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Re: Trying to build gcc cross compiler from linux to freebsdâ

18.3.2015, 0:27, Kai Ruottu kirjoitti:
17.3.2015, 21:14, Niccolà Ferrari kirjoitti:
I was trying to compile a gcc cross compiler for linux x86_64 (build and host) to freebsd x86_64. I tried to follow this
The steps are :

1. choose a sysroot where to put the C headers and libraries for the target (usually in '/usr/include' and '/usr/lib'
    on the native target system)

2. copy them onto the sysroot, for example '$sysroot/usr/include' and '$sysroot/usr/lib' on the cross host

3. configure the GNU binutils and GCC using '--with-sysroot=$sysroot' to tell where the target stuff is on the cross host system. Build and install them, binutils first, GCC then...

4. be happy and try making a "Hello World" app for the target, compiling it on the cross host...

I looked what the :

told and it seems these instructions are for the "pre-sysroot" time... If one makes one's ow $sysroot to have a 1-to-1 image to the target's native install scheme for the headers and libraries then things should be much easier. Especially when the target is a bi-arch system with separate 64-bit (default) and 32-bit libraries and separate places for the shared libs (.so) and the static archives (.a). Which I expect the x86_64-freebsd* systems
being just like the x86_64-linux-gnu systems are...

My own "standard" place for a $sysroot is '/opt/host-$target', in your case the chosen $sysroot would be :


and there those possible 'lib*', 'usr/lib*', 'usr/include' etc directories the target system has as its C library

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