & newlib-2.5.0 sources
and then will see what happens during the Fortran build...

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